University of Calgary

Publications - 1992


{$2+1$} gravity kinks for multiply connected spacetime manifolds

Williams, J. G. and Zvengrowski, Peter

A complete generalization of {Y}okoi's {$p$}-invariants

Mollin, Richard and Williams, Hugh

A method of tabulating the number-theoretic function g(k)

Scheidler, Renate and Williams, Hugh C.

Analysis of the spectral {L}agrange-{G}alerkin method for the {N}avier-{S}tokes equations

S{\"u}li, Endre and Ware, Antony

An approach to {H}edetniemi's conjecture

Sauer, Norbert and Zhu, X.

An observation on certain point-line configurations in classical planes

Bruen, Aiden and Fisher, J.

An old theorem on the GCD and its application to primes

Tsangaris, P. G. and Jones, James P.

A note on the {H}opficity of {$M[X]$} or {$M[\![X]\!]$}

Varadarajan, Kalathoor

A problem of {R}eissner-{S}agoci type for a semi-infinite composite elastic cylinder

He, W. and Dhaliwal, Ranjit S.

A relation between {$S\sp 1$} and {$S\sp 3$}-invariant homotopy in the stable range

Gilbert, Shirley M. F. and Zvengrowski, Peter

A robust method of estimation based on the {MML} estimators for a simple linear regression model

Balakrishnan, N. and Ambagaspitiya, Rohana

A survey of normalization techniques applied to perturbed {K}eplerian systems

Cushman, Richard

A two {P}oisson stream competitive decision problem

Ravindran, K. and Enns, Ernest

Bootstrapping sums of weighted spacings for composite goodness-of-fit

Burke, Murray

Boundary and angular layer behavior in singularly perturbed quasilinear systems

Chang, Kok Wah and Liu, G. X.

Classes of simple modules and triangular rings

Nicholson, W. Keith and Watters, J. F.

Class numbers of real quadratic fields, continued fractions, reduced ideals, prime-producing quadratic polynomials and quadratic residue covers

Louboutin, S., Mollin, Richard and Williams, Hugh

Coloring ordered sets to avoid monochromatic maximal chains

Duffus, Dwight, R{\"o}dl, V., Sauer, Norbert and Woodrow, Robert

Computation of the class number of a real quadratic field

Mollin, Richard and Williams, Hugh

Computation of the first factor of the class number of cyclotomic fields

Fung, Gilbert, Granville, Andrew and Williams, Hugh

Consecutive powers in continued fractions

Mollin, Richard and Williams, Hugh

Countable structures of given age

Macpherson, H. D., Pouzet, M. and Woodrow, Robert

Covering complete graphs by cliques

Hor{\'a}k, Peter and Sauer, Norbert

Enumeration of order preserving maps

Duffus, Dwight, R{\"o}dl, Vojt, Sands, Bill and Woodrow, Robert

Equivalence of families of functions on the natural numbers

Laflamme, Claude

Exponential Diophantine representation of binomial coefficients, factorials and Lucas sequences

Jones, James P. and Kiss, P.

Generalized {S}tirling numbers in the structure invariant abundance distributions

Wani, Jagannath and Lo, Hing

Generating boxes from ordered sets and graphs

Pouzet, Maurice, Woodrow, Robert and Zaguia, Nejib

Graphs which do not embed a given graph and the {R}amsey property

Sauer, Norbert and Zhu, X.

Gyroscopically stabilized systems: a class of quadratic eigenvalue problems with real spectrum

Barkwell, Lawrence and Lancaster, Peter

Hadwiger's covering conjecture and its relatives

Bezdek, Karoly

Hajós' conjecture and small cycle double covers of planar graphs

Seyffarth, Karen

Homotopy classification of metrics in {$2+1$} dimensions

Williams, J. G. and Zvengrowski, Peter

Hopfian and co-{H}opfian objects

Varadarajan, Kalathoor

Hopficity of cyclic modules

Varadarajan, Kalathoor

Kink metrics in {$(2+1)$}-dimensional space-time

Williams, J. G. and Zvengrowski, Peter

Lattice paths, reflections, \& dimension-changing bijections

Guy, Richard, Krattenthaler, C. and Sagan, Bruce E.

Linear recursive sequences and power series

Jones, James P. and Kiss, P

Moving least squares interpolation with thin-plate splines and radial basis functions

Salkauskas, Kes

Nu-configurations in tiling the square

Bremner, Andrew and Guy, Richard

On action-angle variables

Bates, Larry and Sniatycki, Jedrzej

On a problem of {R}. {G}. {D}. {R}ichardson

Binding, Paul and Volkmer, Hans

On certain classes of modules

Varadarajan, Kalathoor

On dual integral equations arising in problems of bending of anisotropic plates

Aggarwala, Ben and Nasim, Cyril

On hyperplanes and free subspaces of affine {K}lingenberg spaces

Bisztriczky, Ted and Lorimer, J. W.

On illumination in the plane by line segments

Bezdek, A., Bezdek, Karoly and Bisztriczky, Ted

On real quadratic fields of class number two

Mollin, Richard and Williams, Hugh

On the divisor function and class numbers of real quadratic fields. {IV}

Mollin, Richard

On the illumination of smooth convex bodies

Bezdek, Karoly

On the illumination of unbounded closed convex sets

Bezdek, Karoly

On the period-energy relation

Bates, Larry and Sniatycki, Jedrzej

On the period length of some special continued fractions

Mollin, Richard and Williams, Hugh

On the separability of product spaces

Varadarajan, Kalathoor

On the stability of equivariant bifurcation problems and their unfoldings

Lari-Lavassani, Ali and Lu, Yung

Overdamped and gyroscopic vibrating systems

Barkwell, Lawrence and Lancaster, Peter

Penny-shaped crack in a nonhomogeneous isotropic elastic half-space under axisymmetric torsion

Dhaliwal, Ranjit S., Saxena, H. S. and Rokne, J. G.

Polynomial interpolation of holomorphic functions in {${\bf C}$} and {${\bf C}\sp n$}

Bloom, T., Bos, Len, Christensen, C. and Levenberg, N.

Polynomial multiplicities over finite fields and intersection sets

Bruen, Aiden

Powers in continued fractions and class numbers of real quadratic fields

Mollin, Richard

Predictions of antagonistic muscular activity using nonlinear optimization

Herzog, Walter and Binding, Paul

Quadratic residues and related problems

Jones, James P. and Phong, B. M.

Research Problem 46

Bezdek, Karoly

Research Problem 47

Bezdek, Karoly

Research Problem 48

Bezdek, Karoly

Second order parallel algorithms for piecewise smooth displacement kernels

Gohberg, I., Koltracht, I. and Lancaster, Peter

Semi-Markov Random Evolutions

Swishchuk, Anatoliy and Korolyuk, Vladimir S.

Sensitivities of eigenvalues and eigenvectors of problems nonlinear in the eigenparameter

Andrew, Alan L., Chu, K. and Lancaster, Peter

Solvable systems of wave equations and nonabelian Toda lattices

Bombelli, L., Couch, W.E. and Torrence, R. J.

Some Diophantine approximation results concerning linear recurrences

Jones, James P. and Kiss, P.

Some general local variational principles

Binding, Paul and Ye, Qiang

Some possible covers of measure zero sets

Laflamme, Claude

STATCALC Handbook and IBM PC Software

Nosal, Miloslav and Nosal, V.

Symmetric, positive semidefinite, and positive definite real solutions of {$AX=XA\sp {\ssf T}$} and {$AX=YB$}

Jameson, Antony, Kreindler, Eliezer and Lancaster, Peter

Tests of fit for Cox's regression model.

Burke, Murray and Edit Gombay

The equivalence of the usual and quotient topologies for {$C\sp \infty(E)$} when {$E\subset{\bf R}\sp n$} is {W}hitney {$p$}-regular

Bos, Len and Milman, P. D.

The generalized negative binomial distribution as a horse-racing model and its empirical {B}ayes estimation

Islam, M. N. and Consul, Prem C.

The permutation group induced on a moiety

Macpherson, Dugald and Woodrow, Robert

The {R}amsey property for families of graphs which exclude a given graph

R{\"o}dl, V. and Sauer, Norbert

Torsion of two nonhomogeneous elastic layers with penny-shaped flaw at the interface

He, Whenhua and Dhaliwal, Ranjit S.

Two parameter asymptotic spectra

Binding, Paul, Browne, Patrick and Seddighi, K.

Weighted splines as optimal interpolants

Salkauskas, Kes and Bos, Len

Weighted splines based on piecewise polynomial weight functions

Bos, Len and Salkauskas, Kes

Zapping small filters

Laflamme, Claude
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