University of Calgary

ENME 547 - Finite Element Method - Fall 2023

One- and multi-dimensional problems in linear and steady heat conduction and elasticity. Emphasis on: strong and weak formulation of the boundary value problems (BVP) and their approximation by Galerkin's method; fundamentals of finite element interpolation and construction of interpolation functions for a variety of multi-dimensional element shapes; existence and uniqueness of the solution; error estimates; finite element arrays and data structures employed in computer programs; numerical integration techniques; and mesh construction.
This course may not be repeated for credit.


  • H(3-2)


  • Mechanical Engineering 479.


  • Credit for Mechanical Engineering 547 and either 619.01 (The Finite Element Method) or 647 will not be allowed. Also known as: (Mechanical Engineering 647)


This course will be offered next in Fall 2024.
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