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Michael Lamoureux

  • Professor Emeritus of Mathematics & Statistics
  • Mathematics

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Not currently teaching any courses.



Da Li (PhD)
Kieran Li (PhD)
RJ Vestrum (MSc)


Heather Hardeman (PhD - completed 2019)
Ebarhim Gandepour (PDF - completed 2018)
Hormoz Izadi (PhD - Geoscience, 2020)
Pooyan Shrivani Ghomi (PhD - completed 2015)
Ryan Hamilton (PDF - completed 2014)
Ben Wards (PhD - Geoscience)
Vladimir Zubov (PDF - completed 2014)


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Books and book chapters

  • G.F. Margrave, M.P. Lamoureux, Numerical Methods of Exploration Seismology, Cambridge University Press, 2019.
  • M.P. Lamoureux, Using Syzygy, an eBook on the use of the Syzygy computational service. Published online by PIMS., 2016.
  • P.C. Gibson, M.P. Lamoureux, G.F. Margrave, Representation of Linear Operators by Gabor Multipliers, in "Excursions in Harmonic Analysis: The February Fourier Talks at the Norbert Wiener Center," Applied and Numerical Harmonic Analysis, Birkhauser, 2013.
  • H. Feichtinger, B.Helffer, M. Lamoureux, N. Lerner, J. Toft, Pseudo-Differential Operators, Springer Lecture Notes in Mathematics, Vol 1949, 2008.

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