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Publications - 2008


A continuous d-step conjecture for polytopes

Deza, Antoine, Terlaky, Tamas and Zinchenko, Yuriy

Adjoint-based optimization of PDEs in moving domains

Protas, Bartosz and Liao, Wenyuan

Age and weak indivisibility

Sauer, Norbert

A generalization of projective covers

Alkan, M., Nicholson, W. Keith and Ozcan, A.C.

An adaptation of the NICE cryptosystem to real quadratic orders

Jacobson Jr., Michael J., Scheidler, Renate and Weimer, Daniel in Vaudenay, Serge Progress in Cryptology - AFRICACRYPT 2008, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 5023

An algebraic approach to the center problem for ODEs

Brudnyi, Alex

A new look at an old equation

Silvester, Alan, Sawilla, Reg and Williams, Hugh C.

A new nonstandard job shop scheduling algorithm

Xie, Zhiqiang, Ye, Guangjie and Zhang, Dali

A New Quantile Function Based Model for Modeling Price Behaviors in Financial Markets

Jiang, W, Wu, Z and Chen, Gemai

An implicit fourth-order compact finite difference scheme for one-dimensional Burgers' equation

Liao, Wenyuan

ANOVA extensions for mixed discrete and continuous data

de Leon, Alexander and Zhu, Y

Approximating Euler products and class number computation in algebraic function fields

Scheidler, Renate and Stein, Andreas

A priori estimates for infinitely degenerate quasilinear equations

Rios, Cristian, Sawyer, Eric and Wheeden, Richard

A simple grammar for generating cocompact Fuchsian groups, International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics:

Melko, Mike and

Big Ramsey degrees and divisibility in classes of ultrametric spaces

Nguyen Van Thé, Lionel

Case Deletion Diagnostics in Multilevel Models

Shi, L and Chen, Gemai

Computing fundamental units in bicyclic biquadratic global fields.

Wu, Qingquan

Construction of hyperelliptic function fields of high three-rank

Bauer, Mark, Lee, Yoonjin and Scheidler, Renate

Controlling the dose distribution with gEUD-type constraints within the convex radiotherapy optimization framework

Zinchenko, Yuriy

Corona theorem for coverings of Riemann surfaces of finite type

Brudnyi, Alex

Covering a plane convex body by its negative homothets

Langi, Zsolt

Cryptanalysis using genetic algorithms (abstract)

Bergmann, Karel, Scheidler, Renate and Jacob, Christian in Keijzer, Maarten GECCO '08: Proceedings of the 10th annual conference on Genetic and Evolutionary Computation

Deploying the Unit Information System Across the Institution via the Integrated Technology Action Group: One University's experience.

Cerny, Jan and Wrubleski, Marc

Detection of Outliers in Multilevel Models

Shi, L and Chen, Gemai

Fixed point-free isometric actions of topological groups on Banach spaces

Nguyen Van Thé, Lionel and Pestov, Vladimir

Formal paths, iterated integrals and the center problem for ODEs

Brudnyi, Alex

From the Kneser-Poulsen conjecture to ball-polyhedra

Bezdek, Karoly

Fundamental Number Theory with Applications

Mollin, Richard

My tenth book is the second edition of Fundamental Number Theory with Applications, the first edition of which was published in 1998. This second edition is a radical rewriting of the first edition. Indeed, virtually all advanced material has been removed and there has been an addition of new material such as combinatorial number theory, partitions, and generating functions. There is also an expanded and more involved discussion of random number generation, more applications to cryptology, primality testing, and factoring. As well there is an expanded coverage of Diophantine equations from a more elementary point of view. This includes a section for Legendre''s Theorem on the equation ax^2+by^2+cz^2=0 and an expanded view of Bachet''s equation y^2=x^3+k. Moreover, the coverage of sums of two, three, and four squares has been revised completely. This edition concentrates on criteria for representation and more on the total number of primitive representations where the extensive coverage of the total number of imprimitive representations in the first edition has been deleted. On the topic of sums of two squares, applications from continued fraction theory which was not covered in the first edition, are discussed in detail. Sums of cubes is given a separate section, also not covered in the first edition. See below for the Table of Contents of the second edition. Thus, now the text is truly "fundamental".


GARCH Option Pricing : a Semiparametric Approach

Badescu, Alexandru and Kulperger, Reg

Gaussian bounds for degenerate parabolic equations

Rios, Cristian and Cruz-Uribe, David

General criteria for determination of class groups of real quadratic orders

Mollin, Richard

Hartogs type theorems for CR L^2 functions on coverings of strongly pseudoconvex manifolds

Brudnyi, Alex

Higher Order Hochschild Homology and Its Decompositions

Bauer, Kristine

Indivisible ultrametric spaces.

Delhomme, Christian, Laflamme, Claude, Pouzet, Maurice and Sauer, Norbert

Information System for the Collection, Management, and Publication of Data Related to an Educational Unit (UNITIS)

Cerny, Jan and Wrubleski, Marc

INTUITIVE GEOMETRY, Periodica Mathematica Hungarica,57(2),Intuitive Geometry Workshop, BIRS (2007), Intuitive Geometry Day in Calgary, U. of Calgary (2007)

Bisztriczky, Ted, Fejes Toth, G,, Fodor, F, and Kuperberg, W.

Kirchberger-type theorems for separation by convex domains

Langi, Zsolt and Naszodi, Marton

Left quasi-morphic rings

Camillo, V.P., Nicholson, W. Keith and Wang, Z.

Linear and nonlinear extensions of Lipschitz functions from subsets of metric spaces

Brudnyi, Alex and Brudnyi, Yuri

Linearization of regular matrix polynomials

Lancaster, Peter

Model updating for self-adjoint quadratic eigenvalue problems.

Lancaster, Peter

Nonparametric estimation of linear functionals of a bivariate distribution under univariate censoring

Burke, Murray and Lu, Xuewen

On a problem of Specker about Euclidean representations of finite graphs

Nguyen Van Thé, Lionel

On braxtopes, a class of generalized simplices

Bisztriczky, Ted and Bayer, M.

On edge-antipodal d-polytopes

Bisztriczky, Ted and Boroczky, K.

On Factoring

Mollin, Richard

On local behavior of holomorphic functions along complex submanifolds of C^N

Brudnyi, Alex

On pseudospecrta of matrix polynomials and their boundaries.

Boulton, L., Lancaster, Peter and Psarrakos, P.


Aggarwala, Ben

On the decay of crossing numbers

Fox, Jacob and Toth, Csaba

On the Hadwiger numbers of centrally symmetric starlike disks

Langi, Zsolt

On the weighted Kneser-Poulsen conjecture

Bezdek, Karoly and Connelly, Robert

On uniform subalgebras of L^\infty on the unit circle generated by almost periodic functions

Brudnyi, Alex and Kinzebulatov, Damir

On WHO and AIDS Deaths in India

Aggarwala, Ben

Option Valuation with Normal Mixture GARCH Models

Badescu, Alexandru, Kulperger, Reg and Lazar, Emese

Ordering of optimal portfolio allocations in a model with mixture of fundamental risks

Cheung, Ka Chun

Pade approximations for identification of air bubble volume from temperature- or frequency-dependent permittivity of a two-component mixture

Zhang, Dali and Cherkaev, Elena

Polynomial equation in radicals

Khan, Muhammad Ali and M. Aslam

Prediction of Finite Population Total in Measurement Error Models

Kim, Hyang Mi and Saleh, AKMdE in Shalabh and Heumann, Christian Recent Advances in Linear Model and Related Areas

Prime Factors of Consecutive Integers

Bauer, Mark and Bennett, M.

Quantum error correcting codes using qudit graph states

Shiang Yong Looi, Li Yu, Gheorghiu, Vlad and Robert B. Griffiths

Regularity of subelliptic Monge-Ampère equations

Rios, Cristian, Sawyer, Eric and Wheeden, Richard

Relative Performance of Different Exposure Modeling Approaches for Sulfur Dioxide Concentrations in the Air in Rural Western Canada

Burstyn, Igor, Cherry, Nicola, Yasui, Yutaka and Kim, Hyang Mi

Report from the Ambassador to Cida-2

Cunningham, Clifton

Retracts of posets: the chain-gap property and the selection property are independent.

Laflamme, Claude, Duffus, Dwight and Pouzet, Maurice

Robust empirical Bayes tests for discrete distributions

Karunamuni, Rohana, Liang, Tachen and Wu, Jingjing

Separable operations on pure states

Gheorghiu, Vlad and Robert B. Griffiths

Small cycle double covers of products I: lexicographic product with paths and cycles

Nowakowski, Richard J. and Seyffarth, Karen

Some weak indivisibility results in ultrahomogeneous metric spaces

Nguyen Van Thé, Lionel and Sauer, Norbert

Stochastic orders of scalar products with applications

Hua, Lei and Cheung, Ka Chun

Structural Ramsey Theory of Metric Spaces and Topological Dynamics of Isometry Groups (Extended version of PhD Thesis)

Nguyen Van Thé, Lionel

Tabulation of cubic function fields with imaginary and unusual Hessian

Rozenhart, Pieter and Scheidler, Renate in van der Poorten, Alfred J. and Stein, Andreas Proceedings of the Eighth Algorithmic Number Theory Symposium (ANTS-VIII), Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 5011

Taxonomy of Cryptographic Pairings

Chisholm, Sarah

The largest k-ball in an n-box

Trelford, Ryan

The number of bounded solutions of norm-form equations via Pell equations and ambiguous classes of solutions

Mollin, Richard

The oscillation stability problem for the Urysohn sphere: A combinatorial approach

Lopez Abad, Jordi and Nguyen Van Thé, Lionel

The T(4) property of families of unit disks,

Bisztriczky, Ted, Fodor, Ferenc and Oliveros, D.

The Urysohn sphere is oscillation stable

Nguyen Van Thé, Lionel and Sauer, Norbert

The virtues of a deliberately misspecified disease model in demonstrating a gene-environment interaction

Burstyn, I and Kim, Hyang Mi

Vanishing of higher-order moments on Lipschitz curves

Brudnyi, Alex

Worst allocations of policy limits and deductibles

Hua, Lei and Cheung, Ka Chun
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