University of Calgary

ENGO 623 - Inertial Surv & Ins/Gps Integrate - Winter 2024

Principles of inertial positioning and inertial gravimetry; their relation to inertial navigation. Definition of an operational inertial frame. Inertial error models as perturbation solutions about a reference trajectory. State space formulation and the computation of the transition matrix. Real-time estimation using zero velocity updates; Kalman filtering and alternatives. Post-mission estimation, optimal and empirical smoothing, use of different observables. Existing inertial survey systems; new developments in strapdown technology. Practical aspects of inertial positioning and inertial gravimetry. INS/GPS integration. Current research activities.
This course may not be repeated for credit.


  • H(3-0)


This course will be offered next in Winter 2025.
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