University of Calgary

Research Interests

NameResearch Interests
Photograph of Francisco Alaniz UribeFrancisco Alaniz Uribepublic realm design, planning sustainable communities, sense of place, land-use planning, built environment, sustainable urban design, climate change, cultural landscapes, design studio, ecological design, architectural design, conservation by design, neighbourhood and small town planning and design, environmental planning, architectural history and theory
Photograph of Getachew AssefaGetachew Assefalife cycle assessment, carbon footprint, systems analysis, sustainable development, sustainability assessment, industrial ecology, built environment, technology assessment, eco-efficiency, waste management, energy systems
Photograph of Negar BadriNegar BadriHigh performance building envelope, life cycle assessment, carbon footprint, built environment
Photograph of Marc Joseph BoutinMarc Joseph Boutincanadian and modern architectural history, environmental stewardship, urban design, critical practice, cultural landscapes, modern architectural history, architectural design
Photograph of John BrownJohn Brownaging in place, architectural entrepreneurship, home health, housing, mass customization
Photograph of Enrica Dall'AraEnrica Dall'Araindustrial and agricultural landscapes, sustainable cities, practice-based design research, public space, sense of place, urban design, built environment, landscape architecture
Photograph of Karly DoKarly DoMuseums and Historic sites, Gardens and landscape history, heritage conservation, urban design, cultural landscapes
Photograph of Cormack GatesCormack Gatesbison restoration, natural resource planning, conservation by design, endangered species
Photograph of Caroline Hachem-VermetteCaroline Hachem-VermetteSolar optimized neighborhood, Energy enhancement in mixed-use multistory buildings, energy efficiency, adaptable pre-engineered architectural structures, regenerative design, High performance building envelope
Photograph of Catherine HamelCatherine Hamelexile, postwar reconstruction, social and political space, social justice, adaptability
Photograph of Marwa HannoufMarwa Hannoufsustainable development, life cycle assessment, climate change, environmental management, sustainability assessment
Photograph of Tawab HlimiTawab Hlimidesign drawing, urban infrastructure and services, adaptable and flexible design, Information Visualization, research through design, ecological design, climate change, resilience
Photograph of Jason S. JohnsonJason S. Johnsondigital design, digital fabrication, digital media and architecture, solar decathlon, integrative design, international field studies architecture
Photograph of Thomas Patrick KeenanThomas Patrick Keenanintelligent communities, computer security, high tech crime, cyberwarfare, information integrity, technology adoption and Implications, digital divide, sustainable cities
Photograph of Noel Gerard KeoughNoel Gerard Keoughsustainability, participation, social economy, social justice, citizen engagement
Photograph of Tang Gim LeeTang Gim Leehealthy buildings, aquaponics, solar energy, building materials, energy efficiency, building envelope
Photograph of Richard LevyRichard Levydigital design, serious games, 3D imagining and computer modeling and simulation, archaeology, urban planning, virtual reality
Photograph of Graham David LiveseyGraham David Liveseyarchitectural history and theory, modern architecture in Canada, contemporary urban design theory, architectural design, urban ecology, urban design
Photograph of James Andrew LoveJames Andrew Lovegreen buildings, HVAC, lighting, sustainable development, sustainability, energy efficiency, sustainable design, daylighting
Photograph of Mohammad MoezziMohammad Moezziarchitectural design, Design Thinking, modern architectural history, architectural history and theory, design drawing
Photograph of Milad MohammadkhaniMilad Mohammadkhaniecological design, green buildings, sustainable urban design, urban and regional planning, sustainable cities
Photograph of David MonteyneDavid MonteyneCanadian architecture and cities, public space, building security, Immigration, architectural history and theory
Photograph of Fabian NeuhausFabian Neuhausdesign studio, participation, critical practice, pedagogy, planning and design practice, research through design, urban design, urban morphology, habitus and activity, type, aging in place, building culture
Photograph of Beverly SandalackBeverly Sandalackwalkability, sense of place, urban design, public realm design, landscape architecture, cultural landscapes, urban morphology, urban planning, neighbourhood and small town planning and design
Photograph of Brian Robert SinclairBrian Robert SinclairAboriginal | Indigenous Issues, culture, internationalization, design methods, systems, international development, environmental psychology, informal settlement, sustainability, agile architecture, urban studies, spirituality, professional practice, place-making, pedagogy, open building
Photograph of Mauricio Soto RubioMauricio Soto Rubioarchitectural design, Lightweight Structures, Structural Design, Tensile Membrane Structures, Deployable Structures, solar decathlon, responsive structures
Photograph of Joshua TaronJoshua Taroninterface, integrative design, animate design, computational design, biological computation
Photograph of Sasha TsenkovaSasha Tsenkovacities, international development, comparative housing policy, climate change, planning sustainable communities, sustainable cities, urban and regional planning
Photograph of Mary-Ellen TylerMary-Ellen Tylerenvironmental policy, biosocial system complexity, ecological restorations, ecological design, urban ecology, environmental management, sustainability, environmental planning
Photograph of Barry WylantBarry Wylantmanufacturing materials and technologies, computer aided design (CAD), people and technology, ergonomics, rapid prototyping, sustainable design, innovation, design theory, Design Thinking, design drawing, leisure/sporting goods, consumer electronics, medical device
Photograph of Mehdi ZahedMehdi Zahedlife cycle assessment, High performance building envelope, green buildings, building materials, architectural design
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