University of Calgary

Publications - 1994


A characterization of {$3$}-dimensional convex sets with an infinite {X}-ray number

Bezdek, Karoly and Zamfirescu, T. in Intuitive geometry (Szeged, 1991)

A key exchange protocol using real quadratic fields

Scheidler, Renate, Buchmann, Johannes and Williams, Hugh C.

A lower bound for the class number of a real quadratic field of {ERD} type

Mollin, Richard, Zhang, L. and Kemp, Paula

Ambient Ozone and Crop Loss: Establishing a Cause-Effect Relationship},PUBLISHER = {Environmental Pollution 83

Krupa, S. V., Nosal, Miloslav and Legge, A. H.

An application of principal bundles to coloring of graphs and hypergraphs

Milgram, R. and Zvengrowski, Peter

An Index Sampling Algorithm for the Bayesian Analysis of a Class of Model Selection Problems

Scollnik, David and Guttman, I.

Pages 323-339


A note on the homotopy type of posets

Varadarajan, Kalathoor

A record aliquot sequence

Guy, Andrew W. P. and Guy, Richard

A spectral {L}agrange-{G}alerkin method for convection-dominated diffusion problems

Ware, Antony

Asymptotics for the {C}hristoffel function for {J}acobi like weights on a ball in {${\bf R}\sp m$}

Bos, Len

A uniqueness theorem for linear theory of thermopiezoelectricity

Dhaliwal, Ranjit S. and Wang, J.

A variational principle in {K}re\u\i n space

Binding, Paul and Najman, Branko

Between integrability and chaos

Rod, David L. and Churchill, Richard

Binate towers of groups

Berrick, A. J. and Varadarajan, Kalathoor

Boundedness and stability of impulsively perturbed systems in a {B}anach space

Berezansky, L. and Braverman, Elena

Bounding and dominating number of families of functions on {$\omega$}

Laflamme, Claude

Classification of permutations of converging series

Gerver, Mikhail L. and Kudryavtseva, Elena

Coating by cubes

Bezdek, Karoly and Hausel, T.

Continuous rings with chain conditions

Nicholson, W. Keith, Yousif, M.F. and Yousif, Mohammed

Contributed problems

Schaer, Jonathan

Damped vibrations of beams and related spectral problems

Lancaster, Peter and Shkalikov, A.

Development of an Ozone Air Quality Objective Based on Vegetation Effects, Phase III, Part 1: Assembly and Initial Evaluation and Quality Assurance of European Open-Top Chamber (EOTC) Programme Data

Legge, A. H., Nosal, Miloslav and Krupa, S. V.

Domain of influence theorem in the theory of elastic materials with voids

Dhaliwal, Ranjit S. and Wang, Jun

Errata: ``{O}n the computation of a table of complex cubic fields with discriminant {$D>-10\sp 6$}'' [{M}ath.\ {C}omp.\ {\bf 55} (1990), no.\ 191, 313-325; \refmr {MR}1023760 (90m:11155)\endrefmr]

Fung, G. W. and Williams, Hugh

Estimation of parameters in the location scale model under random right-censoring

Lu, Xuewen

Every number is expressible as the sum of how many polygonal numbers?

Guy, Richard

Factoring integers before computers

Williams, Hugh and Shallit, J. O.

Geometry of perturbation theory

Cushman, Richard

Halfway to a solution of {$X\sp 2-DY\sp 2=-3$}

Mollin, Richard, Poorten, A. J. and Williams, Hugh

Hopfian and co-{H}opfian zero-dimensional spaces

Deo, Satya and Varadarajan, Kalathoor

Identities in full transformation semigroups

P{\"o}schel, R., Sapir, M. V., Sauer, Norbert, Stone, Mike and Volkov, M. V.

Integrable systems, harmonic maps and the classical theory of surfaces, Harmonic maps and integrable systems (Allan P. Fordy, John C. Wood, Editors):

Melko, Mike and in Allan P. Fordy and John C. Wood Harmonic maps and integrable systems,

Intermediate Statistics I with STATCALC

Nosal, Miloslav

Invariant neutral subspaces for symmetric and skew real matrix pairs

Lancaster, Peter and Rodman, L.

Isometric shift Operators on C(X)

F.O. Farid and Varadarajan, Kalathoor

Lag Window Estimation of the Degree of Differencing in Fractionally Integrated Time Series Models

Chen, Gemai and B. Abraham, S. Peiris

Linked eigenvalue problems for the {$p$}-{L}aplacian

Binding, Paul and Huang, Y. X.

Low rank perturbations of strongly definitizable transformations and matrix polynomials

Lancaster, Peter and Ye, Qiang

Maximum convex hulls of connected systems of segments and of polyominoes

Bezdek, Karoly, Brass, Peter and Harborth, Heiko

Nondegenerate {J}ordan subspaces of selfadjoint operators in indefinite spaces

Azizov, T., Binding, Paul, Bogn{\'a}r, J. and Najman, B.

On affine subspaces that illuminate a convex set

Bezdek, Karoly

On a generalization of {H}ankel kernel

Nasim, Cyril and Aggarwala, Ben

On certain homeomorphism groups

Varadarajan, Kalathoor

On completely principally injective rings

Nicholson, W. Keith, Yousif, M.F. and Yousif, Mohammed

On hyperplanes and free subspaces of affine {K}lingenberg spaces

Bisztriczky, Ted and Lorimer, J. W.

On quasi-continuous rings

Nicholson, W. Keith, Yousif, M.F. and Yousif, Mohammed

On some probability distributions associated with random walks

Consul, Prem C.

On stability of impulsive differential equations with delay

Berezansky, L. and Braverman, Elena

On the divisibility of homogeneous hypergraphs

El-Zahar, M. and Sauer, Norbert

On the number of lattice hyperplanes which are needed to cover the lattice points of a convex body

Bezdek, Karoly and Hausel, T. in Intuitive geometry (Szeged, 1991)

Orders in quadratic fields. {III}

Mollin, Richard

Ordinary {$3$}-polytopes

Bisztriczky, Ted

Perfect fluid perturbations of cosmological spacetimes in Stewart's variables

Bombelli, Luca, Couch, W.E. and Torrence, R. J.

POLYTOPES: Abstract, Convex and Computational

Bisztriczky, Ted, McMullen, P., Scneider, R. and Ivic Weiss, A.

Quadratic irrationals, ambiguous classes and symmetry in real quadratic fields

Mollin, Richard

Quadratic residue covers for certain real quadratic fields

Mollin, Richard and Williams, Hugh

Set-homogeneous graphs

Droste, Manfred, Giraudet, Mich, Macpherson, Dugald and Sauer, Norbert

Solutions Manual for Intermediate Statistics I

Nosal, Miloslav

Solution to a question of {A}.\ {B}eutelspacher on finite linear spaces

Bruen, Aiden

Some bivariate families of {L}agrangian probability distributions

Consul, Prem C.

Some {E}rd{\H o}s-{S}zekeres type results about points in space

Bisztriczky, Ted and Soltan, V.

Some theorems in generalized nonlocal thermoelasticity

Dhaliwal, Ranjit S. and Wang, Jun

Sturm-{L}iouville problems with eigenparameter dependent boundary conditions

Binding, Paul, Browne, Patrick and Seddighi, K.

Symmetry-breaking bifurcations on multidimensional fixed point subspaces

Lari-Lavassani, Ali, Langford, William F. and Huseyin, Koncay

Symmetry-breaking for leading order gradient maps in {${\bf R}\sp 2$} with applications to {${\rm O}(3)$}

LeBlanc, Victor G., Lari-Lavassani, Ali and Langford, William F.

The densest packing of ten congruent spheres in a cube

Schaer, Jonathan

The {H}elly dimension relative to a lattice

Beutelspacher, A. and Bezdek, Karoly in Intuitive geometry (Szeged, 1991)

The stability theorems for subgroups of {$\scr A$} and {$\scr K$}

Lari-Lavassani, Ali and Lu, Yung

The vector field problem: a survey with emphasis on specific manifolds

Korba{\v{s}}, J and Zvengrowski, Peter

Uncertainties in Greenhouse Gas Emission Estimates

Nosal, Miloslav

Uniqueness theorem in nonlocal thermoelasticity

Wang, Jun and Dhaliwal, Ranjit S.

Unsolved problems in geometry

Croft, Hallard T., Falconer, Kenneth J. and Guy, Richard

Unsolved problems in number theory

Guy, Richard

Use of the {R}abinowitsch polynomial to determine the class groups of a real quadratic field

Mollin, Richard
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