University of Calgary

Publications - 1973


A generalization of the {P}oisson distribution

Consul, Prem C. and Jain, G. C.

Algebraically special perturbations of the {S}chwarzschild metric

Couch, W.E. and Newman, E. T.

Almost-interpolatory {C}hebyshev quadrature

Salkauskas, Kes

Almost-interpolatory \v {C}eby\v sev quadrature on {$[-1,\,1]$}

Salkauskas, Kes

A smooth and unified proof of cases {$6$}, {$5$} and {$3$} of the {R}ingel-{Y}oungs theorem

Guy, Richard and Youngs, J. W. T.

A theorem in elementary geometry

Guy, Richard

A theorem on permutations of a finite field

Bruen, Aiden and Levinger, B.

Blocking sets, {$k$}-arcs and nets of order ten

Bruen, Aiden and Fisher, J. C.

Computer calculation of units in cubic fields

Williams, Hugh and Zarnke, C. R.

Computer solution of the {D}iophantine equation {$x\sp{2}-dy\sp{4}=-1$}

Williams, Hugh and Zarnke, C. R.

Correction to: ``{T}he decision process for maximizing the probability of obtaining the random variable nearest to an arbitrary real number'' ({A}nn. {M}ath. {S}tatist. {\bf 41} (1970), 1466-1471)

Enns, Ernest

Crossing number problems

Erd{\H{o}}s, P. and Guy, Richard

Distributions of linear functions of ordered rectangular variates

Wani, Jagannath and Kabe, D. G.

Irrational numbers

Jones, James P. and Toporowski, S.

On a {M}onte {C}arlo method for biharmonic boundary value problems

Gopalsamy, K. and Aggarwala, Ben

On bivariate {L}agrange and {B}orel-{T}anner distributions and their use in queueing theory

Shenton, L. R. and Consul, Prem C.

On {C}oddington and {L}evinson's results for a nonlinear boundary value problem involving a small parameter

Chang, Kok Wah

On some interesting properties of the generalized {P}oisson distribution

Consul, Prem C. and Jain, G. C.

On the factorization of the complete graph

Sauer, Norbert and Schaer, Jonathan

On the multivariate generalization of the family of discrete {L}agrange distributions

Consul, Prem C. and Shenton, L. R.

Pathology of invariant sets in the monkey saddle

Rod, David L.

Rings whose elements are quasi-regular or regular

Nicholson, W. Keith

Semiperfect rings with abelian group of units

Nicholson, W. Keith

Some interesting properties of {L}agrangian distributions

Consul, Prem C. and Shenton, L. R.

Some results for the inverse {G}aussian process

Wani, Jagannath and Kabe, D. G.

Tables for two normal-scores rank tests for the two-sample location problem,

Sidak, Z. and Nosal, Miloslav

The crossing number of the complement of a circuit

Guy, Richard and Hill, Anthony

The nesting and roosting habits of the laddered parenthesis

Guy, Richard and Selfridge, J. L.

The number lines determined by {$n\sp{2}$} points

Bruen, Aiden

The numerical solution of singular integral equations

Majumdar, Samir R.

The theorems of {C}hasles and {S}egre

Bruen, Aiden
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