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A `Big Mac' index for academics

Bates, Larry

A Combinatorial Approach to Quantum Error Correcting Codes

Reid, Samuel, De Sanctis, Bianca, Luna Patiarroy, German and Gheorghiu, Vlad

A moment-based approach for DVH-guided radiotherapy treatment plan optimization

Shirvani Ghomi, Pooyan, Zinchenko, Yuriy, M. Zarepisheh, M. Shakourifar and et, al

A Moment-Based Approach for DVH-Guided Radiotherapy Treatment Plan Optimization

M. Zarepisheh, M. Shakourifar, G. Trigila, P.S. Ghomi, Couzens, Sarah, A. Abebe, L. Norena, W. Shang, Steve B. Jiang and Y. Zinchenko

An adjoint-based hybrid computational method for crosswell seismic inversion

Cao, Danping and Liao, Wenyuan

Analysis and Comparison of under five Child Mortality between Rural and Urban area in Bangladesh

Afzal, Arfan Raheen and Alam S.

Analysis of mixed data: An overview

de Leon, Alexander and Carriere Chough, K in Analysis of Mixed Data: Methods & Applications
Image of Analysis of Mixed Data: Methods & Applications

Analysis of Mixed Data: Methods & Applications

de Leon, Alexander and Carriere Chough, K

An elementary proof of independence of least squares estimators of regression coefficients and of variance in linear regression

de Leon, Alexander and Punzalan, J

An extension of the Dirac theory of constraints

Bates, Larry and J. Sniatycki

A paradox about an atom and a photon

Scandolo, Carlo Maria

Asymptotic existence of orthogonal designs

Ghaderpour, Ebrahim

A Test for the Presence of Measurement Error in a Covariate in a Regression Model

Kim, Hyang Mi and Park, CG

Classification and symmetries of a family of continued fractions with bounded period length

Cheng, Kell Hiu-Fai, Guy, Richard K., Scheidler, Renate and Williams, Hugh C.

Classification of Multipartite Entanglement of All Finite Dimensionality

Gour, Gilad and Nolan R. Wallach

Closed, open or clopen?

Khan, Muhammad Ali

Coloring of signed graphs

Khan, Muhammad Ali, S. Pirzada and E. Sampathkumar

Comments on two papers concerning estimation of the parameters of the Pareto distribution in the presence of outliers

Scollnik, David

Compact fourth-order finite-difference modeling for 3D acoustic wave equation

Liao, Wenyuan and Cao, Danping

Computations in cubic function fields of characteristic three

Bauer, Mark and Webster, J.

Conditioning super-Brownian motion on its boundary statistics, and fragmentation

Sezer, Deniz and Salisbury, Tom

Constructing and tabulating dihedral function fields

Weir, Colin, Scheidler, Renate and Howe, Everett W. in Howe, Everett W. and Kedlaya, Kiran S. Proceedings of the Tenth Algorithmic Number Theory Symposium (ANTS-X), The Open Book Series, vol. 1

Contact graphs of unit sphere packings revisited

Bezdek, Karoly and Reid, Samuel

Convex sublattices and a fixed point property.

Laflamme, Claude, Duffus, Dwight, Pouzet, Maurice and Woodrow, Robert

Curves of constant torsion I

Bates, Larry and O. M. Melko

Discrete Geometry and Optimization

Bezdek, Karoly, Deza, Antoine and Ye, Yinyu (Eds.)

Distance sets of Urysohn metric spaces

Sauer, Norbert

Distinguishing chromatic numbers of wreath products

Hodgins, Cameron J. and Seyffarth, Karen

Distributional results for L-statistics based on random vectors with multivariate elliptical distributions

de Leon, Alexander, Mahmoodian, H and Jamalizadeh, A

Entanglement sharing protocol via quantum error-correcting codes

Ran Hee, Choi, Fortescue, Ben, Gour, Gilad and Sanders, Barry

Equal sum sequences and imbalance sets of tournaments

Khan, Muhammad Ali

Exponent two in class groups of real quadratic fields with discriminant d = k2s2 +_ 4s and prime-production of Euler-Rabinowitsch polynomials

Mollin, Richard


Mollin, Richard

Full waveform inversion of crosswell seismic data using automatic differentiation

Cao, Danping and Liao, Wenyuan

Geometrization of continuous characters of $\mathbb{Z}_p^\times$

Cunningham, Clifton and Kamgarpour, Masoud

High-order ADI finite difference scheme for 3D reaction-diffusion equation with Neumann boundary condition

Liao, Wenyuan

Holomorphic Banach vector bundles on the maximal ideal space of H∞ and the operator corona problem of Sz.-Nagy

Brudnyi, Alex

Hydrogeochemical interpretation of South Korean groundwater monitoring data using Self- Organizing Maps

Choi, BY, Yun, ST, Kim, JW, Kim, KH, Kim, Hyang Mi and Koh, YK

Hypoellipticity for infinitely degenerate quasilinear equations and the Dirichlet problem

Rios, Cristian, Sawyer, Eric and Wheeden, Richard

Implementing blended learning through studio courses

Khan, Muhammad Ali and S. Mahmood

Joint analysis of mixed discrete and continuous outcomes via copulas

Wu, Beilei, de Leon, Alexander and Withange, Niroshan in Analysis of Mixed Data: Methods & Applications

Joint analysis of multiple longitudinal mixed outcomes via Gaussian copula mixed models

Wu, B, Roy, M and de Leon, Alexander

Lectures on Sphere Arrangements - the Discrete Geometric Side

Bezdek, Karoly

Letter to the Editor re: "Sample size determination in clinical trials with multiple co-primary endpoints including mixed continuous and binary variables," by T. Sozu, T. Sugimoto, & T. Hamasaki

Wu, B and de Leon, Alexander

Minimum Hellinger distance estimation for a two-sample semiparametric cure rate model with censored survival data

Zhu, Yayuan, Wu, Jingjing and Lu, Xuewen

Molecular classification of acute leukemia

Chen, Guoqiang and Wu, Jingjing

Morphic p-groups

Nicholson, W. Keith and F. Aliniafeifard and Y. Li

New Class number one criteria for real quadaratic fields of Richaud-Degert type and prime-producing polynomials

Mollin, Richard

On a strong version of the Kepler conjecture

Bezdek, Karoly

On characterization of universal centers of ODEs with analytic coefficients

Brudnyi, Alex

On Generalizing a Temporal Formalism for Game Theory to the Asymptotic Combinatorics of S5 Modal Frames

Reid, Samuel

On Non-Standard Models of Peano Arithmetic and Tennenbaum's Theorem

Reid, Samuel

On the Probability of Relative Primality in the Gaussian Integers

Reid, Samuel and De Sanctis, Bianca

Optimal reinsurance in the presence of counterparty default risk

Asimit, Alexandru, Badescu, Alexandru and Cheung, Ka Chun

Optimal Risk Transfers in Insurance Groups

Asimit, Alexandru, Badescu, Alexandru and Tsanakas, Andreas

Optimal Risk Transfer under Quantile-Based Risk Measures

Asimit, Alexandru, Badescu, Alexandru and Verdonck, Tim

Oscillation of Urysohn Type Spaces

Sauer, Norbert

Overgroups of the automorphism group of the Rado graph.

Cameron, Peter, Laflamme, Claude, Pouzet, Maurice, Tarzi, Sam and Woodrow, Robert

Prime decomposition and class number factors for certain function fields

Bembom, Tobias, Scheidler, Renate and Wu, Qingquan

Ramsey degrees of boron tree structures

Jasinski, Jakub

Random sampling of minimally cyclic digraphs with given imbalance sequence

Khan, Muhammad Ali, K. Kayibi, S. Pirzada and A. Ivanyi

Rigid ball-polyhedra in Euclidean 3-space

Bezdek, Karoly and Naszodi, Marton

Section 12.4 Hyperelliptic Curves

Scheidler, Renate and Jacobson Jr., Michael J. in Handbook of Finite Fields

Semiprime left quasi-morphic rings

Nicholson, W. Keith

Separation in Convex Polytopes

Bisztriczky, Ted

Statistical Inference of Multivariate Partially Linear Regression Models

You, J and Chen, Gemai

Stein-like theory for Banach-valued holomorphic functions on the maximal ideal space of H∞

Brudnyi, Alex

Stein-like theory for Banach-valued holomorphic functions on the maximal ideal space of H^\infty and the operator corona problem of Sz.-Nagy

Brudnyi, Alex

Uniform sampling of k-hypertournaments

Khan, Muhammad Ali, K. K. Kayibi and S. Pirzada

Universal Uncertainty Relations

Gour, Gilad, Friedland, Shmuel and Gheorghiu, Vlad
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