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Jeanette Burman

  • Administrative Assistant - DRP
  • +1 (403) 220-7173


Jeanette assists Dr. Barrie R. Nault, Distinguished Research Professor in Business Technology Management in the Haskayne School of Business and director of the Informatics Research Centre (iRC) at the University of Calgary, in administration, teaching, and research related to the econometrics of Information Technology in organizational operations and business management. She most recently assisted in research development for a Smart Grid and Smart Communities project and continues to support various BTMA research and projects.

Jeanette completed a Master's of Environmental Design, MEDes, thesis program from the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape (SAPL, previous Faculty of Environmental Design) at the University of Calgary in 2018. In May 2021 she completed a Built and Landscape Heritage Conservation Graduate Certificate from the SAPL. She began her undergraduate studies at Mount Allison University, completing a Bachelor of Arts in Art History at the University of Calgary from the Department of Fine Arts (previously known as) in 2010. She has presented and published co-authored research at international design conferences, and she has recently presented guest lectures about her thesis topic for SAPL students studying place and design.

Jeanette has been active in Calgary's arts and cultural communities for several years. She is a long-time member and volunteer at CJSW, Calgary's campus/community radio station, having hosted a radio program most recently from 2008-2020; she currently serves as a member of the station's Programming Committee. She was also involved in film festival programming and production in Calgary, as well as non-profit festival management and governance (2009-2013). In 2014, she began a volunteer archival project in the memory of University of Calgary Professor John R. Stocking in collaboration with University of Calgary Library & Cultural Resources, the Department of Art, and public contributors ( 

Her interests include gardening, art & design, reading, cycling, yoga, food, music, movies, and thinking too much. 

Research Interests

Smart Communities & Sustainable Development, Community Radio & Place in Canada, Arts & Craft Architecture, Place-making, Phenomenology, Built and Landscape Heritage Conservation in Canada, Public Realm

Teaching Assistance

Fall 2014  - Management Information Systems 601 Executive MBA, Business Technology Management, Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary


Burman, J. (2018). A Phenomenology of Campus Radio Landscapes: Place, Design, and Resiliency in Canada (Unpublished master's thesis). University of Calgary, Calgary, AB.


 Conference Proceedings

Understanding a Phenomenology of Campus Radio Landscapes in Canada | Burman, J, 2018. 2nd Annual Faculty of Environmental Design Research Conference Proceedings. Refereed.  Calgary, AB. (Presenter)

Connecting an Urban Mosaic: Open Spaces and Sustainable Places of Belgrade | Burman, J, and S. Tsenkova, 2016. Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture and the CROSS-AMERICAS: Probing Disglobal Networks 2016 Conference Proceedings. Refereed. (Published) Santiago, Chile. (Presenter)

Evaluative Place-making of the Arts and Craft Movement: A Sustainability Framework | Burman, J, and B.R. Sinclair, 2015. Architectural Research Centers Consortium 2015 Conference Proceedings. ARCC 2015 Conference: Future of Architectural Research. Refereed. (Published) Chicago, IL (Presenter) 


Editing and literature assistance

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Photograph of Jeanette Burman


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