University of Calgary

Publications - 2020


A Community Farm 'Maps Back'! Disputes over public urban farmland in Calgary, Alberta

Barbosa, Jr, Ricardo and Burns, Ryan

A Covid-19 Panacea in Digital Technologies?Challenges for Democracy and Higher Education

Burns, Ryan

An Introduction to Contemporary Food Waste Studies [editorial]

Spring, Charlotte in Reynolds, Christian, Soma, Tammara, Spring and Lazell, Jordan Routledge Handbook of Food Waste

A novel Object-based Deep learning method for residential rooftops extraction using H-Res Thermal imagery

Ghaffarian, Salar and Hay, Goeffrey J.

Capturing Waste or Capturing Innovation? Comparing Self-Organising Potentials of Surplus Food Redistribution Initiatives to Prevent Food Waste

Spring, Charlotte and Biddulph, Robin

Conduits that bite back: challenging the ‘win-win’ solutions of food recalls and redistribution

Lougheed, Scott and Spring, Charlotte in Reynolds, Christian, Soma, Tammara, Spring and Lazell, Jordan Routledge Handbook of Food Waste

Evaluation of SfM for surface characterization of a snow-covered glacier through comparison with aerial lidar

Bash, Elenor, Moorman, Brian, Menounos, Brian and Gunther, Alison

Food systems sustainability: An examination of different viewpoints on food system change

Haysom, Gareth, Spring, Charlotte and et al.

Geographic Object-Based Image Analysis: A Primer and Future Directions

Kucharczyk, Maja, Hay, Geoffrey J., Ghaffarian, Salar and H. Hugenholtz, Chris

“Interdisciplinary and Collaborative research in Environmental Governance: The Experience of a Graduate Research Team”. Ecosystem Services Partnership – 2020 Latin America Conference: Transcending the study of Ecosystem Services towards Transdisciplinary and Incidence. Mexico City, November

Turra, H., Watson, Ana, Clavijo-Romero, M., Fernandez, A. and Ishak, S.

Learning lessons from America’s surplus food redistribution infrastructure. Fellowship Report for Winston Churchill Memorial Trust

Spring, Charlotte

Machine Learning Optimization to Extract Residential Rooftops from H-Res Thermal Imagery

Ghaffarian, Salar and Hay, Geoffrey J.

Moral Economies of Open Data Platforms

Burns, Ryan and Welker, Preston

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Fast, Victoria

Public Participation in 2020: New Forms, new modes, new questions?

Burns, Ryan, Flacke, Johannes, Ghose, Rina and Harvey, Francis

Regional Approaches to data, environment, and society

Burns, Ryan, Thatcher, Jim and Dalton, Craig

Smart Cities: Who Cares?

Burns, Ryan and Andrucki, Max

Surface melt and the importance of water flow - an analysis based on high-resolution unnamed aerial vehicle (UAV) data for an Arctic glacier

Bash, Eleanor and Moorman, Brian
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