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Richard Levy

  • Professor Emeritus - School of Architecture - Planning and Landscape

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BS (Civ Eng), MArch, PhD

Personal Statement

Dr. Levy is a Professor of Planning and Urban Design at The University of Calgary, where he serves as the Director for the Real Estate Development Program in Continuing Education. Dr. Levy also serves as Director of Computing for the Faculty of EVDS and is an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Computer Science. Dr. Levy is a founding member of the Virtual Reality Lab and is a Co-Director of the Computational Media Design Program at the University of Calgary. Dr. Levy speaks at international and national conferences in the fields of urban planning, archaeology, GIS, virtual reality, serious games, education, and new media. His published work appears in journals including Journal of Archaeological Science, Internet Archaeology, and the Journal of Visual Studies, Environment and Planning, Plan Canada, VSMM, Canadian Games Association Journal and IEEE Journal.

Selected Work

Books Chapters  

Dawson, P and Levy, R. 30 Days of Night: The Role of Light and Shadow in Inuit Architecture North of the Arctic Circle. Oxford Handbook of Light in Archaeology. Edited by Constantinos Papadopoulos and Graeme Earl. Oxford University Press, (in press).


Vishkaie, R. S., & Levy, R. SketchBoard: Design and Evaluation of Interactive Tools

for the Design Review Process, International Journal of E-Planning Review, (in press)


Vishkaie, R. S., & Levy, R. M.. Making Design Review Interactive. in Analyzing Art, Culture, and Design in the Digital Age. International Journal of Art, Culture and Design Technologies, 2015, pp. 234-257.


Levy,  R.,  and  P. Dawson,  Interactive Worlds as Educational Tools for Understanding Arctic Life,  in   Pastplay: Teaching and Learning History with Technology, edited by Kevin Kee,   University of Michigan Press, Ann Arbor, 2014.


Levy, R.  The Virtual Reality Revolution: The Vision and the Reality, InTech, New York City, 2012.  


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Levy, R. The Role of Computers in Street Design, chapter in Images of the Street, London, England: Routledge Press Ltd., 1998, 58-72.


Selected Journal Papers/Conference Papers/Articles 2014-2017


AbuHafeetha, M. ,Noel. N.  and Levy, R. M.  Agricultural Land Use Change and its Drivers in the Palestinian Landscape Under Political Instability, the Case of Tulkarm , City Journal of Borderlands Studies  (DOI: 10.1080/08865655.2017.1344561), in print.


Adagha, Ovo,  Levy, R.,  Carpendale, S. Gates,  Lindquist, M.,  Evaluation of a visual analytics decision support tool for wind farm placement planning in Alberta: Findings from a focus group study, Technological Forecasting and Social Change,  Jan. 2017.


Dawson, P. C.,  and  Levy, R.,  From Science to Survival: Using Virtual Exhibits to Communicate the Significance of Polar Heritage Sites in the Canadian Arctic,  Open Archaeology, 2 (1), November  2016, 209-231.


Levy, R.,  and  P. Dawson, Fort Conger, an Interactive Virtual World for Exploring the Science of the 19th Century, Virtual Archaeology, 2015,  Proceedings ,  St. Petersburg,  Russia, 2015, pp 50-53 .


Adagha, O., Carpendale, S., & Levy, R. M. Decision Support Requirements for Wind Farm  Placement Planning in Alberta. Journal of Decision Systems, 2015,  24:2, 178-205.


Adagha, O., & Levy, R. M. Towards a Product Design Assessment of Visual Analytics in

Decision Support Applications. Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing, (2015): 1-11.


Bray S, Arnold AE, Levy RM, Iaria G., Spatial and temporal functional connectivity changes between resting and attentive states,  Hum Brain Mapp. 2015 Feb;36(2):549-65.

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Levy, R. and P. Dawson and C. Arnold, Reconstructing Traditional Inuit House Forms Using 3D Interactive Computer Modeling, Journal of Visual Studies, 2004, 19(1):26-35.


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