University of Calgary

Publications - 1997


A Bernstein-type inequality for algebraic functions

Brudnyi, Alex

A characterization of the {L}igon-{S}chaaf regularization map

Cushman, Richard and Duistermaat, J. J.

Alberta Government/Industry Acid Deposition Research Program - Continuous Air Quality and Meteorological Database

Nosal, Miloslav

A new proof of theorems on a universal sequence and extremal properties of discrete measures

Gerver, Mikhail L. and Kudryavtseva, Elena

A proof of {H}adwiger's covering conjecture for dual cyclic polytopes

Bezdek, Karoly and Bisztriczky, Ted

A test of fit for a semiparametric additive risk model

Yuen, K. C. and Burke, Murray

Box-Cox Transformed Linear Models: A Parameter Based Asymptotic Approach

Chen, Gemai and R. Lockhart

Chromatic {R}amsey theory

Sauer, Norbert, Woodrow, Robert and R{\"o}dl, Vojtech

Combinatorial aspects of {${\rm F}\sb \sigma$} filters with an application to {$\scr N$}-sets

Laflamme, Claude

Continuous self-maps of the circle

Schaer, Jonathan

Corrections to: ``{O}n certain homeomorphism groups'' [{J}.\ {P}ure {A}ppl.\ {A}lgebra {\bf 92} (1994), no.\ 2, 191-197; \refmr {MR}1261126 (95e:22004)\endrefmr]

Varadarajan, Kalathoor

Counting kinks in {$1+1$} dimensions

Williams, J. G. and Zvengrowski, Peter

Daniel {S}hanks (1917-1996)

Williams, Hugh

Daniel {S}hanks (1917-1996)

Williams, Hugh

Discrete groups and discontinuous actions

Deo, Satya and Varadarajan, Kalathoor

Explicit conditions of exponential stability for a linear impulsive delay differential equation

Berezansky, L. and Braverman, Elena

From perverse sheaves to Shalika germs: the characters of depth-zero supercuspidal representations of Sp(4)

Cunningham, Clifton

Further tabulation of the Erdos-Selfridge function

Lukes, Richard F., Scheidler, Renate and Williams, Hugh C.

Giuseppe {T}allini-some personal reminiscences

Bruen, Aiden

Global aspects of classical integrable systems

Cushman, Richard and Bates, Larry

Hopfian and co-{H}opfian groups

Deo, Satya and Varadarajan, Kalathoor

Independence and t Distribution

Chen, Gemai and A. Adatia

Inference Concerning the Size of the Zero Class from an Incomplete Poisson Sample

Scollnik, David

Intersection-sets in {${\rm PG}(n,2)$}

Bruen, Aiden, Haddad, Lucien and Wehlau, David

Isoperimetric inequalities and the dodecahedral conjecture

Bezdek, Karoly

Kergin interpolants at the roots of unity approximate {$C\sp 2$} functions

Bos, Len and Calvi, Jean

{$K$}-theory of oriented {G}rassmann manifolds

Zvengrowski, Peter

L'anneau de cohomologie d'une vari\'et\'e de {S}eifert

Bryden, John, Hayat-Legrand, Claude, Zieschang, Heiner and Zvengrowski, Peter

Light-sources that illuminate the boundary points all but the vertices of a convex polyhedron

Bezdek, Karoly

Linear differential equations with symmetries

Churchill, Richard, Rod, David L. and Sleeman, B. D.

Minimal translation covers for sets of diameter 1

Bezdek, Karoly

Mininjective rings

Nicholson, W. Keith, Yousif, M.F. and Yousif, Mohammed

Newton's method for a generalized inverse eigenvalue problem

Dai, Hua and Lancaster, Peter

Numerical methods for finding multiple eigenvalues of matrices depending on parameters

Dai, Hua and Lancaster, Peter

Numerical solutions of the thermistor equations

Zhou, S. and Westbrook, Rex

On {C}arath\'eodory's conditions for the initial value problem

Biles, D. C. and Binding, Paul

On exchange rings

Nicholson, W. Keith

On extremal properties of waveguides with a finite number of layers in the hodograph inversion problem

Gerver, Mikhail L. and Kudryavtseva, Elena

On k-reflexive representations of algebras

Fuller, K. R., Nicholson, W. Keith and Watters, J. F.

On {N}eumann boundary value problems for some quasilinear elliptic equations

Binding, Paul, Dr{\'a}bek, Pavel and Huang, Yin

On non-oscillation of a scalar delay differential equation

Berezansky, Leonid and Braverman, Elena

On perfect simple-injective rings

Nicholson, W. Keith, Yousif, M.F. and Yousif, Mohammed

On quadruple integral equations involving trigonometric kernels

Aggarwala, Ben

On series of ordinals and combinatorics

Jones, James P., Levitz, Hilbert and Nichols, Warren D.

On the {F}redholm alternative for the {$p$}-{L}aplacian

Binding, Paul, Dr{\'a}bek, Pavel and Huang, Yin

Ordinary {$(2m+1)$}-polytopes

Bisztriczky, Ted

Oscillation theory for indefinite {S}turm-{L}iouville problems with eigenparameter-dependent boundary conditions

Binding, Paul and Browne, Patrick

Parametric and Nonparametric Modeling of Time Series---An Empirical Study

Chen, Gemai and B. Abraham, G.W. Bennett

Partitioning quadrics, symmetric group divisible designs and caps

Bruen, Aiden and Wehlau, David L.

Polynomials of quadratic type producing strings of primes

Mollin, Richard, Goddard, Bartley and Coupland, S.

Polynomial solutions for {P}ell's equation revisited

Mollin, Richard

Prime-producing quadratics

Mollin, Richard

Proper group actions and symplectic stratified spaces

Bates, Larry and Lerman, E.

Properties of endomorphism rings

Varadarajan, Kalathoor

Random Evolutions and Their Applications

Swishchuk, Anatoliy

Recent progress in the topology of projective {S}tiefel manifolds

Zvengrowski, Peter

Safety Aspects of Chitosan Supplementation

Nosal, Miloslav

Some theorems in the generalized theory of thermoelasticity for prestressed bodies

Wang, Jun, Dhaliwal, Ranjit S. and Majumdar, Samir R.

Stable parallelizability of partially oriented flag manifolds. {II}

Zvengrowski, Peter

Subfunctions and cone conditions for initial value problems

Biles, Daniel C. and Binding, Paul

The chromatic number of the two-packing of a forest

Wang, Hong and Sauer, Norbert

The Effects of Ambient Air Pollutants and Other Growth Regulating Environmental Variables on Alfalfa Biomass Responses in West Central Alberta

Krupa, S. V. and Nosal, Miloslav

The Mean and Standard Deviation of the Run Length Distribution of X-bar Charts When Control Limits Are Estimated

Chen, Gemai

The order of neutrality for linear operators on inner product spaces

Lancaster, Peter and Zizler, Peter

The primary pretenders

Conway, John H., Guy, Richard, Schneeberger, W. A. and Sloane, N. J. A.

The range of the {$p$}-{L}aplacian

Binding, Paul, Dr{\'a}bek, P. and Huang, Y. X.

Thermoelastic waves in an infinite solid caused by a line heat source

Dhaliwal, Ranjit S., Majumdar, Samir R. and Wang, Jun

Two more representation problems

Bremner, Andrew and Guy, Richard

Two parameter asymptotic spectra in the uniformly elliptic case

Binding, Paul, Browne, Patrick and Seddighi, K.

Universal sequence in the classical hodograph inversion problem

Gerver, Mikhail L. and Kudryavtseva, Elena

Very semisimple modules

Nicholson, W. Keith
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