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Loren Falkenberg

  • Professor Emerita - Business
  • Faculty - Executive Education
  • Faculty [OBHR]

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Not currently teaching any courses.


Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources


Loren Falkenberg has been a professor in the Haskayne School of Business for over 30 years. Her Ph.D. is from the University of Illinois and her MBA is from Queen’s University. She has served as the Associate Dean Research and the Senior Associate Dean (Graduate and Professional Programs). In her role as the Senior Associate Dean she led the development of the Doctor of Business Administration and the Master of Management for the Haskayne School of Business. She is also an Academic Director for the Directors Education Program, offered through the Institute of Corporate Directors. She has facilitated strategic planning sessions for multiple organizations, and led the University of Calgary strategic planning process in 2011, and again in 2016. She received the Order of the University of Calgary for her work in the university’s strategic planning processes. She has published in academic and professional journals and won multiple research awards.

Loren’s research has been published in many leading journals, including Journal of Business EthicsAcademy of Management Review, Journal of Management and California Management Review. She has also written a textbook and published chapters in edited books. She has published a book with Elizabeth Cannon (President Emerita, University of Calgary) titled “Strategic University Management: Future Proofing Your Institution.”

In addition to her academic endeavors, Loren has consulted on corporate social responsibility programs and management of ethical issues for a number of companies, and acted as a facilitator for Boards and executive teams. She has also been a regular commentator on CBC on various issues in the Canadian business environment. 

Selected publications

Lu, H., Liu, X, & Falkenberg, L. (online June 9, 2020).  Investigating the impact of corporate social responsibility (CSR) on risk management practices. Business & Society. htps://
Balakrishnan, J., Malhotra, A. & Falkenberg, L.  (2017) Multi-level corporate responsibility: A comparison of Gandhi’s trusteeship with stakeholder and stewardship frameworks.  Journal of Business Ethics, 141 (1), 133-150.

Peloza, J. & Falkenberg, L. (2009). The role of collaboration in achieving corporate social responsibility objectives.  California Management Review, 51(3), 95-113.

Woiceshyn, J. & Falkenberg, L. (2008). Value Creation in Knowledge-Based Firms: Aligning Problems and Resources.  Academy of Management Perspectives, 22(2), 85-99. (Nominated as one of three best papers in 2008).

Falkenberg, L.E. and Herremans, I. (1995). Ethical behaviour in organizations: Directed by the formal or informal systems? Journal of Business Ethics,14, 133-143.

Falkenberg, L.  (1990). Improving the accuracy of stereotypes within the workplace.  Journal of Management, 16(1), 111-122.

Falkenberg, L. E.  (1987). Employee exercise programs and their impact on the employee and the organization. Academy of Management Review, 12,  511-522.


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