University of Calgary

Martin MacInnis

  • Associate Professor
  • Director - Mkin


Integrative physiological adjustments support the dramatically increased and sustained metabolic rates of contracting skeletal muscles during exercise. Accordingly, the capacities of the cardiovascular, hematological, and skeletal muscle systems to deliver, carry, and utilize O2, respectively, are directly related to an individual’s ability to perform exercise. The general plasticity of these physiological systems is well documented, but the mechanisms underpinning this plasticity are insufficiently characterized.

We are interested in how physiological systems respond to acute and chronic exercise stimuli to improve aerobic capacity and exercise tolerance and the factors that mediate these responses. Currently, we are interested in studying:

  1. The molecular and physiological mechanisms that regulate skeletal muscle mitochondria density and red blood cell volume in humans;
  2. The responsiveness of skeletal muscle mitochondria density and red blood cell volume to different exercise training stimuli (e.g., intensity, duration, frequency);
  3. The influence of hypoxia on acute and chronci responses to exercise; and
  4. The influence of biological sex on acute and chronic responses to exercise.

Recruiting Students

We are currently recruiting undergraduate and graduate students to join our research group! Specifically, we are recruiting:

  • Undergraduate students for Summer 2019
  • Undergraduate honours thesis students for Fall/Winter 2019
  • Graduate students to begin May-September 2019

Please email me to discuss your interest in joining our group.


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