University of Calgary

Publications - 1984


Acid Deposition Near a Sour Gas Plant in Southwestern Alberta

Nosal, Miloslav, Dufour, C. M.L., Chapman, B. and Lore, J. A.

Admissible groups, symmetric factor sets, and simple algebras

Mollin, Richard

A mixed variational inequality boundary iteration method for some free boundary problems

Westbrook, Rex

An analogue of the nearest integer continued fraction for certain cubic irrationalities

Williams, Hugh and Dueck, G. W.

An overview of factoring

Williams, Hugh

A property of arcs of order {$n$} in {${\bf R}\sb{n}$}

Bisztriczky, Ted and Scherk, P.

A sign characteristic for selfadjoint rational matrix functions

Gohberg, I., Lancaster, Peter and Rodman, L.

Boundary and angular layer behavior in singularly perturbed semilinear systems

Chang, Kok Wah and Liu, G. X.

Central closures and Morita contexts

Nicholson, W. Keith and Watters, J. F.

Concentric subgraphs, closed subsets and dense graphs

Koh, K. M. and Sauer, Norbert

Conformal invariance under spatial inversion of extreme {R}eissner-{N}ordstr\"om black holes

Couch, W.E. and Torrence, R. J.

Corrigenda: ``Class numbers and a generalized Fermat theorem''

Mollin, Richard

Corrigenda: ``On the cyclotomic polynomial'' [J. Number Theory f 17 (1983), no. 2, 165-175; MR 85c:11102]

Mollin, Richard

{$C\sp{1}$} splines for interpolation of rapidly varying data

Salkauskas, Kes

Density and failure rate estimation in a competing risks model

Burke, Murray and Horv{\'a}th, Lajos

Eigenvectors of {$H$}-selfadjoint matrices

Lancaster, Peter and R{\'o}zsa, P.

Eine hinreichende {B}edingung f\"ur die \"{U}berdeckung des {E}inheitsw\"urfels durch homothetische {E}xemplare im {$n$}-dimensionalen euklidischen {R}aum

Bezdek, Andras and Bezdek, Karoly

Existence conditions for eigenvalue problems generated by compact multiparameter operators

Binding, Paul, Browne, Patrick and Turyn, Lawrence

Factored forms for solutions of {$AX-XB=C$} and {$X-AXB=C$} in companion matrices

Lancaster, Peter, Lerer, L. and Tismenetsky, M.

Factoring on a computer

Williams, Hugh

Finite cutsets and finite antichains

Sauer, Norbert and Woodrow, Robert

Fundamental theorem of projective geometry

Sarath, B. and Varadarajan, Kalathoor

Generating fields from data on {${\scr H}\sp{-}\cup {\scr H}\sp{+}$} and {${\scr H}\sp{-}\cup {\scr I}\sp{-}$}

Torrence, R. J. and Couch, W.E.

Hitting spheres with straight-line motion or {B}rownian motion

Enns, Ernest, Smith, B. R. and Ehlers, Peter

Indicial equivalents of multiparameter definiteness conditions in finite dimensions

Binding, Paul

Inflectional convex space curves

Bisztriczky, Ted

k-saturated graphs of prescribed maximum degree

Hanson, Denis and Seyffarth, Karen

Maximum likelihood estimation for the generalized {P}oisson distribution

Consul, Prem C. and Shoukri, M. M.

Minimal cyclotomic splitting fields for group characters

Mollin, Richard

Multiparameter {S}turm theory

Binding, Paul and Browne, Patrick

Nonlinear singular perturbation phenomena: theory and applications

Chang, Kok Wah and Howes, F. A.

Nonparallelizability of {G}rassmann manifolds

Trew, S. and Zvengrowski, Peter

Nonuniform right definiteness

Binding, Paul

Normal form for {H}amiltonian vectorfields with periodic flows

Cushman, Richard

On some dual integral equations

Nasim, Cyril and Aggarwala, Ben

On the distributions of order statistics for a random sample size

Consul, Prem C.

On the generalized heat equation

Nasim, Cyril and Aggarwala, Ben

Perturbation and bifurcation of nonsingular multiparametric eigenvalues

Binding, Paul

Projective approximations

Varadarajan, Kalathoor

Reduced canonical formalism for a particle with zero angular momentum

Bos, Len and Gotay, Mark J.

Register Machine proof of the Theorem on Exponential Diophantine representation of Enumerable sets

Jones, James P. and Matiyasevich, Yuri V.

Representations and automorphisms of the irrational rotation algebra

Brenken, B.

Singular perturbation of nonlinear boundary value problems

Chang, Kok Wah and Lin, Zong

Spectral properties of compact multiparameter operators

Binding, Paul, Browne, Patrick and Turyn, Lawrence

The inertia of a {H}ermitian pencil

Binding, Paul
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