University of Calgary

Publications - 2000


A comparison of {M}onte {C}arlo, lattice rules and other low-discrepancy point sets

Lemieux, Christiane and L'Ecuyer, Pierre

A look at the Faith conjecture

Ara, Pere, Nicholson, W. Keith, Yousif, M.F. and Yousif, Mohammed

A lower bound for the mean width of {V}oronoi polyhedra of unit ball packings in {$\bold E\sp 3$}

Bezdek, Karoly

An optimal algorithm for a parallel cutting problem

Ginsburg, John and Sands, Bill

A note on {S}hanks's chains of primes

Teske, Edlyn and Williams, Hugh

A number theoretic function arising from continued fractions

Williams, Hugh

An upper bound on the least inert prime in a real quadratic field

Granville, Andrew, Mollin, Richard and Williams, Hugh

A precise bound for gyroscopic stabilization

Kliem, W., Lancaster, Peter and Pommer, C.

Art gallery problem with guards whose range of vision is 180º

Toth, Csaba

Catwalks, sandsteps and {P}ascal pyramids

Guy, Richard

Characters of depth-zero, supercuspidal representations of the rank-2 symplectic group

Cunningham, Clifton

Completely disconnecting the complete graph

Ginsburg, John and Sands, Bill

Continued fractions, {J}acobi symbols, and quadratic {D}iophantine equations

Mollin, Richard and Poorten, A. J.

Corrigendum: ``Principally quasi-injective modules''

Park, J. K. and Yousif, Mohammed

Decision problems in quadratic function fields of high genus

Scheidler, Renate

Efficient computation of oscillatory integrals via adaptive multiscale local {F}ourier bases

Averbuch, A., Braverman, Elena, Coifman, R., Israeli, M. and Sidi, A.

Enforced drainage terrain models using minimum norm networks and smoothing splines

Malva, Leonor and Salkauskas, Kes

Existence of multiple solutions of critical quasilinear elliptic {N}eumann problems

Binding, Paul, Dr{\'a}bek, Pavel and Huang, Yin

Explicit primality criteria for {$(p-1)p\sp n-1$}

Stein, Andreas and Williams, Hugh

Extensible lattice sequences for quasi-{M}onte {C}arlo quadrature

Hickernell, Fred J., Hong, Hee, L'{\'E}cuyer, Pierre and Lemieux, Christiane

Fekete points for bivariate polynomials restricted to {$y=x\sp m$}

Bos, Len and Marchi, Stefano

Finding the volume of a mountain using stereological methods

Enns, Ernest

Fundamental units and continued fractions

Mollin, Richard

Geometric Ergodicity of Nonlinear Autoregressive Models With Changing Conditional Variances

Chen, Gemai and M. Chen

Ikeda-Nakayama rings

Camillo, V., Nicholson, W. Keith, Yousif, M.F. and Yousif, Mohammed

Inverse spectral problems for {S}turm-{L}iouville equations with eigenparameter dependent boundary conditions

Binding, Paul, Browne, Patrick and Watson, Bruce

Jump-number of means on graphs

Delhomm{\'e}, Christian, Pouzet, Maurice and Sauer, Norbert

Matricial repetitiveness and strong {$\pi$}-regularity of the ring of a {M}orita context

Haghany, A. and Varadarajan, Kalathoor

Matrix-valued corona theorem for multiply connected domains

Brudnyi, Alex

Monodromy in the hydrogen atom in crossed fields

Cushman, Richard and Sadovski{\'{\i}}, D. A.

Multivariate tests-of-fit and uniform confidence bands using a weighted bootstrap

Burke, Murray

On a stronger form of {R}ogers's lemma and the minimum surface area of {V}oronoi cells in unit ball packings

Bezdek, Karoly

On extensions of simple-injective rings

Park, Jae, Nicholson, W. Keith, Yousif, M.F. and Yousif, Mohammed

On finitely embedded rings

Nicholson, W. Keith, Yousif, M.F. and Yousif, Mohammed

On oscillation of a logistic equation with several delays

Berezansky, Leonid and Braverman, Elena

On rational {M}orley triangles

Bremner, Andrew, Goggins, Joseph R., Guy, Michael J. T. and Guy, Richard

On rhombic dodecahedra

Bezdek, Karoly

On Some Limit Cycle Solutions of Ordinary Differential Equations

Aggarwala, Ben

On the one-sample location hypothesis for mixed bivariate data

de Leon, Alexander and Carriere, KC

On the refinement and countable refinement numbers

Brendle, J, Just, Winfried and Laflamme, Claude

Oriented matroid rigidity of multiplices

Bisztriczky, Ted and Boroczky, K.

Oscillation of a second-order delay differential equation with middle term

Berezansky, L. and Braverman, Elena

Oscillation properties of a logistic equation with several delays

Berezansky, Leonid and Braverman, Elena

Parallel adaptive solution of a {P}oisson equation with multiwavelets

Averbuch, A., Braverman, Elena and Israeli, M.

Preconditioning block {L}anczos algorithm for solving symmetric eigenvalue problems

Dai, Hua and Lancaster, Peter

Purely cubic complex function fields with small units

Scheidler, Renate

Rabinowitsch revisited

Granville, Andrew and Mollin, Richard

Random Evolutions and Their Applications. New Trends

Swishchuk, Anatoliy

Reduction in purely cubic function fields of unit rank one

Scheidler, Renate in Buhler, Joe P Proceedings of the Fourth Algorithmic Number Theory Symposium(ANTS-IV), Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 1838

Relative boundedness and relative compactness for linear operators in {B}anach spaces

Binding, Paul

Remarks on the span of projective {S}tiefel manifolds

Zvengrowski, Peter

Results for Progressive Censoring with Pareto Failure: Properties, Moments, Inference, Simulation, and Recursive Computation

Aggarwala, Rita and Balakrishnan, N.

Robustness comparisons of some classes of location parameter estimators

Collins, John

R{RF} rings which are not {LRF}

Varadarajan, Kalathoor

Security of cryptosystems based on class groups of imaginary quadratic orders

Hamdy, Safuat and M{\"o}ller, Bodo

Some finiteness properties of groups and their automorphism groups

Deo, S. and Varadarajan, Kalathoor

Some Singular Motions of Non-Abelian Toda Lattices

Couch, W.E., Surovy,M and Torrence, R.J.

Spectral problems for non-linear {S}turm-{L}iouville equations with eigenparameter dependent boundary conditions

Binding, Paul, Browne, Patrick and Watson, Bruce

Statistics for life sciences

Nosal, Miloslav

Study of {H}opficity in certain classes of rings

Varadarajan, Kalathoor

Study of modules over formal triangular matrix rings

Haghany, A. and Varadarajan, Kalathoor

Sturm-{L}iouville problems with non-separated eigenvalue dependent boundary conditions

Binding, Paul and Browne, Patrick

Subpolytopes of cyclic polytopes

Bisztriczky, Ted and K{\'a}rolyi, Gyula

The cohomology ring of a class of {S}eifert manifolds

Bryden, John, Hayat-Legrand, C., Zieschang, H. and Zvengrowski, Peter

The Effect of Ambient Air Pollutant and Other Growth Regulating Environmental Variables on Foliar Injury of Saskatoon Serviceberry and on Biomass Response of Alfalfa 1999

Krupa, S. V., Legge, A. H., Nosal, Miloslav, Reid, A. and Ryl, E.

The minimal index of a self-adjoint pencil

Binding, Paul and Najman, Branko

The size of the fundamental solutions of consecutive {P}ell equations

Jacobson, Jr. and Williams, Hugh

Transversal designs in classical planes and spaces

Bruen, Aiden and Colbourn, Charles J.

Variational principles for real eigenvalues of self-adjoint operator pencils

Binding, Paul, Eschw{\'e}, David and Langer, Heinz

Voronoi's algorithm in purely cubic congruence function fields of unit rank 1

Scheidler, Renate and Stein, Andreas
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