University of Calgary

Publications - 1971


A computer algorithm for determining the solution of the {D}iophantine equation {$x\sp{4}-dy\sp{4}=1$}

Beach, B. D. and Williams, Hugh

A generalization of a theorem of {T}ur\'an

Sauer, Norbert

A generalized negative binomial distribution

Jain, G. C. and Consul, Prem C.

An algorithm for determining certain large primes

Williams, Hugh

A note on cobordism

Varadarajan, Kalathoor

Blocking sets in finite projective planes

Bruen, Aiden

Computation of the solutions of the {D}iophantine equation {$x\sp{3}+dy\sp{3}=1$}

Williams, Hugh and Zarnke, C. R.

Existence of quadrature formulae with almost equal weights

Salkauskas, Kes

Generalized inverse and its applications in classical normal multivariate regression theory

Wani, Jagannath and Kabe, D. G.

Interim report on aliquot series

Guy, Richard and Selfridge, J. L.

Latest results on crossing numbers

Guy, Richard

{$L$}-splines for constant coefficient differential operators

Schmidt, Eckard and Lancaster, Peter

On a class of biharmonic random boundary value problems

Gopalsamy, K. and Aggarwala, Ben

On application of a certain formula

Wani, Jagannath

On certain forms of {F}ibonacci numbers

Gryte, D. G., Kingsley, R. A. and Williams, Hugh

On the maximal number of edges in graphs with a given number of edge-disjoint triangles

Sauer, Norbert

Partial spreads and replaceable nets

Bruen, Aiden

Perturbations of nonlinear differential equations

Chang, Kok Wah

Primality testing with application to small machines

Selfridge, J. L. and Guy, Richard

Radiation scattering in Einstein-Maxwell theory

Couch, W.E. and Hallidy, W. H.

Reply to {M}. {J}. {B}eckmann's ``{N}ote on: {T}he optimum strategy for choosing the maximum of {$N$} independent random variables''

Enns, Ernest

Series convergence on boolean algebras

Nosal, Miloslav

Series Convergence on Boolean Algebras,

Nosal, Miloslav

Singular integral equations formulation of boundary value problems in micropolar theory of elasticity

Khan, S. M. and Dhaliwal, Ranjit S.

Skew linear vector fields on spheres

Zvengrowski, Peter

Some computer results on periodic continued fractions

Beach, B. D. and Williams, Hugh

Some computer results on units in quadratic and cubic fields

Beach, B. D., Williams, Hugh and Zarnke, C. R.

Some properties of the general {L}ucas polynomials

Williams, Hugh

Some questions in the classical theory of vibrating systems

Lancaster, Peter

Studie zur kombinatorischen {G}eometrie zentralsymmetrischer {E}ik\"orper

Hadwiger, Hugo and Schaer, Jonathan

The largest number of edges of a graph such that not more than {$g$}\ intersect in a point or more than {$n$} are independent

Sauer, Norbert

Unsolved combinatorial problems

Guy, Richard
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