University of Calgary

Research Interests

NameResearch Interests
Photograph of Shelley AlexanderShelley AlexanderConservation Biology and Wildlife Management, Conservation GIS
Photograph of Darren BenderDarren BenderSpatial ecology, Remote Sensing and GIScience, Geographic information systems, Conservation GIS
Photograph of Ryan BurnsRyan BurnsPolitical Economy, Critical Social Theory, Critical GIS, Spatial Data Science, Digital Geographies, Critical Data Studies, Urban Geography, Science and Technology Studies (STS)
Photograph of Wayne DaviesWayne DaviesExploration and Promotional Literature, Urban system development policies, Communities Within Cities
Photograph of Dianne DraperDianne DraperTourism and growth management in the Bow Corridor, Canadian environmental sustainability, Sustainable tourism
Photograph of Victoria FastVictoria FastGeographic Visualization & Cartography, Critical GIS, Feminist Geography, Sociospatial analysis, Urban GIS, GIS Application, Smart Cities, Canadian Urban Geography, Urban Geography
Photograph of Andrea FreemanAndrea FreemanLate Pleistocene-early Holocene archaeology, Radiocarbon dating, Stratigraphy, Hunter-gatherers late Quaternary climatic changes, Paleoindian and Archaic archaeology, Desert stream processes, Geomorphology, Geoarchaeology
Photograph of Torsten GeldsetzerTorsten GeldsetzerMicrowave remote sensing of snow and sea ice
Photograph of Stuart HarrisStuart HarrisCharacteristics and differences between lithalsas, palsas and peat plateaus, Heat flow regimes beneath block slopes, Monitoring of air and ground temperatures in the permafrost from Claresholm to central Yukon, Rates of movement and the nature of block streams, Heat flow studies under different vegetation covers
Photograph of Geoffrey HayGeoffrey HayRemote Sensing (GEOBIA: GEO-Object-Based Image Analysis), Urban heat islands, Remote Sensing and GIScience
Photograph of Peter HerremPeter HerremOverseas Field Schools and Geography Co-op Program, Political Geography and History, Mediterranean Region
Photograph of Chris HugenholtzChris HugenholtzMobile Sensing, Big Data, Fugitive Emissions, Earth and Planetary Surface Processes, Meteorology, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Photograph of Dan JacobsonDan JacobsonCartography, understanding geographic space without the use of vision, Geographic Visualization & Cartography
Photograph of Mallik  MahmudMallik Mahmudmicrowave remote sensing, Sea Ice Climatology using Remote Sensing
Photograph of Shawn MarshallShawn MarshallGeophysical fluid dynamics, Glaciology, Climatology, Paleoclimate, Climate/cryosphere interactions, Earth system history, Glacial cycles, Computational methods
Photograph of Yvonne MartinYvonne MartinShallow landsliding, Fluvial transport and morphology, Hillslope/fluvial interactions, Impacts of wildfire on geomorphology, Geomorphology, Drainage basin evolution
Photograph of Adam McLaneAdam McLaneRemote Sensing and GIScience
Photograph of Vishnu NandanVishnu NandanClimate/cryosphere interactions, Sea Ice Climatology using Remote Sensing, Microwave remote sensing of snow and sea ice
Photograph of Lawrence NkemdirimLawrence NkemdirimChinooks, Urban heat islands, Impact of El Ninos on global environment
Photograph of Joyce PercelJoyce PercelDigital Geographies, Critical Race Studies, Urban Geography, Critical GIS
Photograph of Homayoun RezaieHomayoun RezaieRemote Sensing (Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision), Geospatial Intelligence | Earth Observation, Remote Sensing (GEOBIA: GEO-Object-Based Image Analysis)
Photograph of Kelsey ServissKelsey ServissFluvial geomorphology, Geoarchaeology, Geomorphology
Photograph of Mahsa ShayanfarMahsa ShayanfarCanadian environmental sustainability, Remote Sensing (GEOBIA: GEO-Object-Based Image Analysis), Urban GIS, Geographic information systems
Photograph of Darren SjogrenDarren SjogrenGlacial Geomorphology, GIS Application, Terrain modelling and landform classification, Sub- and proglacial paleofloods
Photograph of Tricia StadnykTricia StadnykHydrology, Climate Change, Earth and Planetary Surface Processes, Watershed Modelling
Photograph of Maria StrackMaria StrackPeatland entrapped gas dynamics, Wetland ecohydrology, Peat soil physics, Effects of climate change on wetland carbon biogeochemistry
Photograph of Eliot TretterEliot TretterFossil Fuel Industry Consultants - Indigenous, Environment, etc., Women's Employment in Service Sector, Digitization and Fossil Fuels, Financialization and the Knowledge Economy, Airport Infrastructure, Urban Political Economy of Indigenous Peoples in Canada, Smart Technologies and Industrial Organization, Financialization and Smart City Technologies, Logistics and the Administrative Revolution
Photograph of Derek WilsonDerek WilsonGlacial Geomorphology
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