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Publications - 2007


A likelihood approach to estimating sensitivity and specificity for binocular diagnostic data: Application in ophthalmology

de Leon, Alexander, Guo, M, Rudnisky, CJ and Singh, G

An affine model for the actions in an integrable system with monodromy

Bates, Larry and F. Fasso

An explicit treatment of biquadratic function fields

Wu, Qingquan and Scheidler, Renate

An Introduction to Cryptography--Second Edition

Mollin, Richard

From the Preface: * Includes items of contemporary interest, such as electronic mail and Internet security, as well as cutting-edge applications, including network security, biometrics, and smart cards *Discusses symmetric and public-key cryptosystems, the digital signature standard, and DES (via S-DES) *Covers Internet security issues, including identity theft, fraud, and financial data theft *Examines the human side of cryptography with nearly sixty mini-biographies. Continuing a bestselling tradition, An Introduction to Cryptography, Second Edition provides a solid foundation in cryptographic concepts that features all of the requisite background material on number theory and algorithmic complexity as well as a historical look at the field. With numerous additions and restructured material, this edition presents the ideas behind cryptography and the applications of the subject. The first chapter provides a thorough treatment of the mathematics necessary to understand cryptography, including number theory and complexity, while the second chapter discusses cryptographic fundamentals, such as ciphers, linear feedback shift registers, modes of operation, and attacks. The next several chapters discuss DES, AES, public-key cryptography, primality testing, and various factoring methods, from classical to elliptical curves. The final chapters are comprised of issues pertaining to the Internet, such as pretty good privacy (PGP), protocol layers, firewalls, and cookies. As well, it includes applications such as login and network security, viruses, smart cards, and biometrics. The book concludes with appendices on mathematical data, computer arithmetic, the Rijndael S-Box, knapsack ciphers, the Silver-Pohlig-Hellman algorithm, the SHA-1 algorithm, radix-64 encoding, and quantum cryptography.


A normed space with the Beckman-Quarles property

Ling, Joseph

A partial proof of the Erdos-Szekeres Conjecture for hexagons

Dehnhardt, Knut, Harborth, Heiko and Langi, Zsolt

A smooth invariant not a smooth function of the invariant polynomials

Bates, Larry

A stabilization criterion for matrices.

Wu, J-W.,, Lian, K-Y., and Lancaster, Peter

A universal Lipschitz extension property for Gromov hyperbolic spaces

Brudnyi, Alex and Brudnyi, Yuri


Bezdek, Karoly, Langi, Zsolt, Naszodi, Marton and Papez, Peter

Binary space partition for orthogonal fat rectangles

Toth, Csaba

Block LU factors of generalized companion matrix pencils

Amiraslani, Amirhossein, Aruliah, Dhaivde and Corless, Rob

Canonical structures for palindromic matrix polynomials

Lancaster, Peter, Prells, U. and Rodman, L.

Characterizations of conditional comonotonicity

Cheung, Ka Chun

Class number approximation in cubic function fields

Scheidler, Renate and Stein, Andreas

Class numbers of real quadratic orders, generalized Fermat numbers, and exponential Diophantine equations

Mollin, Richard

Cryptographic protocols on real hyperelliptic curves

Jacobson, Michael J., Scheidler, Renate and Stein, Andreas

Decompositions, partitions, and coverings with convex polygons and pseudo-triangles

Aichholzer, Oswin, Huemer, Clemens, Kappes, Sarah, Speckmannm, Bettina and Toth, Csaba

Detecting cuts in sensor networks

Shrivastava, Nisheeth, Suri, Subhash and Toth, Csaba

Determinants of airborne concentrations of volatile organic compounds in rural areas of Western Canada

You X, Senthilselvan A, Cherry N, Kim, Hyang Mi and Burstyn I

Diophantine equations and congruences

Mollin, Richard

Divisibility of countable metric spaces

Delhomme, Christian, Laflamme, Claude, Pouzet, Maurice and Sauer, Norbert

Encompassing colored crossing-free geometric graphs

Hurtado, Ferran, Kano, Mikio, Rappaport, David and Toth, Csaba

Entanglement transformations using separable operations

Gheorghiu, Vlad and Robert B. Griffiths

Estimation for location-scale models with censored Data

Lu, Xuewen, Singh, R.S. and Desmond, A.F.

Fast arithmetic on hyperelliptic curves via continued fraction expansions

Scheidler, Renate and Stein, Andreas in Shaska, T., Huffman, W. C. and Ustimenko, V. Advances in Coding Theory and Cryptology, Series on Coding Theory and Cryptology 3

Filtration Shrinkage by level-crossings of diffusion

Sezer, Deniz

Fractional monodromy in the {$1:-2$} resonance

Efstathiou, K., Cushman, Richard and Sadovski{\'{\i}}, D. A.

General mixed-data model: Extension of general location and grouped continuous models

de Leon, Alexander and Carriere, KC

Graphing Kendall's Tau

Davis, Matthew Kenneth and Chen, Gemai

Correlation is an important and widely used concept, and it is usually taught through word explanation or graphic description accompanied with a numeric measure if such a measure exists. In this note, we explore graphing one of the commonly used correlation measures, Kendall's ?, in such a way that we display how Kendall's ? is calculated and see how Kendall's ? is influenced by data features.


Implementing UNITIS to Bridge Information Gaps

Cerny, Jan and Wrubleski, Marc

Improved convex upper bound via conditional comonotonicity

Cheung, Ka Chun

Incenter iterations in the Plane and on the Sphere

Bisztriczky, Ted and Bezdek, A.

Industrial sources influence air concentrations of hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide in rural areas of Western Canada

Burstyn Igor, Senthilselvan A, Kim, Hyang Mi, Pietroniro E, Waldner C and Cherry N

Information Reduction by level-crossings in a credit risk model

Sezer, Deniz, Jarrow, Robert and Protter, Philip

Inverse electromagnetic problem for microstructured media, University of Utah

Zhang, Dali

Inverse spectral problems for semi-simple damped vibrating systems.

Lancaster, Peter

Isospectral families of high-order systems

Lancaster, Peter and Prells, U.

Limit theorems for change-point detection in nonparametric regression models

Burke, Murray

Liouvillian perturbations of black holes

Couch, W.E. and Holder,C.L.

M-estimators of scale with minimum gross errors sensitivity.

Szatmari-Voicu, D. and Collins, John

Metric spaces with linear extensions preserving Lipschitz condition

Brudnyi, Alex and Brudnyi, Yuri

New non-linear inequalities for flag-vectors of 4-polytopes

Ling, Joseph

On a generalized Kaplansky conjecture

Mollin, Richard

On an ODE Model for Development to AIDS

Aggarwala, Ben

On A Question of Erdos and Graham

Bauer, Mark and Bennet, M.

On composite lognormal-Pareto models

Scollnik, David

One-sample likelihood ratio tests for mixed data

de Leon, Alexander

On Estimating HIV in India-again

Aggarwala, Ben

On Gale and braxial polytopes

Bisztriczky, Ted and Bayer, M.

On holomorphic functions of slow growth on coverings of strongly pseudoconvex manifolds

Brudnyi, Alex

On holomorphic L^2 functions on coverings of strongly pseudoconvex manifolds

Brudnyi, Alex

On Inference for a Semiparametric Partially Linear Regression Model with Serially Correlated Errors

You, J and Chen, Gemai

On the Bezdek-Pach Conjecture for Centrally Symmetric Convex Bodies

Langi, Zsolt and Naszodi, Marton

On the relative distances of seven points in a plane convex body

Langi, Zsolt and Joós, Antal

On the vertex index of convex bodies

Bezdek, Karoly and Litvak, Alexander

Optimal allocation of policy limits and deductibles

Cheung, Ka Chun

Optimal investment-consumption strategy in a discrete-time model with regime switching

Cheung, Ka Chun and Hailiang Yang

Pointed binary encompassing trees: simple and optimal

Hoffmann, Michael, Speckmann, Bettina and Toth, Csaba

Pseudospectra of Matrix Polynomials that Are Expressed in Alternative Bases

Corless, Rob, Rezvani, Nargol and Amiraslani, Amirhossein

Quasi-morphic rings

Camillo, V.P. and Nicholson, W. Keith

Recognizing primes

Mollin, Richard

Remez type inequalities and Morrey-Campanato spaces on Ahlfors regular sets

Brudnyi, Alex and Brudnyi, Yuri

Scattering monodromy and the A1 singularity

Bates, Larry and R. Cushman

Selfish load balancing and atomic congestion games

Suri, Subhash, Toth, Csaba and Zhou, Yunhong

Semiparametric Generalized Least Squares Estimation in Partially Linear Regression Models With Correlated Errors

Chen, Gemai and You, J.

Some examples concerning left morphic elements in corner rings

Nicholson, W. Keith and Diesl, A.J.

Statistical Inference of Partially Linear Regression Models with Heteroscedastic Errors

Chen, Gemai, You, J and Zhou, Y

The conjugate locus for the Euler top I. The axisymmetric case

Bates, Larry and F. Fasso

The Urysohn sphere is oscillation stable

Nguyen Van Thé, Lionel and Sauer, Norbert

The Urysohn sphere is oscillation stable (updated version).

Nguyen Van Thé, Lionel and Sauer, Norbert
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