University of Calgary

Publications - 1999


Absolute continuity of convolutions of singular measures and new branches of spectrum of {L}iouvillians and few-body {H}amiltonians

Bos, Len and Pavlov, Boris

A class of multistep interpolation methods for solving stiff ordinary differential equations and parallel implementation

Liao, Wenyuan and Li, Qingyang

A class of semi-implicit multistep Runge-Kutta methods for stiff ODEs

Liao, Wenyuan and Li, Qingyang

A cluster problem as defined by nearest neighbours

Enns, Ernest, Ehlers, Peter and Misi, T.

A Cramer-von Mises Test of Some Spherically Symmetric Distribution for High Dimension and Large Sample Size

Chen, Gemai and P. Cheng

A fast spectral solver for a {$3$}{D} {H}elmholtz equation

Braverman, Elena, Israeli, M. and Averbuch, A.

Algebraic number theory

Mollin, Richard

Almost equidistant points on {$S\sp {d-1}$}

Bezdek, Karoly and Langi, Zsolt

An inequality for the sizes of prime filters of finite distributive lattices

Duffus, Dwight and Sands, Bill

Application of a stochastic, Weibull probability generator for replacing missing data on ambient concentrations of gaseous pollutants

Nosal, Miloslav, Legge, A. H. and Krupa, S. V.

A problem concerning a character sum

Teske, Edlyn and Williams, Hugh

A spectrum determined by eigencurves

Binding, Paul and Volkmer, Hans

A stability criterion for parameter-dependent gyroscopic systems

Lancaster, Peter and Renshaw, A. A.

A variational principle for eigenvalues of pencils of {H}ermitian matrices

Binding, Paul, Najman, Branko and Ye, Qiang

Canonical form of Reeb graph for Morse functions on surfaces. Inversion of 2-sphere in 3-space

Kudryavtseva, Elena

Cartwright type theorems for a class of plurisubharmonic functions

Brudnyi, Alex

Characters of depth-zero supercuspidal representations

Cunningham, Clifton

Classification theorem for a class of flat connections and representations of K\"ahler groups

Brudnyi, Alex

Combinatorial properties of filters and open covers for sets of real numbers

Laflamme, Claude and Scheepers, Marion

Comments on stability properties of conservative gyroscopic systems

Lancaster, Peter and Kliem, W.

Computational methods for singularly perturbed systems

Adjerid, Slimane, Aiffa, Mohammed and Flaherty, Joseph E.

Conference problems session conducted by {J}. {L}. {S}elfridge

Guy, Richard

Continued fraction gems

Mollin, Richard

Cyclic subgroups of ideal class groups in real quadratic orders

Mollin, Richard

Danzer-{G}r\"unbaum's theorem revisited

Bezdek, Karoly

Form domains for sectorial operators related to generalized {S}turm-{L}iouville problems

Binding, Paul and Browne, Patrick

Hamiltonian mechanics on principal bundles

Cushman, Richard and Sniatycki, Jedrzej

Hecke algebras and semigroup crossed product {$C\sp *$}-algebras

Brenken, B.

Implementation of parallel diagonal implicit Runge-Kutta algorithms of multistep Runge-Kutta methods

Liao, Wenyuan and Li, Qingyang

Introduction to abstract algebra

Nicholson, W. Keith

Iterative solution of two matrix equations

Guo, Chun and Lancaster, Peter

Left definite {S}turm-{L}iouville problems with eigenparameter dependent boundary conditions

Binding, Paul and Browne, Patrick

Limiting values under scaling of the {L}ebesgue function for polynomial interpolation on spheres

Bos, Len and Marchi, S.

Local inequalities for plurisubharmonic functions

Brudnyi, Alex

Long binary linear codes and large caps in projective space

Bruen, Aiden and Wehlau, David L.

Monodromy in perturbed {K}epler systems: hydrogen atom in crossed fields

Cushman, Richard and Sadovski{\'{\i}}, D. A.

Multiparameter spectral theory

Binding, Paul and Ko{\v{s}}ir, Toma

Nonoscillation of a second order linear delay differential equation with a middle term

Berezansky, L. and Braverman, Elena

Notes on clean rings

Han, Juncheol and Nicholson, W. Keith

On certain continued fraction expansions of fixed period length

Poorten, A. J. and Williams, Hugh

On dual rings

Nicholson, W. Keith and Yousif, Mohammed

On {H}opfian rings

Varadarajan, Kalathoor

On local behavior of analytic functions

Brudnyi, Alex

On oscillation of a linear delay integro-differential equation

Berezansky, Leonid, Braverman, Elena and Ak{\c{c}}a, Haydar

On oscillation of a second order impulsive linear delay differential equation

Berezansky, L. and Braverman, Elena

On the asymptotics of points which maximize determinants of the form {$\det[g(\vert x\sb i-x\sb j\vert )]$}

Bos, Len and Maier, Ulrike

On the distributions of two classes of correlated aggregate claims

Ambagaspitiya, Rohana

On the optimal value of the spectral abscissa for a system of linear oscillators

Freitas, Pedro and Lancaster, Peter

On the perturbation of analytic matrix functions

Lancaster, Peter

Palindromy and ambiguous ideals revisited

Mollin, Richard

Periodic motions of a planetary system with double planets. The generalized Hill problem

Kudryavtseva, Elena

Positive solutions of critical quasilinear elliptic equations in {${\bf R}\sp N$}

Binding, Paul, Dr{\'a}bek, Pavel and Huang, Yin

Principally quasi-injective modules

Nicholson, W. Keith, Park, J. K., Yousif, M.F. and Yousif, Mohammed

Purely cubic function fields with short periods

Scheidler, Renate

Radial extensions of vertex data

Bos, Len and Holland, Darius

Rainfall Composition in Minnesota: Integrating the Chemistry, Synoptic Meteorology and Numerical Modeling

Krupa, S. and Nosal, Miloslav

Realization of smooth functions on surfaces as height functions

Kudryavtseva, Elena

Reduction of Morse functions on surfaces to canonical form by smooth deformation

Kudryavtseva, Elena

Rings with all modules residually finite

Varadarajan, Kalathoor

Robust M-estimators of scale: Minimax bias versus maximal variance

Collins, John

Singular reduction of axially symmetric perturbations of the isotropic harmonic oscillator

Cushman, Richard, Ferrer, Sebasti and Han{\ss}mann, Heinz

Solutions to {$x\sp 2-Dy\sp 2=Q$}

Louboutin, S. and Mollin, Richard

Some methods for evaluating the regulator of a real quadratic function field

Stein, Andreas and Williams, Hugh

Some singular singularly-perturbed problems. {I}

Chang, Kok Wah and Meng, J.

Some singular singularly-perturbed problems. {II}

Chang, Kok Wah and Meng, J.

Stability and convergence of the spectral {L}agrange-{G}alerkin method for mixed periodic/non-periodic convection-dominated diffusion problems

Baker, M. D., S{\"u}li, E. and Ware, Antony

Stable topological nonconjugacy of Hamiltonian systems on two-dimensional surfaces

Brailov, Yuri A. and Kudryavtseva, Elena

Steady-state mode interactions for {$D\sb 3$} and {$D\sb 4$}-symmetric systems

Lari-Lavassani, Ali, Langford, William F., Huseyin, Koncay and Gatermann, Karin

Strongly clean rings and Fitting's lemma

Nicholson, W. Keith

Strongly stable gyroscopic systems

Lancaster, Peter

Study of formal triangular matrix rings

Haghany, A. and Varadarajan, Kalathoor

The construction of {C}ameron-{L}iebler line classes in {${\rm PG}(3,q)$}

Bruen, Aiden and Drudge, Keldon

The Effect of Ambient Air Pollutant and Other Growth Regulating Environmental Variables on Foliar Injury of Saskatoon Serviceberry and on Biomass Response of Alfalfa

Krupa, S. V., Legge, A. H., Nosal, Miloslav, Reid, A. and Ryl, E.

The minimum mean with translation cover for sets of diameter one

Bezdek, Karoly and Connelly, Robert in 107 Jahre Drehfluchtprinzip (Vorau, 1997)

The order of the {H}opf bundle on projective {S}tiefel manifolds

Zvengrowski, Peter

The return of the {B}aer subplane

Bruen, Aiden and Drudge, Keldon

The role of the {H}amiltonian in the solution of algebraic {R}iccati equations

Lancaster, Peter

Two-distance preserving functions from {E}uclidean space

Bezdek, Karoly

Voronoi polyhedra of unit ball packings with small surface area

Bezdek, Karoly

What is a completely integrable nonholonomic dynamical system?

Bates, Larry and Cushman, Richard
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