University of Calgary

ENME 547 - Finite Element Method - Fall 2014

Review of basic concepts in the Theory of Elasticity. Stress, strain, equilibrium. Stress-strain relations. The principle of virtual work and its use in deriving exact and approximate equilibrium equations. Example: beam theory. Matrix analysis of framed structures. The stiffness method. The finite element method and other discretization procedures. The 4-node plane stress rectangular element. Shape functions. Derivation of stiffness matrix by means of the principle of virtual work. Isoparametric elements, completeness. Numerical integration of scheme. Programming Considerations. Solution of problems with the aid of a computer. Additional topics: Dynamics, heat transfer, fluid dynamics.
This course may not be repeated for credit.


  • H(3-2)


  • Mechanical Engineering 479.


  • LEC 1MWF 11:00 - 11:50
    ENA 03
This course will be offered next in Winter 2016.
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