University of Calgary

Publications - 1988


A characterization of extendible lattices

Sauer, Norbert and Stone, Mike

A conjecture of {S}. {C}howla via the generalized {R}iemann hypothesis

Mollin, Richard and Williams, Hugh

A correction to and improvement of: ``{S}trong approximations of some biometric estimates under random censorship'' [{Z}. {W}ahrsch.\ {V}erw.\ {G}ebiete {\bf 56} (1981), no.\ 1, 87-112; \refmr {MR}0612162 (83a:62102)\endrefmr]

Burke, Murray, Cs{\"o}rg{\H{o}}, S and Horv{\'a}th, Lajos

Affinely embeddable convex bodies

Bisztriczky, Ted

A key-exchange system based on imaginary quadratic fields

Buchmann, Johannes and Williams, Hugh

An almost-sure approximation of a multivariate product-limit estimator under random censorship

Burke, Murray

A note on the primality of {$6\sp {2\sp n}+1$} and {$10\sp {2\sp n}+1$}

Williams, Hugh

A note on the ten-neighbour packings of equal balls

Bezdek, A. and Bezdek, Karoly

An upper bound for families of linearly related plane convex sets

Bisztriczky, Ted and Pach, J

Applications of two parameter spectral theory to symmetric generalised eigenvalue problems

Binding, Paul and Browne, Patrick

Asymptotic enumeration of two-dimensional posets

El-Zahar, M. and Sauer, Norbert

Catalan strikes again! {H}ow likely is a function to be convex?

Eggleton, Roger B. and Guy, Richard

Chords through a convex body generated from within an embedded body

Enns, Ernest and Ehlers, Peter

Closed geodesics on the space of stable two-monopoles

Bates, Larry and Montgomery, Richard

Comment on the representation of splines as {B}oolean sums

Bos, Len and Salkauskas, Kes

Computation of real quadratic fields with class number one

Stephens, A. J. and Williams, Hugh

Corrigenda: ``{C}omputation of the class number and class group of a complex cubic field'' [{M}ath.\ {C}omp.\ {\bf 45} (1985), no.\ 171, 223-231; \refmr {MR}0790655 (86m:11078)\endrefmr] by {G}.\ {W}.\ {D}ueck and {W}illiams

Williams, Hugh

Electrically driven flows in {MHD} with mixed electromagnetic boundary conditions

Sezgin, M., Aggarwala, Ben and Ariel, P. D.

Estimation of a bivariate distribution function under random censorship

Burke, Murray

Exact modules

Nicholson, W. Keith and Watters, J. F.

Examples for obstructions to action-angle coordinates

Bates, Larry

Generalized Fibonacci primitive roots, and class numbers of real quadratic fields

Mollin, Richard

Generalized {S}chur parameters and the effects of perturbations

Koltracht, I. and Lancaster, Peter

General theory of regular matrix polynomials and band {T}oeplitz operators

Gohberg, I., Kaashoek, M. A. and Lancaster, Peter

Geometrical aspects of {Z}iglin's nonintegrability theorem for complex {H}amiltonian systems

Churchill, Richard and Rod, David L.

Intersection points

Bezdek, Karoly and Connelly, R.

Intersections in projective space. {II}. {P}encils of quadrics

Bruen, Aiden and Hirschfeld, J. W. P.

Invariants of group rings

DeMeyer, F. R. and Mollin, Richard

Inverse spectral problems for linear and quadratic matrix pencils

Lancaster, Peter and Ye, Qiang

Lexicographic matchings cannot form {H}amiltonian cycles

Duffus, Dwight, Sands, Bill and Woodrow, Robert

Maximum likelihood estimation for the generalized {P}oisson distribution when sample mean is larger than sample variance

Consul, Prem C. and Famoye, Felix

M.{D}.{S}.\ codes and arcs in projective space. {I}

Bruen, Aiden, Thas, J. A. and Blokhuis, A.

M.{D}.{S}.\ codes and arcs in projective space. {II}

Bruen, Aiden, Thas, J. A. and Blokhuis, A.

Morita context functors

Nicholson, W. Keith and Watters, J. F.

Necessary and sufficient conditions for the class number of a real quadratic field to be one, and a conjecture of S. Chowla

Mollin, Richard

Nelineinye singulyarno vozmushchennye kraevye zadachi

Chang, Kok Wah and Khau{\`e}s, F.

Normal form for the {$(2;n)$}-nilpotent vector field, using invariant theory

Cushman, Richard, Sanders, J. A. and White, N.

Normal radicals and normal classes of modules

Nicholson, W. Keith and Watters, J. F.

Note on Kantowski-Sachs spacetimes

Torrence, R. J. and Couch, W.E.

On a boundary value problem for a linear functional-differential equation with impulses

Braverman, Elena

On a theorem of {Z}iglin in {H}amiltonian dynamics

Rod, David L.

On extendable planes, {M}.{D}.{S}.\ codes and hyperovals in {${\rm PG}(2,q),q=2\sp t$}

Bruen, Aiden and Silverman, Robert

On goodness-of-fit and the bootstrap

Burke, Murray and Gombay, Edit

On {M}.{D}.{S}.\ codes, arcs in {${\rm PG}(n,q)$} with {$q$} even, and a solution of three fundamental problems of {B}.\ {S}egre

Bruen, Aiden, Thas, J. A. and Blokhuis, A.

On prime valued polynomials and class numbers of real quadratic fields

Mollin, Richard and Williams, Hugh

On some models leading to the generalized {P}oisson distribution

Consul, Prem C.

On the applicability of {Z}iglin's nonintegrability theorem

Rod, David L. and Churchill, Richard

On the infrastructure of the principal ideal class of an algebraic number field of unit rank one

Buchmann, Johannes and Williams, Hugh

On the uniqueness of exterior boundary value problems in viscoelastic fluids

Ramkissoon, H., Easwaran, C. V. and Majumdar, Samir R.

Optimal sequential selection from a known distribution with holding costs

Ferenstein, E. Z. and Enns, Ernest

Progressing waves on spherical spacetimes

Torrence, R. J. and Couch, W.E.

Proper differences of nonsquare powerful numbers

Mollin, Richard and Walsh, P. G.

Quadratic measures of fit for estimates of the partial derivatives of a survival function and the hazard gradient

Burke, Murray

Relationships among moments of order statistics in samples from two related outlier models and some applications

Balakrishnan, N. and Ambagaspitiya, Rohana

Rings with projective socle

Nicholson, W. Keith and Watters, J. F.

Selective perturbation of spectral properties of vibrating systems using feedback

Lancaster, Peter and Maroulas, J.

Simulation of MHD Power Generator Using a Supercomputer

Ariel, P.D., Aggarwala, Ben and Sezgin, M.

Some chance mechanisms related to a generalized {P}oisson probability model

Consul, Prem C. and Shoukri, M. M.

Some computational results on a problem concerning powerful numbers

Stephens, A. J. and Williams, Hugh

Symmetry preserving deformations of the {K}epler problem

Bates, Larry

The dual of a theorem of Goldman

Nicholson, W. Keith

The evolution of perturbations of the renormalized long wave equation

Easwaran, C. V. and Majumdar, Samir R.

The Present and Potential Effects of Acidic and Acidifying Air Pollutants on Alberta's Environment

Legge, A. H., Nosal, Miloslav and et, al

The quantum mechanical spherical pendulum

Cushman, Richard and Duistermaat, J. J.

The {R}eissner-{S}agoci problem for a nonhomogeneous elastic half-space

Dhaliwal, Ranjit S.

The {S}tanley decomposition of the harmonic oscillator

Billera, L. J., Cushman, Richard and Sanders, J. A.

The strong law of small numbers

Guy, Richard
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