University of Calgary

GLGY 581 - Advanced Petroleum Geology - Winter 2023

Principles and applications of the characterization of petroleum systems, reservoirs and their fluids with a focus on unconventional resources. Methods of reservoir characterization, log analysis, subsurface mapping and the evaluation of reservoir heterogeneity with respect to geological characteristics and fundamental fluid flow related reservoir and fluid properties. Also examines subsurface CO2 storage and other routes to eliminating CO2 emissions from fossil fuel use as well as looking at the role of geoscience in energy recovery innovation and technology development.
This course may not be repeated for credit.


  • H(3-3)


  • Geology 577.


  • Credit for Geology 581 and any of 575, 589.01, 589.02, 589.07, 589.08, 591, 595.01, 596, 689.01, 689.02, 689.07, 689.08, 694.01, 694.03, 696 will not be allowed.


  • LEC 1
    LAB 1
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