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Conny Davidsen joined the University of Calgary following research at University of Cambridge/UK, University of Victoria/BC, GTZ Quito/Ecuador, and GTZ Campeche/Mexico; and education at University of Dresden/Germany (PhD Environmental Policy / Dr. rer. nat.), University of Guelph/ON (MA Geography & International Development), and Kiel/Germany (BA Geography/Economics), (BA Fiscal Law).

Research Interests

Conny's research focuses on the political process and governance behind changing environmental policies, often from a political ecology perspective. This particularly addresses local to global interests at the policy nexus between forests, climate, energy, and carbon, including sustainable resource management, local extraction conflicts, indigenous land and resource rights. Her regional focus is on South America and Western Canada, with other involvement in Nepal, Bangladesh, Mexico, Nunavut and Mongolia.

Current Research

Please contact Dr. Davidsen if interested in current opportunities.

Environmental Policy & Governance Lab

Current supervision:

  • Asraf Siddique (PhD candidate): Forest Governance & Carbon in Bangladesh
  • Ana Watson (PhD candidate): Energy Extraction & Indigenous Rights in the Peruvian Amazon
  • Danilo Borja (PhD candidate): Environmental Policy Change in the Ecuadorian Amazon
  • Jeremy Escobar Torio (PhD candidate): Climate Change & Identity in the Philippines
  • Sujoy Subroto (PhD candidate): Forest Governance & Carbon in Bangladesh
  • Farhana Mustafa (MSc Sustainable Energy Development candidate): Advanced Biofuels and Sustainability in Western Canada
  • Daniel Buelvas (MA candidate): Oil Expansion Pressures in the Colombian Amazon

Past supervision:

  • Dr. Adeniyi Asiyanbi (postdoc): Forest Fires & Carbon in Western Canada
  • Dr. Gabriela Alonso Yanez (postdoc): Conservation Research & Learning in a Mexican Biosphere Reserve
  • Dr. Leith Deacon (postdoc): Canadian Oil Discourse & 'Oil Literacy'
  • Dr. Rishi Bastakoti (PhD): Forest Governance & Carbon in Nepal
  • Dr. Evans Ouko (PhD): Forest Governance & Management in Kenya
  • Joshua Mitchell (MSc Sustainable Energy Development): Forest Fires & Carbon in Western Canada
  • Claire Hosford (MSc Sustainable Energy Development): Wildfire and Disaster Risk Preparedness in Western Canada
  • Laura Kiff (postgraduate MA): Canadian Oil Discourse & 'Oil Literacy'; Environmental Policy Change in the Ecuadorian Amazon
  • Jeremy Escobar Torio (MA): Indigenous Representation & Environment Discourse in the Peruvian Amazon
  • Tsogo Battsengel (MGIS): Wildlife Distributions & Conservation in Mongolia
  • Carla Incontri (MGIS): Indigenous Representation & Environmental Discourse in the Peruvian Amazon
  • Pawan Paudyal (MGIS candidate): Forest Carbon & Policies in Nepal
  • Kalpana Ghimire (MGIS): International Social Media Discourses of Forest Carbon Mechanisms
  • Elizabeth Garza (MGIS): Energy, Oil & Conflict in Mexico
  • Daniel Graham (MGIS): Climate Change and Ecological Modernization News Coverage in Canada

Selected Publications

Subroto, S, C Davidsen, M Rashid, M Cuadra (in press) Dual Governance and the Shadow of State Authority: Co-Management Realities in Rema-Kalenga Protected Area of Bangladesh. Journal of Sustainable Forestry.

Watson, A, C Davidsen (2021) Pandemic State Failure, Hydrocarbon Control and Indigenous Territorial Counter-Action in the Peruvian Amazon. Frontiers in Human Dynamics, Political Ecology. Front. Hum. Dyn. | doi: 10.3389/fhumd.2021.654311

Borja, D, J Bay, C Davidsen (2021) ‘Like losing half the territory.’ Waorani struggle with loss of elder, and of land to oil (commentary). Mongabay 23 March 2021.

Borja, D, J Bay, C Davidsen and YG Sarduy (2021) Ancianos amazónicos en la frontera petrolera: La vida y muerte de Nenkihui Bay, líder tradicional Waorani. Journal of Latin American Geography 20(1) March 2021 (preprint).

Asiyanbi, A and C Davidsen (2020) Canadian Wildfires: Are we prepared for the next disaster? Canadian Science Policy Centre, Featured News Editorial, 7 Aug 2020.

Watson, A and C Davidsen (2020) Conservation, Economic Reactivation and COVID-19 in Peruvian Amazon Indigenous Communities. CEESP News Article, International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)- Commission on Environmental, Economic and Social Policy News. Switzerland, June 2020.

Davidsen, C and A Asiyanbi (2020) When If Not Now? Crisis Lessons from COVID-19 for Climate Action. Canadian Science Policy Centre. Response to COVID-19 Pandemic and its Impacts, Featured Editorial Series Vol 1 Issue 2, May 2020.

Watson, A and C Davidsen (2020) “Covid-19 and Extraction Pressures in the Peruvian Amazon”. The North American Congress on Latin America (NACLA) Report, June 2020.

Watson, A and C Davidsen (2020) “Reactivación Económica y una Pandemia en Comunidades Indígenas Amazónicas Peruanas”. Latin America Geography Blog, Royal Geographical Society - Institute of British Geographers Latin America Working Group, May 2020.

Watson, A and C Davidsen (2020) Reactivación Económica y una Pandemia en Comunidades Indígenas Amazónicas. Latin American Geographies in the UK, Royal Geographical Society with IGB, LAG Blog Article May 26 2020.

Watson, A and C Davidsen (2019) “Natural Gas Extraction, Discourse, and Power in Upper Amazonia: The rise of Camisea”. International Conference Energy and Scale: Trans-scalar and Multi-scalar Interactions in Energy Transitions. Energy in Society- Calgary Institute for the Humanities, University of Calgary and Max Planck Institute for the History of Science (MPIWG), Berlin. Banff, September 2019

Watson, A and C Davidsen (2019) “Natural Gas and Indigenous Response in Upper Amazonia: A History of Peru’s Camisea”. Environmental Studies Association of Canada Annual Conference in conjunction with the Congress of the Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences. Vancouver, June 2019

Watson, A and C Davidsen (2019) “Contesting Territories and Natural Gas Extraction in Upper Amazonia: Peru’s Camisea case”. Paper at the First International Workshop on Contested Territories, School of Geography University of Leeds. Leeds, May 2019

Borja PD and C Davidsen (2018) Can the Yasuni be Protected through Public Consultation? Short Paper. January 2018. Latin American Research Centre, Calgary.

Bastakoti RR and C Davidsen (2017) Optimism, Hopes and Fears: Local Perceptions of REDD+ in Nepalese Community Forests. International Forestry Review 19 (1) 1-16

Bastakoti RR and C Davidsen (2017) Framing REDD+ at the National Level: Actors and Discourse around Nepal’s Policy Debate. Forests 8 (3) 1-23

Davidsen C (2016) The Alberta Oil/Tar Sands and ‘Mainstream’ Media Framings between Globalization and Polarization. In: Laurie Adkin (ed.) First-World Petro-Politics – The Political Ecology and Governance of Alberta p. 241-262. Toronto: University of Toronto Press

Bastakoti RR and C Davidsen (2015) Nepal’s REDD+ Readiness Preparation and Multi-Stakeholder Consultation Challenges. Journal of Forest and Livelihood 13 (1) 30-43

Alonso-Yanez G and C Davidsen (2014) Social Worlds of Mexican Biosphere Reserve Researchers. Human Ecology Review 20 (2)

Davidsen C (2014) Critical Literacy and Discursive Governance Control(s) in Canada’s Oil/Tar Sands Discourses. In: Robert Boschmann and Mario Trono (eds.). Found in Alberta – Environmental Themes for the Anthropocene. Environmental Humanities, p. 105-124. Wilfrid Laurier University Press: Waterloo/ ON

Bastakoti RR and C Davidsen (2014) REDD+ and Forest Tenure Security: Concerns in Nepal’s Community Forestry. International Journal of Sustainable Development & World Ecology.

Davidsen C and D Graham (2014) Climate Change Response in Canadian Newsprint Media. American Review of Canadian Studies 44 (2) 151-168

Davidsen C, L Deacon and L Kiff(2013) Oil Literacy – The Canadian Oil/Tar Sands Debate, Media Literacy and Politics. 366 pages. Toronto: Pearson Canada.

Davidsen C (2013) Qualitative Inquiry in a Digital World: ‘New Media’ and Liquid Modernity in Environmental Discourses. International Journal of Science in Society 4(2):111-117

Davidsen C and L Kiff (2013) Global Carbon Deals, Global Eco-States? Ecuador’s Yasuní Global Conservation Agreement. Journal of International and Global Studies 4(2): 1-19

Davidsen C and L Kiff (2013) Ecuador between Petro-State and Economy – The Yasuní Proposal and Ecuador’s Future between Petroleum and Carbon. Occasional Papers, Latin American Research Series, February 2013, Latin American Research Centre, Calgary AB.

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Tam CL and Davidsen, C (2010) Low-Technology Multidisciplinary Teaching in the Amazon: Challenging Epistemologies and Learning Patterns. The International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society, 6(6): 113-122.

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Davidsen C (2010) Greenwashing. In: Dustin Mulvaney (ed.) Green Politics, The Sage Reference Series for Green Society, p. 213-218. Sage Publications, Thousand Oaks/CA.

Davidsen C and R M Wells (executive producers) (2010). Oil Literacy – Canadian documentary, 50mins. Premiere Dec 5, 2010. Videography by Elizabeth Herzfeldt-Kamprath, Production by Samantha Fodor, Kari Plog and Lorna Rodriguez. Post-Production by Kaelen Knutson-Lombardo. Research by Daniel Godin, Samantha Fodor, Kyla Jewett, Jeremy Escobar Torio, Laura Kiff, Alan Hokazono.

Wells, RM and C Davidsen (executive producers) (2010). Oil Literacy – US documentary, 22mins. Premiere Oct 31, 2010. Videography by Elizabeth Herzfeldt-Kamprath, Production by Kari Plog and Lorna Rodriguez. Research by Daniel Godin, Samantha Fodor, Kyla Jewett, Jeremy Escobar Torio, Laura Kiff, Alan Hokazono.



Research Groups

  • Environmental Discourses, Literacy and Democracy
  • Environment-Conservation-Development: Global-Local Policy and Governance Conflicts
  • Local and Indigenous Rights


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