University of Calgary

Publications - 1987


A definiteness test for {H}ankel matrices and their lower submatrices

Koltracht, I. and Lancaster, Peter

Affinely embeddable convex sets

Bisztriczky, Ted and Schaer, J.

Alexander {M}. {O}strowski, 1893-1986

Lancaster, Peter

An existence and monotonicity theorem for the discrete algebraic matrix {R}iccati equation

Lancaster, Peter, Ran, A. C. M. and Rodman, L.

Arcs and blocking sets. {II}

Bruen, Aiden and Silverman, Robert

A uniqueness theorem for compressible micropolar flows

Easwaran, C. V. and Majumdar, Samir R.

Class number one criteria for real quadratic fields. I

Mollin, Richard

Class number one criteria for real quadratic fields. II

Mollin, Richard

Class numbers of quadratic fields determined by solvability of Diophantine equations

Mollin, Richard

Compact packings in the {E}uclidean space

Bezdek, Karoly

Conditions for the unique solvability of the {C}auchy problem with impulse actions

Braverman, Elena

Densest packing of small number of congruent spheres in polyhedra

Bezdek, Karoly

Dual integral equations involving {L}egendre functions of complex index

Dhaliwal, Ranjit S. and Singh, B. M.

Effective primality tests for some integers of the forms {$A5\sp n-1$} and {$A7\sp n-1$}

Williams, Hugh

Elliptic multiparameter eigenvalue problems

Binding, Paul and Seddighi, K.

Erratum: ``{E}stimation of influence functions'' [{S}tatist.\ {P}robab.\ {L}ett.\ {\bf 4} (1986), no.\ 2, 81-85; \refmr {MR}0829438 (87f:62058)\endrefmr]

Burke, Murray and Horv{\'a}th, L.

Fixed points of products and the strong fixed point property

Duffus, Dwight and Sauer, Norbert

Independence tests for randomly censored bivariate data

Burke, Murray

Indigenous relations in categories of sets

Sauer, Norbert and Stone, Mike

Invariant theory and normal form of {H}amiltonian vectorfields with nilpotent linear part

Cushman, Richard and Sanders, Jan A.

Inverse eigenvalue problems for damped vibrating systems

Lancaster, Peter and Maroulas, J.

Linear complexity parallel algorithms for linear systems of equations with recursive structure

Gohberg, I., Kailath, T., Koltracht, I. and Lancaster, Peter

Linearly related plane convex sets

Bisztriczky, Ted and Schaer, Jonathan

Lower bounds for class numbers of real quadratic and biquadratic fields

Mollin, Richard

Nilpotent normal form in dimension {$4$}

Cushman, Richard and Sanders, Jan A.

On a multiperson time-sequential game with priorities

Enns, Ernest and Ferenstein, E. Z.

On an example of {Z}iglin in {H}amiltonian dynamics

Rod, David L.

On nonsquare powerful numbers

Mollin, Richard and Walsh, P. G.

On permutation polynomials over finite fields

Mollin, Richard and Small, C.

On principal ideal testing in algebraic number fields

Buchmann, Johannes and Williams, Hugh

On principal ideal testing in totally complex quartic fields and the determination of certain cyclotomic constants

Buchmann, Johannes and Williams, Hugh

On root vectors of selfadjoint pencils

Binding, Paul and Seddighi, K.

On the Algebra and Arithmetic of Cubic Forms and Cubic Number Fields (in German)

Scheidler, Renate

On the average number of neighbors in a spherical packing of congruent circles

Bezdek, Karoly, Connelly, R. and Kertesz, G. in Intuitive geometry (Si\'ofok, 1985)

On the centroids of convex solids of revolution

Bezdek, A. and Bezdek, Karoly

On the classification of noncommutative tori. {III}

Brenken, B., Cuntz, Joachim, Elliott, George A. and Nest, Ryszard

On the insolubility of a class of Diophantine equations and the nontriviality of the class numbers of related real quadratic fields of Richaud-Degert type

Mollin, Richard

On the matrix {$[\vert x\sb i-x\sb j\vert \sp 3]$} and the cubic spline continuity equations

Bos, Len and Salkauskas, Kes

On the parallel generation of the residues for the continued fraction factoring algorithm

Williams, Hugh and Wunderlich, M. C.

On the solution of reaction-diffusion equations with double diffusivity

Aggarwala, Ben and Nasim, Cyril

On unit solutions of the equation {$xyz=x+y+z$} in the ring of integers of a quadratic field

Mollin, Richard, Small, C., Varadarajan, Kalathoor and Walsh, P. G.

Orbiting dust under radiation pressure

Meer, J. and Cushman, Richard

Primes at a glance

Guy, Richard, Lacampagne, C. B. and Selfridge, J. L.

Rational preemptive scheduling

Sauer, Norbert and Stone, Mike

Recent work on the parallelizability of flag manifolds

Zvengrowski, Peter

Second order parallel algorithms for {F}redholm integral equations with continuous displacement kernels

Gohberg, I., Koltracht, I. and Lancaster, Peter

Six phases for the eight-lambdas and eight-deltas configurations

Guy, Richard

Some examples in projective convexity

Bisztriczky, Ted

Some explicit upper bounds on the class number and regulator of a cubic field with negative discriminant

Barrucand, Pierre, Loxton, John and Williams, Hugh

Some remarks on pseudo-mitotic groups

Varadarajan, Kalathoor

Spatial and Historical Trends in Acidic Deposition: A Graphical Intersite Comparison, , Vol , No. 3, 1987

Nosal, Miloslav

Spectral properties of two-parameter eigenvalue problems. {II}

Binding, Paul and Browne, Patrick

Splitting algorithm for nilpotent normal forms

Cushman, Richard and Sanders, Jan A.

Stable parallelizability of partially oriented flag manifolds

Zvengrowski, Peter

The power of powerful numbers

Mollin, Richard

The thinnest holding-lattice of a set

Bezdek, Karoly

The uniform distribution group of a commutative ring

Greenfield, G. R. and Mollin, Richard
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