University of Calgary

GLGY 337 - Intro To Geologic Field Methods - Winter 2009

Creating geological maps and cross-sections from fieldwork and measurement of stratigraphic sections. The fieldwork will concentrate on rock identification and field relationships of sedimentary and either or both of igneous and metamorphic rocks and basic structural geology. Field exercises will normally be conducted off campus for about 10-12 days prior to the Fall Session of second year. Mapping and field skills will include map interpretation, using the compass for navigation, and measuring planar and linear features. Detailed maps will be prepared using instrumental techniques.
This course may not be repeated for credit.


  • H(80 HOURS)


  • This course occurs in rugged field conditions and varying weather, for which participants must be prepared and equipped. Students may be required to cover food and accommodation costs and, Enrollment in Geology 337 may be limited. Only Majors in a degree program requiring this course will be admitted prior to August 15. Applications from other students will be reviewed after August 14 and consent of the Department is required in addition to course prerequisite


  • Geology 203


This course will be offered next in Fall 2009.
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