University of Calgary

Publications - 2017


8 Ways Canadian Academics Can Resist Trump

Burns, Ryan

A New Method to Map Groundwater Table in Peatlands Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Rahman, Mir Mustafizur, McDermid, Greg, Strack, Maria and Lovitt, Julie

Assessing the Value of UAV Photogrammetry for Characterizing Terrain in Complex Peatlands

Lovitt, Julie, Rahman, Mir Mustafizur and McDermid, Greg

Critical Data, Critical Technology

Burns, Ryan, Dalton, Craig and Thatcher, Jim

Diurnal Scale Controls on C-Band Microwave Backscatter From Snow-Covered First-Year Sea Ice During the Transition From Late Winter to Early Melt

Yackel, John, Jagvijay Gill, Geldsetzer, Torsten, Fuller, Mark and Nandan, Vishnu

Doing fieldwork the Chinese way: a returning researcher's insider/outsider status in her home town

Zhao, Yawei

Effect of Snow Salinity on CryoSat-2 Arctic First-Year Sea Ice Freeboard Measurements

Nandan, Vishnu, Geldsetzer, Torsten, Yackel, John, Mahmud, Mallik , Scharien, Randall, Howell, Stephen, E.L., King, Joshua, Ricker, Robert and Else, Brent

Geographies of Software

Lally, Nick and Burns, Ryan

Geophysical and atmospheric controls on Ku-, X- and C-band backscatter evolution from a saline snow cover on first-year sea ice from late-winter to pre-early melt

Nandan, Vishnu, Scharien, Randall, Geldsetzer, Torsten, Mahmud, Mallik , Yackel, John, Islam, Tanvir, Gill, Jagvijay P.S., Fuller, Mark C., Gunn, Grant and Duguay, Claude

Ku-, X- and C-Band Microwave Backscatter Indices from Saline Snow Covers on Arctic First-Year Sea Ice

Nandan, Vishnu, Geldsetzer, Torsten, Mahmud, Mallik , Yackel, John and Ramjan, Saroat

Multifrequency Microwave Backscatter From a Highly Saline Snow Cover on Smooth First-Year Sea Ice: First-Order Theoretical Modeling

Nandan, Vishnu, Geldsetzer, Torsten, Yackel, John, Islam, Tanvir, Gill, Jagvijay and Mahmud, Mallik

Multi-frequency microwave backscatter indices from saline snow covers on smooth first-year sea ice

Nandan, Vishnu, Geldsetzer, Torsten, Mahmud, Mallik , Yackel, John, Fuller, Mark, Jagvijay Gill and Ramjan, Saroat
Image of Open data research flyer

Open data research flyer

Burns, Ryan and Wark, Grace

Special Section Editorial: Toward a Geographical Software Studies

Lally, Nick and Burns, Ryan

Use of unmanned aerial vehicles for monitoring recovery of forest vegetation on petroleum well sites

Hird, Jennifer, Montage, A, McDermid, Greg, Kariyeva, Jahan, Moorman, Brian, Nielsen, S and McIntosh, A

Winter Sentinel-1 backscatter as a predictor of spring Arctic sea ice melt pond fraction

Scharien, Randall, Segal, Rebecca, Nasonova, Sasha, Nandan, Vishnu, Howell, Stephen and Haas, Christian
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