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Karoly Bezdek

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  • Tier l CRC-Comp Discrete Geom
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Research Interests

Academic Positions

Canada Research Chair (Tier 1) in Computational and Discrete Geometry, Director of CCDG, Professor

Karoly Bezdek is a professor as well as a Canada Research Chair (CRC Tier 1) of mathematics and the director of the Centre for Computational and Discrete Geometry (CCDG) at the University of Calgary in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He is a honorary professor of mathematics at the University of Pannonia in Veszprem, Hungary. His main research interests are in geometry in particular, in combinatorial, computational, convex, and discrete geometry. He has authored 3 books and more than 130 research papers. 

Editor-in-Chief of CDM

Karoly Bezdek is a founding Editor-in-Chief of the e-journal Contributions to Discrete Mathematics (CDM). CDM publishes research articles written in English in areas such as combinatorics and graph theory, discrete and computational geometry, discrete optimization and operations research, theoretical computer science, and coding and communication theory. For more info see

Supervision of Graduate Students and Summer Research Students

Karoly Bezdek's main field of research is combinatorial, computational, convex, and discrete geometry. His publications cover a number of topics including Packings; Coverings; Tilings; Hyperplane, Line, and Point Arrangements; Sphere Arrangements; Geometric Lattices; Rigidity and Flexibility; Geometric Graphs; Isoperimetric Inequalities; Convexity Structures; Convex Polytopes; Convex Bodies; Billiards in Convex Bodies; and Illumination of Convex Bodies. Finishing undergraduates (resp., M.Sc. students) with an interest in the broad area of combinatorial, computational, convex, and discrete geometry and its applications are welcome to apply for admission to the M.Sc. (resp., Ph.D.) graduate program of U of C under the supervision of Karoly Bezdek. 

Past and current supervision of research students at U of C.

Ph.D. students: Marton Naszodi (2003-2007), Peter Papez (2003-2009), Zsolt Langi (2004-2008), Mate Salat (2009), Ryan Trelford (2009-2014), Muhammad Ali Khan (2013-2017), Ilya Ivanov (2018-), Nathan Robock (2019-), Federico Firoozi (2023-)

M.Sc. students: Bouchra Sabbagh (2005-2007), Wes Maciejewski (2006-2007), Victoria Labute (2011-2014), Melanie Foerster (2014-2016), Michael Oliwa (2016-2018), Nathan Robock (2017-2019), Braden Strachan (2021-2023)

NSERC USRA students: Samuel Reid (May-August, 2012), Michael Oliwa (May-August, 2016), Heather Berringer (May-August, 2017), Braden Strachan (May-August, 2019), (May-August, 2020), (May-August, 2021)

Springer Festschrift - 2018

Discrete Geometry and Symmetry - K. Bezdek and E. Schulte Festschrift, Eds.: Marston D.E. Conder, Antoine Deza, and Asia Ivic-Weiss, Springer Proceedings in Mathematics and Statistics, Vol. 234, 2018, Pages 1-349.

Fejes Toth Lecture Series at U of C

Laszlo Fejes Toth (1915-2005) was a Hungarian mathematician specialized in geometry who is widely regarded as one of the founding fathers of the field Discrete Geometry that lies on the border line of mathematics and computer science. Karoly Bezdek started the Fejes Toth lecture series in 2009 honoring the legacy of Laszlo Fejes Toth. Every semester CCDG hosts a distinguished Fejes Toth speaker. For more details on the invited speakers and their talks see the website at 

Center for Computational and Discrete Geometry (CCDG)

The Center for Computational and Discrete Geometry (CCDG) was established at the Dept. of Math. and Stats. of the Univ. of Calgary in 2003. The major goals of CCDG are to maintain an active research program in the broad area of combinatorial, computational, convex, and discrete geometry including both theoretical research and applications of the theory to sciences and engineering. In addition, CCDG hosts visitors, special seminars, and lecture series (such as the Fejes Toth Lecture Series) to support the training of graduate students and to accomodate joint research work. Faculty researchers associated with CCDG include K. Bezdek, T. Bisztriczky, M. Cavers, T. Dihn, F. Fodor, C. Laflamme, J. Ling, M. Pouzet, B. Sands, N. Sauer, K. Seyffarth, and Y. Zinchenko. For more info see



Book Chapter

Journal Article

Curriculum Vitae


  • 2020 - Immigrant of Distinction Award for Lifetime Achievement - City of Calgary
  • 2019 - NSERC Discovery Grant - NSERC
  • 2018 - Springer Festschrift - Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics
  • 2017 - Canada Research Chair - Tier 1 - NSERC
  • 2017 - Life-Time Achievement Research Excellence Award - Faculty of Science - University of Calgary
  • 2016 - GREAT Supervisor Award - Faculty of Graduate Studies
  • 2015 - Fejes Toth Prize - The prize is administered by the University of Pannonia, Veszprem, Hungary
  • 2014 - NSERC Discovery Grant - NSERC
  • 2010 - Canada Research Chair - Tier 1 - NSERC
  • 2009 - NSERC Discovery Grant - NSERC
  • 2004 - NSERC Discovery Grant - NSERC
  • 2003 - Canada Research Chair - Tier 1 - NSERC
  • 2001 - Hertz-Foundation Research Award and Scholarship, - Hertz-Foundation
  • 1998 - Szechenyi Professor - Hungarian government


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