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Stuart Harris joined the Geography Department in 1969 following earlier appointments at the University of Kansas, Waterloo Lutheran University and the University of Chicago. He has conducted field research in Iraq, Guyana, China (Kunlun Shan) and the former Soviet Union, and his study of landforms in North America includes local and regional analysis of Arctic and Cordilleran environments.

Current Research:

* Measuring the movement of the West Marmot rock glacier at Jasper to see whether the movement ceases at the lower limit of continuous permafrost. If so, the lower limit of rock glaciers can be used to infer past climatic conditions. * Monitoring the recovery of the permafrost in the margin of a peat plateau after fire at Sheldon Lake, Yukon Territory. * Monitoring air and ground temperatures at a number of sites in Alberta and the Yukon Territory to see how the ground temperatures are related to weather and climate. * Studying how and when the pea clams (Sphaeriidae) recolonized the areas of southern Alberta that were covered by the ice sheets during the last glaciation. * Monitoring the effects of increased population and agriculture on the molluscs of southern Alberta. * Studying how the vascular plant recolonized the formerly glaciated areas of the Canadian Cordillera. * Examining the historical documents to determine the climatic changes that have occurred in the last 1200 years, so as to check the proposed climate models that disagree concerning the climate during this period of time.

Recent Publications

Harris, S.A., 2005. Thermal History of the Arctic Ocean environs adjacent to North America during the last 3.5 Ma and a possible mechanism for the cause of the cold events (major glaciations and permafrost events). Progress in Physical Geography 29: 1-19.

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