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Angela Ambrose

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I am an MA student in the University of Calgary’s Department of Geography working under the supervision of Dr. Ryan Burns. My background has fueled the research interests that guide my thesis: a combination of human geography, philosophy and critical GIS and data studies. My thesis is an exploration of the social side of humanitarian technologies and whether, in contrast to traditional forms of volunteer interaction with aid recipients, resulting aid response is efficacious in producing a sense of cross-cultural global citizenship. I look toward feminist social theorists such as Iris Marion Young and Nancy Fraser in my understanding of social justice, responsibility and equity.

Prior to my master’s program, I completed my BSc Geography and worked as a Research Assistant on projects as part of the Social and Technological Humanitarian Studies research group. My non-academic background has been dominantly grounded in international travel and volunteer engagement with local and international organizations – I’ve worked with the Central Alberta Refugee Effort within various programs geared towards connecting newcomers with resources and services and, more recently, I’ve been an active volunteer and mapping intern with the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team.

My academic and non-academic activities have culminated an interest in the act of ‘helping’ – what are the common perceptions of the meaning of ‘helping’, and how does the praxis of ‘help’ change when:

  • Neoliberal global economic systems result in profit-driven aid, and
  • Disproportionate numbers of people in particular positions of society (i.e., the Global North) dictate what the praxis of help is for members of disadvantageous positions within society (i.e., crisis-affected groups in the Global South).

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  • Doctoral Student
    Degree: Doctor of Philosophy
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