University of Calgary

Research Interests


Abelian and non-abelian latticesW.E. Couch
Bayesian Statistics and ComputationDavid Scollnik, Uthmani Ambawattage, Tianxia Jia, Thierry Chekouo , Rob Deardon
Markov Chain Monte Carlo and Related Simulation MethodsDavid Scollnik, Michael Cavers, Kris Vasudevan, Thierry Chekouo , Rob Deardon
Application of bootstrap techniques to approximate unknown limit distributionsMurray Burke
Applications to medicine and healthcare, optimal radiation therapy designYuriy Zinchenko
Assessment of diagnostic testsAlexander de Leon
Asymptotic theory for goodness-of-fit-type statisticsMurray Burke
Bayesian statistics and its applicationsThierry Chekouo
Biomedical applications of mathematicsAntony Ware
Chromatic number problems and Ramsey propertiesRobert Woodrow
Coding TheoryHa Tran
Complex networkQi Guo
Continuum MechanicsBen Aggarwala
Control TheoryJinniao Qiu
ConvexityKaroly Bezdek
Copula modelsAlexander de Leon
Covers for curvesJonathan Schaer
Cutsets and fibres in partial ordersBill Sands
Decision theory: investigation of optimal strategies in sequential decision problems extended to multiple players and the problem is reformulated in terms of game theoryErnest Enns
Degenerate Elliptic EquationsCristian Rios
Delay differential equationsElena Braverman
Delay equations of population dynamicsElena Braverman
Development of convex d-polytopes whose facial structure is determined by a total ordering of verticesTed Bisztriczky
Differential equations of an unusual type, e.g. containing discontinuous or set-valued right hand sides, with application to control theoryPaul Binding
Differential topology, the span of smooth manifoldsPeter Zvengrowski
Discrete MathematicsMichael Cavers, Mike Stone, Ryan Morrill
Diverse problems of linear algebra and its applications, perturbation theoryPeter Lancaster
Edge colouring in graphsBill Sands
Eigenvalue ProblemsKris Vasudevan
Eigenvalue problems of an unusual type, e.g. containing several parameters, or of indefinite type; sample problems include oscillation of eigenfunctions, variational principles and asymptotics.Paul Binding
e-Learning systemsClaude Laflamme
Emperical processGemai Chen
Empirical likelihoodXuewen Lu
EndomorphismsMike Stone
Energy ModelingAnatoliy Swishchuk
Enumeration in partial orders and latticesBill Sands
Equations with distributed delayElena Braverman
Estimating functions and estimating equationsAlexander de Leon
Evolutionary EquationsCristian Rios
Extreme-value analysisGemai Chen
Functional data analysisThierry Chekouo
Functional data analysis methods applied to human gait.Peter Ehlers
Function theoryPeter Zvengrowski
Fundamental groups of compact Kahler manifoldsAlex Brudnyi
Generalized linear/additive models and mixed modelsXuewen Lu
Generalized Linear ModelsHua Shen, Kris Vasudevan
Geometric Analysis and RigidityKaroly Bezdek
Global bounds on asymptotic bias and gross errors sensitivityJohn Collins
Global properties of closed curves and surfacesJonathan Schaer
Goodness of fitGemai Chen, Claudia Mahler
Graph theoryDavoud Abdi , Michael Cavers, Claude Laflamme, Kris Vasudevan, Richard Guy, Norbert Sauer
Graph theory, map colouringsPeter Zvengrowski
Hardware devicesHugh Williams
High dimensional data analysis, survival analysisGemai Chen
High Performance Computing and Scientific ComputationWenyuan Liao
HIV/AIDSBen Aggarwala
Homogeneous structures and their applications to infinite group actionsRobert Woodrow
Homological algebraKristine Bauer
Identities in Transformation MonoidsMike Stone
Impulsive equationsElena Braverman
Integrable SystemsW.E. Couch
Inverse modeling & Indudstrial applications(particularly, oil reservoir simulation)Wenyuan Liao
Joint modelsAlexander de Leon
K-theoryB. Brenken
Laplace sequenceW.E. Couch
Limit cycles and the distribution of zeros of families of analytic functionsAlex Brudnyi
Local inequalities for holomorphic and plurisubharmonic functionsAlex Brudnyi
Logistic equationsElena Braverman
Markovs inequality on sets with cusps and its relation to other phenomenon such as Sobolev-type inequalities and the extension of C (infinity) functionsLen Bos
Mathematical CryptologyRenate Scheidler
Mathematical GeophysicsMichael Cavers
Mathematical ModelingKris Vasudevan, Qi Guo
Mathematics EducationMike Stone, Michael Cavers, Claudia Mahler
Maximal ideals of the space of bounded analytic functions and matrix-valued corona theoremAlex Brudnyi
Methods for correlated dataAlexander de Leon
Minimax asymptotic variance theoryJohn Collins
Minimum distance estimationBowei Ding
Minimum energy problems for musculoskeletal models.Paul Binding
Mixed effects modelsAlexander de Leon
Mixture modelsBowei Ding, Na Zhang
Modelling Biological SystemsHui Huang, Rob Deardon
Models for mixed discrete and continuous outcomesAlexander de Leon
Monge-Ampere EquationsCristian Rios
Multi-state modelsKaren Kopciuk
My research interests are in the general areas of global Analysis and Differential Geometry, and more specifically in applications of modern analysis to questions in Hamiltonian mechanics and Differential GeometryLarry Bates
Noncommutative rings, especially classes of exchange ringsW. Keith Nicholson
Non-linear time series modelling of environmental changesGemai Chen
Numerical analysisMohammed Aiffa, Antony Ware
Numerical Methods for PDEWenyuan Liao
Numerical solution of partial differential equationsYicheng Wu
Numerical Solution of PDEsMd Hasib Uddin Molla
Numerical solution of unsteady convection-diffusion problemsAntony Ware
ODEsCody Lennon Holder
Operations researchErnest Enns, Yuriy Zinchenko, Deniz Sezer, Jinniao Qiu
Operations research, optimization algorithms and softwareYuriy Zinchenko
Operator AlgebrasRyan Hamilton, B. Brenken
Ordered sets and applicationsRobert Woodrow
Ordinary and Partial Differential EquationsBen Aggarwala
Parametric & Non-parametric regressionGemai Chen
Partially ordered setsNorbert Sauer
Population BiologyBen Aggarwala
Probability TheoryDeniz Sezer, JIANG LI
Pseudo- and composite likelihood methodsAlexander de Leon
Quality ControlGemai Chen
Quasilinear and Fully Nonlinear Partial Differential EquationsCristian Rios, Jinniao Qiu
Ramsey theoryNorbert Sauer
Reduction theoryLarry Bates
Regression/Logistic regression modelsClaudia Mahler
Relational structuresNorbert Sauer, Davoud Abdi
Reliability TheoryXuewen Lu, Wenjun Jiang
Renewal Risk ProcessesRohana Ambagaspitiya
Robust estimation theory for location, scale and regression modelsJohn Collins
Sample surveyGemai Chen
Scientific parallel computing and high-performance linear algebraYuriy Zinchenko
Seismic Inversion & ApplicationsWenyuan Liao, Yicheng Wu
Set theoryClaude Laflamme, Norbert Sauer, Davoud Abdi
Spectral methods of numerical analysisMd Hasib Uddin Molla
Statistical geneticsJiayI Bian, Karen Kopciuk
Statistical problems in medicineAlexander de Leon
Stochastic CalculusQi Guo, Hui Huang, Jinniao Qiu
Stochastic geometry; distributions of the lengths of random secants and rays in n-dimensional convex regions generated in one region and terminating in another;Ernest Enns
Stochastic Orders and Dependence StructuresWenjun Jiang
Study of clean rings and their relationship to unit regular and stable ringsW. Keith Nicholson
Survival analysisJIANG LI, Karen Kopciuk
Survival analysis and randomly censored dataMurray Burke, Xuewen Lu
Tangent categoriesFlorian Schwarz
Tangential Markov/Bernstein inequalities on manifoldsLen Bos
Tests for semi-parametric modelsMurray Burke
The analysis of numerical methods relevant to spectral and factorization problems for matrix and operator functions stimulated by problems in the theory of vibrations, systems theory and controlPeter Lancaster
Theoretical physics, relativistic kink theoryPeter Zvengrowski
Theory of homogeneous structuresClaude Laflamme, Norbert Sauer
Theory of Relations (a branch of model theory in mathematical logic, and its applications to combinatorics)Robert Woodrow, Davoud Abdi
The profile of a relational structure and the spectra of agesRobert Woodrow
The solution of linear and nonlinear equations in matrices and operators.Peter Lancaster
Time SeriesKris Vasudevan
Topology of 3-manifoldsPeter Zvengrowski
Universal algebraNorbert Sauer
WaveletsAntony Ware
We are continuing the study of Hamiltonian systems with nonholonomic constraints.Larry Bates
Weighted splines and minimum norm networksLen Bos

Actuarial Science

Actuarial AnalysisMohanaGowri Arumugam
Actuarial ScienceSang Jin Kang, Wenjun Jiang, David Scollnik, Alexandru Badescu, MohanaGowri Arumugam

Applied Probability and Applied Statistics

Actuarial StatisticsAna Roldan Contreras
Applications of StatisticsThierry Chekouo , Claudia Mahler
Modeling of wind and solar energyMaryam Mahmoudi Gharaie, Alex Cameron, Tianxia Jia, Deniz Sezer
Spatio-temporal processesDeniz Sezer, Tianxia Jia


AlgebraJustin Desrochers
D-modulesJustin Desrochers, Thomas Bitoun
Linear AlgebraKeira Gunn, Michael Cavers, Justin Desrochers
Morphic and quasi-morphic ringsW. Keith Nicholson
Stable and unit-regular modulesW. Keith Nicholson

Topology and Algebraic Geometry

Algebraic and Arithmetic GeometryClifton Cunningham, Thomas Bitoun, Alex Cameron
Algebraic topology and homotopy theoryKristine Bauer, Florian Schwarz, Alex Cameron, Rachel Hardeman
Calculus of functorsKristine Bauer
category theoryFlorian Schwarz
Infinity Category TheoryFlorian Schwarz

Number Theory

Algebraic Number TheoryCole Priestman, Edgar Pacheco Castan, Keira Gunn, Ryan Morrill, Ha Tran, Mark Bauer
Algorithmic Number TheoryRenate Scheidler, Ha Tran
Computational Number TheoryMark Bauer, Keira Gunn, Su Min Leem, Hugh Williams, Ryan Morrill, Pedro Sobrevilla Moreno
Diophantine equations (polynomial-exponential equations and the use of restricted irrationality measures)Mark Bauer
Elementary number theoryKeira Gunn
Langlands ProgrammeJerrod Smith, Clifton Cunningham, Alex Cameron
Number TheoryRichard Guy, Keira Gunn, Edgar Pacheco Castan, Pedro Sobrevilla Moreno
Representation theory of p-adic groupsJerrod Smith, Alex Cameron

Mathematical Finance

Algorithmic TradingAnatoliy Swishchuk
Computational financeAntony Ware, Ana Roldan Contreras
Derivatives Pricing and HedgingSarath Kumar Jayaraman
Electricity PricingLeonard Olien
Finance time series analysisAlexandru Badescu
Financial & Economic model building and forecastingGemai Chen, Alexandru Badescu
Financial mathematicsMyles Sjogren, Alexandru Badescu, Qi Guo
Financial MathematicsMd Hasib Uddin Molla, Ana Roldan Contreras
financial mathematics; biomathematics; random evolutions and their applications; stochastic calculusElizabeth Ofori
Financial modeling in energy marketsLeonard Olien, Elizabeth Ofori
Marked point process for modelling credit default riskElizabeth Ofori
Mathematical financeElizabeth Ofori
Mathematical financeDavid Scollnik, Deniz Sezer, Jinniao Qiu
mathematical finance; biomathematics; risk theory; random evolutions and their applications; stochastic calculus;Anatoliy Swishchuk
Portfolio OptimizationJinniao Qiu
Portfolio OptimizationMd Hasib Uddin Molla, Ana Roldan Contreras
Renewable EnergyLeonard Olien
stochastic differential equationsLeonard Olien
Stochastic Optimal ControlJinniao Qiu, Md Hasib Uddin Molla


Algorithms and ComplexityKeira Gunn
CryptographyCole Priestman, Ha Tran
Cryptography and Network SecurityKeira Gunn
Elliptic and Hyperelliptic Curve Cryptography.Su Min Leem
Elliptic CurvesRyan Morrill
Function fields and their applications in cryptographySu Min Leem, Mark Bauer


Analysis and Partial Differential EquationsYicheng Wu
Analysis and Partial Differential EquationsCristian Rios, Jinniao Qiu, Heather Hardeman-Vooys
C*-algebrasB. Brenken, Michael Lamoureux
C*-dynamical systemsMichael Lamoureux, B. Brenken
Difference equations, dynamical systemsHui Huang
Functional analysisB. Brenken, Michael Lamoureux
Noncommutative GeometryMichael Lamoureux
Non-self-adjoint operator algebrasMichael Lamoureux
Stochastic Partial Differential EquationsJinniao Qiu
Topological directed graphsB. Brenken


Analysis of Recurrent EventsHua Shen
BioinformaticsRob Deardon, Thierry Chekouo
BiostatisticsXuewen Lu, Thierry Chekouo , Rob Deardon
Disease SurveillanceRob Deardon
Incomplete DataEmir Sevinc
Incomplete DataHua Shen
Infectious disease epidemiologyRob Deardon
Latent VariablesMatthew Adams
Latent VariablesHua Shen
Longitudinal Data AnalysisHua Shen
MetabolomicsKaren Kopciuk
Mixture ModelsHua Shen
Statistical GeneticsBowei Ding
Surival AnalysisEmir Sevinc, Hua Shen

Industrial Mathematics

Application of Mathematics to Health and MedicineKris Vasudevan
Computational Methods for Inverse ProblemWenyuan Liao
Mathematical modelling and the application of mathematics, especially perturbation and numerical methods, to industrial problemsWenyuan Liao, Rex Westbrook
Mathematical OptimizationMd Hasib Uddin Molla
Modern Theory of Deep LearningYicheng Wu
Scientific Machine LearningYicheng Wu

Combinatorics, Geometry and Logic

Art and GeometryAlex Cameron
Combinatorial GamesRichard Guy
Combinatorial GeometryRichard Guy, Karoly Bezdek
CombinatoricsDavoud Abdi , Keira Gunn, Michael Cavers
Combinatorics and Graph TheoryKaren Seyffarth, Rachel Hardeman, Kris Vasudevan
Differential GeometryKaroly Bezdek
distinguishing colouringKaren Seyffarth
Enumerative CombinatoricsRichard Guy
GeometryMike Stone
graph reconfiguration problemsKaren Seyffarth
Hyperbolic and Spherical GeometryKaroly Bezdek
Stochastic geometry problems and applications to stereology.Peter Ehlers


Bayesian inferenceMatthew Adams
Big data and high-dimensional data analysisXuewen Lu
Causal InferenceHua Shen, Emir Sevinc
ClassificationJingjing Wu
Data mining and statistical computingXuewen Lu
Data reduction and single-index modelsXuewen Lu
Ecological StatisticsRob Deardon
Efficiency and robustnessJingjing Wu
Experimental DesignRob Deardon
Feature selectionJingjing Wu
High-Dimensional Data AnalysisThierry Chekouo
Machine LearningAlexandru Badescu, Uthmani Ambawattage, Jinniao Qiu, Heather Hardeman-Vooys, Matthew Adams
Minimum distance estimationJingjing Wu
Mixture modelsJingjing Wu
Non/semi-parametric modelsJingjing Wu
Regression modelsJingjing Wu
Scholarship of Teaching and LearningRyan Morrill, Bingrui (Cindy) Sun, Keira Gunn
Semiparametric and Nonparametric StatisticsNa Zhang, Sang Jin Kang, Xuewen Lu
Statistical computingUthmani Ambawattage
Statistical consultingHua Shen, Gemai Chen
Statistical Distribution TheorySang Jin Kang
Statistical geneticsJingjing Wu
Statistical inferenceUthmani Ambawattage
Statistical LearningRob Deardon
Statistical LearningHua Shen
Structural Equation ModelingClaudia Mahler
Survival analysisJingjing Wu

General Relativity

Black holesW.E. Couch
CosmologyW.E. Couch
General relativityCody Lennon Holder
Gravitational RadiationW.E. Couch
Integrable SubsystemsW.E. Couch

Mathematical Physics

Completely positive mapsB. Brenken
Differential SpacesJedrzej Sniatycki
Geometric quantizationJedrzej Sniatycki
Hamiltonian mechanicsJedrzej Sniatycki
Multisymplectic systemsJedrzej Sniatycki
Non-holonomic constraintsJedrzej Sniatycki
Symplectic geometryJedrzej Sniatycki
Topological quantum field theoriesFlorian Schwarz
Yang-Mills theoryJedrzej Sniatycki

Computational Discrete Geometry

Discrete GeometryJoseph Ling, Karoly Bezdek, Ilya Ivanov, Ted Bisztriczky
Erdos-Szekeres Type ProblemsTed Bisztriczky
Hyperplane SeparationsTed Bisztriczky
TransversalsTed Bisztriczky


Dynamical SystemsKris Vasudevan
Jupyter notebooks for teaching and researchMichael Lamoureux
Mathematics of wave propagation and seismic imagingHeather Hardeman-Vooys, Michael Lamoureux
Numerical methods and applications to geophysicsWenyuan Liao, Michael Lamoureux
Numerical PDEsMichael Lamoureux

Quantum Information Science

Foundations of Quantum MechanicsGilad Gour, Carlo Maria Scandolo
Quantum EntanglementAlex Cameron, Mark Girard
Quantum foundationsAlex Cameron
Quantum InformationAlex Cameron, Carlo Maria Scandolo, Mark Girard
Quantum Information ScienceGilad Gour, Carlo Maria Scandolo
Quantum resource theoriesCarlo Maria Scandolo
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