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Publications - 2009


Adjoint-based optimization of thermo-fluid phenomena in welding processes

Volkov, Oleg, Protas, Bartosz, Liao, Wenyuan and Glander, Don

An accurate and efficient numerical method for solving Black-Scholes equation in option pricing

Liao, Wenyuan and Zhu, Jianping

A note on the ABC conjecture

Mollin, Richard

Asymptotic Normality for EMS Option Price Estimator with Continuous or Discontinuous Payoff Functions

Yuan, Z and Chen, Gemai

Base points in homotopy theory and the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra

Bauer, Kristine, DeLoup, Florian and Zvengrowski, Peter

Bayesian Method for Improving Logistic Regression Estimates under Group-based Exposure Assessment with Additive Measurement Errors

Kim, Hyang Mi and Igor Burstyn

Center problem for ODEs with coefficients generating the group of rectangular paths

Brudnyi, Alex

Characterization of D=P^2+Q^2 when gcd(P,Q)=1 and x^2-Dy^2=-1 has no integer solutions

Mollin, Richard

Class number two for real quadratic fields of Richaud-Degert type

Mollin, Richard

Computation of genus 2 Hilbert-Siegel modular forms over Q(sqrt{5}) via the Jacquet-Langlands Correspondence

Cunningham, Clifton and Dembélé, Lassina

Covering convex bodies by cylinders and lattice points by flats

Bezdek, Karoly and Litvak, Alexander

Cryptography and Shift Registers

Mollin, Richard and Bruen, A.

Decomposition of the quantization representation of an SU(2) action

Bates, Larry and R. Cushman, M. Hamilton, J. Sniatycki

Diagonalizable quadratic eigenvalue problems.

Lancaster, Peter and Zaballa, I.

Direct numerical method for an inverse problem of a parabolic partial differential equation

Liao, Wenyuan, Dehghan, Mehdi and Mohebbi, A.

Distinguishing chromatic number of bipartite Graphs

Laflamme, Claude and Seyffarth, Karen

Esscher Transforms and Consumption-Based Models

Badescu, Alexandru, Elliott, Robert and Siu, Tak Kuen

Estimation of Q and phase velocity using the stress-strain relaxation spectrum, CREWES Research Report, Vol. 21, Chapter 76, p.1-14

Zhang, Dali, Lamoureux, Michael P. and Margrave, Gary F.

Explicit construction of integral bases of radical function fields.

Wu, Qingquan

Free subgroups of the group of formal power series and the center problem for ODEs

Brudnyi, Alex

High-order compact scheme for solving nonlinear Black-Scholes equations with transaction cost

Liao, Wenyuan and Khaliq, Abdul Q. M.

Holomorphic L^p functions on coverings of strongly pseudoconvex manifolds

Brudnyi, Alex

How to prove Fermat's last theorem

Mollin, Richard

Influence Measures for General Linear Models With Correlated Errors

Shi, L and Chen, Gemai

Inverse modeling of the quality factor in an attenuating medium, Frontiers/Innovation, 2009 CSPG CSEG CWLS Convention, p.301-304

Zhang, Dali, Lamoureux, Michael P. and Margrave, Gary F.

Joint estimation of diagnostic accuracy measures for paired organs-Application in ophthalmology

de Leon, Alexander, Soo, A, Bonzo, D and Rudnisky, C

Linear Algebra with Applications, Sixth Edition

Nicholson, W. Keith

Linearization of matrix polynomials expressed in polynomial bases

Amiraslani, A., Corless, Rob, Lancaster, Peter and Amiraslani, Amirhossein

Liouvillian quasinormal modes of Reissner-Nordstrom black holes

Couch, W.E. and Holder, C.L.

Local Influence in Multilevel Models

Shi, L and Chen, Gemai

Minimum Hellinger distance estimation in a nonparametric mixture model

Karunamuni, Rohana and Wu, Jingjing

Motivic proof of a character formula for SL(2)

Cunningham, Clifton and Gordon, Julia

Necessary conditions for entanglement catalysts

Sanders, Yuval Rishu and Gour, Gilad

On minimal prime graphs and posets

Pouzet, Maurice and Imed Zaguia

On minimum Hellinger distance estimation

Wu, Jingjing and Karunamuni, Rohana

On Multivariate Process Capability Indices using Principal Component Analysis

Shinde, Ramkrishna and Khadse K.G.

On Residue Symbols and Kummer's Reciprocity Law of Degree Seven

Caranay, Perlas

On t and EWMA t Charts for Monitoring Changes in the Process Mean

Chen, Gemai and Zhang, L

On the linear connection of a second order equation

Bates, Larry

On the X-ray number of almost smooth convex bodies and of convex bodies of constant width

Bezdek, Karoly and Kiss, Gyorgy

Optimal component selection for component-based systems

Khan, Muhammad Ali and S. Mahmood

Ottawa Lectures on Admissible Representations of p-adic Groups

Cunningham, Clifton and Nevins, Monica

Ottawa Lectures on Admissible Representations of p-adic Groups offers researchers and graduate students a rare introduction to some of the major modern themes in the representation theory of p-adic groups: the classification and construction of their (complex) admissible representations; the calculation of their characters; and the realization of the celebrated local Langlands correspondence. Recent years have seen significant and rapid progress made toward each of these goals; the purpose of this book is to help bridge the gap from the classical literature to the forefront of research. The first part of this volume is devoted to the tools and techniques used to classify and construct smooth representations of p-adic groups: the Bernstein decomposition; Bruhat-Tits theory and filtrations of subgroups; and an overview of J.K. Yu''s construction of supercuspidal representations, together with J.-.L Kim''s proof of that it is exhaustive. The second part begins with an historical overview of character computations and continues with an introduction to motivic integration. The volume concludes, in the third part, with an introduction to the local Langlands programme and a proof of the local Langlands correspondence for algebraic tori. The chapters, written by leaders in this field, arose from lecture notes of mini-courses delivered at workshops held at the University of Ottawa in 2004 and 2007.

Image of Pairings on Hyperelliptic Curves

Pairings on Hyperelliptic Curves

Balakrishnan, Jennifer, Belding, Juliana, Chisholm, Sarah, Eisentrager, Kirsten, Stange, Katherine and Teske, Edlyn

Partitions and Indivisibility Properties of Countable Dimensional Vector Spaces

Laflamme, Claude, Nguyen Van Thé, Lionel, Pouzet, Maurice and Sauer, Norbert

Probability based Process Capability Indices

Khadse K.G. and Shinde, Ramkrishna

Qualitative Models of Neural Activity and the Carleman Embedding Technique (2009)

Gezahagne, Azamed

Quantization of singular reduction

Bates, Larry and R. Cushman, M. Hamilton, J. Sniatycki

Rayleigh quotient algorithms for nonsymmetric matrix pencils.

Amiraslani, A. and Lancaster, Peter

Reconstruction of spectral function from effective permittivity of a composite material using rational function approximations

Zhang, Dali and Cherkaev, Elena

Representation of ideals of relational structures

Delhommé, Christian, Pouzet, Maurice, Sagi, Gabor and Sauer, Norbert

Riemann's zeta function

Mollin, Richard

Shortest billiard trajectories

Bezdek, Karoly and Bezdek, Daniel

Small cycle double covers of products II: categorical and strong products with paths and cycles

Nowakowski, Richard J. and Seyffarth, Karen

Smoothness of radial solutions to Monge-Ampère equations

Rios, Cristian and Sawyer, Eric

Strong Consistency of the Empirical Martingale Simulation Option Price Estimator

Yuan, Z and Chen, Gemai

Sufficient conditions for the projective freeness of Banach algebras

Brudnyi, Alex and Sasane, Amol

The Exact Run Length Distribution and Design of the S^2 Chart when the In-Control Variance is Estimated

Chen, Gemai, Castagliola, P and Celano, C

The Rabinowitsch-Mollin-Williams Theorem Revisited

Mollin, Richard

The ramification groups and different of a compositum of Artin-Schreier extensions

Wu, Qingquan and Renate Scheidler
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