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Publications - 2019


ACC Deaminase Producing PGPR Bacillus amyloliquefaciens and Agrobacterium fabrum along with Biochar Improve Wheat Productivity under Drought Stress

Munir, Tariq

An Integrative, Thematic Approach to International Field Study Programs

Williams, Aaron in Out There Learning: Critical Reflections on Off-Campus Study Programs

“Contesting Territories and Natural Gas Extraction in Upper Amazonia: Peru’s Camisea case”. First International Workshop on Contested Territories, School of Geography University of Leeds. Leeds, May

Watson, Ana and Davidsen, Conny

Digital Geographies (Encyclopedia of Human Geography)

Thatcher, Jim, Burns, Ryan and Lauriault, Tracey

Estimating melt onset over Arctic sea ice from time series multi-sensor Sentinel-1 and RADARSAT-2 backscatter

Howell, Stephen, Small, David, Christoph, Rohner, Mahmud, Mallik, Yackel, John and Brady, Michael

Instagram: A City of Digital Engagement

Burns, Ryan in Kitchin, Rob, Shaw, Joe, Graham, Mark and Mattern, Shannon How to Run the City Like A Corporation, and Other Fables

“Let the Private Sector Take Care of This”: The Philanthro-Capitalism of Digital Humanitarianism

Burns, Ryan in Graham, Mark Digital Economies at the Global Margins

Long-term observations of supraglacial streams on an Arctic glacier

St Germain, Sarah and Moorman, Brian

"Natural Gas and Indigenous Response in Upper Amazonia: A History of Peru’s Camisea”. Environmental Studies Association of Canada Annual Conference in conjunction with the Congress of the Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences. Vancouver, June

Watson, Ana and Davidsen, Conny

“Natural Gas Extraction and Indigenous Contentious Politics: Peru’s Camisea case”. Annual Meeting of American Association of Geographers. Washington, DC, April

Watson, Ana and Davidsen, Conny

“Natural Gas Extraction, Discourse, and Power in Upper Amazonia: The rise of Camisea”. International Conference Energy and Scale: Trans-scalar and Multi-scalar Interactions in Energy Transitions. The energy in Society- Calgary Institute for the Humanities, University of Calgary and Max Planck Institute for the History of Science. Banff, September

Watson, Ana and Davidsen, Conny

“Natural Gas Extraction in Peru’s Upper Amazon: How it affects its politics, economy and Amazon societies.” Invited Presentation at Calgary Association of Lifelong Learners. Calgary, October

Watson, Ana

New Frontiers of Philanthro-capitalism: Digital Technologies and Humanitarianism

Burns, Ryan

Opening Up: Emerging Perspectives on Data Sharing

Burns, Ryan and Gurung, Gyanendra

PEAT‐CLSM: A Specific Treatment of Peatland Hydrology in the NASA Catchment Land Surface Model

Munir, Tariq

Physical length scales of wind-blown snow redistribution and accumulation on relatively smooth Arctic first-year sea ice

Moon, Woosok, Nandan, Vishnu, Scharien, Randall, Wilkinson, Jeremy, Yackel, John, Barrett, Andrew, Lawrence, Isobel, Segal, Rebecca, Stroeve, Julienne, Mahmud, Mallik , Duke, Patrick and Else, Brent

Polarized cities: portraits of rich and poor in urban China

Zhao, Yawei

Producing Alberta’s Tar Sands: Oil, Ideas, Rents, and New Enclosures

Tretter, Eliot

Sites of learning: Exploring political ecologies and visceral pedagogies of surplus food redistribution in the UK

Spring, Charlotte, Adams, Mags and Hardman, Mike

Snow Thickness Estimation on First-Year Sea Ice from Late Winter Spaceborne Scatterometer Backscatter Variance

Yackel, John, Geldsetzer, Torsten, Mahmud, Mallik , Nandan, Vishnu, Howell, Stephen, Scharien, Randall K. and Lam, Hoi Ming

Transdisciplinary Approaches to Critical Data Studies

Burns, Ryan, Hawkins, Blake, Hoffman, Anna Lauren, Iliadis, Andrew and Thatcher, Jim

Waterfront Toronto: Privacy or Piracy?

Tretter, Eliot and Peel, Kyle

When guesthouse meets home: The time-space of rural gentrification in southwest China

Zhao, Yawei

Where's the Database in Digital Ethnography? Exploring Database Ethnography for Open Data Research

Burns, Ryan and Wark, Grace
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