University of Calgary

Publications - 1964


Algebraic topology

Narasimhan, M. S., Ramanan, S., Sridharan, R. and Varadarajan, Kalathoor

Algorithms for lambda-matrices

Lancaster, Peter

Bounds for latent roots in damped vibration problems

Lancaster, Peter

Convergence of the {N}ewton-{R}aphson method for arbitrary polynomials

Lancaster, Peter

Note on a paper of {T}suzuku

Farahat, Hanafi K.

On eigenvalues of matrices dependent on a parameter

Lancaster, Peter

On the limiting distribution of some statistics proposed for tests of hypotheses

Consul, Prem C.

The torsional rigidity of tubes of constant normal thickness

Westbrook, Rex

Torsion of an isotropic elastic cylinder with semipolygonal cross-section

Dhaliwal, Ranjit S. and Chowdhury, K. L.
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