University of Calgary

Matt Jordan

  • Assistant Professor
  • +1 (403) 202-6817

Short Bio

My primary research interests are assessing neuromuscular adaptations to resistance training in athletes with a special focus on knee injury prevention and optimizing rehabilitation to support return to performance after knee injuries are sustained. I employ whole body biomechanical and neuromuscular assessments to measure the effects of resistance training on basic muscle properties such as the force-velocity relationship and force-length relationship. Additional research interests include optimizing training workload for performance and injury prevention, assessing neuromuscular performance in speed/power athletes, and evaluating the physiological determinants of muscle strength and power for health and fitness. I work directly with Olympic-bound Canadian athletes at the Canadian Sport Institute Calgary where I serve as the Director of Sport Science. My position involves technical mentorship of high performance strength & conditioning coaches, directing research/innovation projects in our Strength and Power Laboratory, and leading a multi-disciplinary team of practitioners to optimize athlete performance.  

Research Interests

Exercise Physiology & Nutrition in Health & Sport:

Injury Prevention, Sport Medicine & Rehabilitation:

Curriculum Vitae


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