University of Calgary

ACSC 637 - Credibility Theory - Fall 2023

Limited fluctuation credibility; full and partial credibility; greatest accuracy credibility; Bayesian methodology; credibility premium; Buhlmann model; Buhlmann-Straub model; empirical Bayes method; bonus-malus system.
This course may not be repeated for credit.


  • H(3-0)


  • Actuarial Science 437 or Statistics 437 is strongly recommended as a prerequisite.


  • Actuarial Science 327; Statistics 323 or Mathematics 323; and one of Mathematics 311 or 313 or 353 or 367 or 375 or 381.


  • Credit for more than one of Actuarial Science 537, 637 and 533 will not be allowed.


This course will be offered next in Fall 2024.
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