University of Calgary

Mallika Banerjee

  • Assistant Professor


Mallika Banerjee has joined the Haskayne School of Business in January 2021. Previously, she worked as an assistant professor at Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University.

She holds a PhD in Management from Cornell University, MPhil in Development Studies from the University of Cambridge and BA in Sociology from the University of Exeter, UK.

Mallika was born and raised in India before moving to the UK for her university education. She subsequently worked in London as a qualified Chartered (Tax) Accountant and consulted with bio- technology firms. The unique life stories of bio-tech firm founders, a significant minority of whom were immigrant professionals, motivated her to explore the cultural processes that differentially shape entrepreneurial entry, business creation and venture development across diverse social groups including skilled immigrants, women and minorities. She subsequently pursued this theme as part of her dissertation and ongoing research on high-skilled immigrant entrepreneurship.

Mallika’s work lies at the intersection of institutional theory, cultural entrepreneurship and human capital. She draws on a mixed-methods approach that combines observation and interviews with regional and national data sets. To date, this inter-disciplinary research agenda has yielded a set of novel research questions within two broad research streams – (i) Cultural processes underpinning entrepreneurship; (ii) Job (mis)matching, entrepreneurial entry and venture survival.

In the first research stream she examines how immigrant entrepreneurs’ identification with and attachment to local and extra-local communities differentially affect their location choices, approaches to resource mobilization and business models relative to their native-born peers and its consequences for the survival as well as adaptation of nascent ventures. This research stream has yielded two sole-authored research manuscripts that are in the advanced stages of revision and resubmission at top-tier journals.

In the second stream of research, Mallika examines the underlying organizational processes through which the (mis)matching of individuals into jobs and the allocation of tasks in work context both retard and trigger the building of new organizations but may do so in opposite ways for diverse social groups. This research stream draws on restricted access US data and has yielded one sole-authored research manuscript (R&R requested) and one co-authored working paper to date. Mallika is currently looking for multiple collaborators to build on and extend these projects in the Canadian context using restricted access Statistics Canada database.

Mallika has been interviewed or quoted by leading media outlets, such as Globe and Mail and Reuters. She has also presented her work at premier conferences and top universities. She regularly reviews manuscripts for leading management journals.

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