University of Calgary

Publications - 2013


An Integrated Approach to Determining Short-Term and Long-Term Patterns of Surface Change and Flow Characteristics for a Polythermal Arctic Glacier

Whitehead, Kenneth

Geographic Object-Based Mosaicing (OBM) of High-Resolution Thermal Airborne Imagery (TABI-1800) to Improve the Interpretation of Urban Image Objects

Rahman, Mir Mustafizur, Hay, Geoffrey, Couloigner, isabelle, Hemachandran, Bharanidharan, Bailin, Jeremy, Zhang, Yilong and Tam, Ashley

Towards Qualitative Geovisual Analytics: A Case Study Involving Places, People, and Mediated Experience

Burns, Ryan and Skupin, André

Tweeting Up a Storm: The Promise and Perils of Crisis Mapping

Shanley, Lea, Burns, Ryan, Bastian, Zach and Robson, Edward
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