University of Calgary

Publications - 2014


A hybrid tomography method for crosswell seismic inversion

Cao, Danping and Liao, Wenyuan

A mollified marching solution of an inverse ablation-type moving boundary problem

Garshasbi, Morteza and Dastour, Hatef

An adjoint-based hybrid computational method for crosswell seismic inversion

Cao, Danping and Liao, Wenyuan

An efficient fourth-order low dispersive finite difference scheme for 2-D acoustic wave equation

Das, Sambit, Liao, Wenyuan and Gupta, Anirudh

A Pareto Scale-Inflated Outlier Model and Its Bayesian Analysis

Scollnik, David

Banach spaces of polynomials as “large” subspaces of l∞-spaces

Brudnyi, Alex

Bivariate categorical data analysis using normal linear conditional multinomial probability model

Sun, Bingrui (Cindy) and Brajendra Sutradhar

Cayley graphs on nilpotent groups with cyclic commutator subgroup are Hamiltonian.

Ghaderpour, Ebrahim and Morris, Dave Witte

Centrality inspired quality measures for network based schedules

Khan, Muhammad Ali and M. Siddiqui

Comparative Analysis of Revenue and Expenditure of Bangladesh Railway and the Future Trends

Bagmar, Md. Shaddam Hossain, Ahmed, Saud and Deepty, Sheikh Tanzila

Comparison of scalar multiplication on real hyperelliptic curves

Rezai Rad, Monireh, Jacobson Jr., Michael J. and Scheidler, Renate

Computable entanglement conversion witness that is better than the negativity

Girard, Mark and Gour, Gilad

Conditional dependence in joint analysis of correlated non-Gaussian continuous outcomes

Withange, Niroshan, Roy, M, Geys, H, Van der Leede, BJ and de Leon, Alexander

Corona problem for H∞ on Riemann surfaces

Brudnyi, Alex

Cross effects and calculus in an unbased setting

Bauer, Kristine, Johnson, Brenda, McCarthy, Randy and Eldred, Rosona

Differential relations on weak Markov sets

Brudnyi, Alex

Entanglement and thermodynamics in general probabilistic theories

Scandolo, Carlo Maria

Estimation of unknown boundary functionsin an inverse heat conduction problem using a mollified marching scheme

Garshasbi, Morteza and Dastour, Hatef

Gaussian copula mixed models for clustered mixed outcomes, with application in developmental toxicology

Wu, Beilei and de Leon, Alexander

General Linear and Symplectic Nilpotent Orbit Varieties

Reid, Samuel

Globally rigid ball-polyhedra in Euclidean 3-space

Bezdek, Karoly

Heats of Formation of Benzene Aromarings

Reid, Samuel and Dooley, Scott

Hypoellipticity of certain infinitely degenerate second order operators

Rios, Cristian and Korobenko, Lyudmila

Infrastructure: structure inside the class group of a real quadratic field

Scheidler, Renate and Jacobson Jr., Michael J.

Joint estimation of disease-specific sensitivities and specificities in reader-based multi-disease diagnostic studies of paired organs

Withanage, N, de Leon, Alexander and Rudnisky, CJ

Letter to the Editor re: "Logistic regression with multiple random effects: A simulation study of estimation methods and statistical packages," by Y. Kim, Y.-K. Choi, & S. Emery

Inan, G, Ilk-Dag, O and de Leon, Alexander

Lq norm inequalities for analytic functions revisited

Brudnyi, Alex

Medical and nursing students' intentions to work abroad or in rural areas: a cross-sectional survey in Asia and Africa

Silvestri, D. M., Blevins M., Afzal, Arfan Raheen, Ben A., Derbew M., Kaur S., Mipando M., Mkony C. A., Mwachaka P. M., Ranjit N. and Vermund S.

Minimum profile Hellinger distance estimation for a semiparametric mixture model

Xiang, Sijia, Yao, Weixin and Wu, Jingjing

Moments finiteness problem and characterization of universal centers of ODEs with analytic coefficients

Brudnyi, Alex

On convex optimization problems in quantum information theory

Girard, Mark, Gour, Gilad and Friedland, Shmuel

On minimal tilings with convex cells each containing a unit ball

Bezdek, Karoly in Bezdek, Karoly, Deza, Antoine and Ye, Yinyu (Eds.) Discrete Geometry and Optimization

On rings where left principal ideals are left principal annihilators

Nicholson, W. Keith and Camillo, V.

On the completion problem for algebra H∞

Brudnyi, Alex

On the dispersion, stability and accuracy of a compact higher-order finite difference scheme for 3D acoustic wave equation

Liao, Wenyuan

On the quasi-linear reflected backward stochastic partial differential equations

Qiu, Jinniao and Wei, Wenning

Ordered *-semigroups and a C*-correspondence for a Partial Isometry

Brenken, B.

Plank theorems via successive inradii

Bezdek, Karoly

Portfolio Optimization under Solvency Constraints : a Dynamical Approach

Asanga, Sujith, Asimit, Alexandru, Badescu, Alexandru and Haberman, Steven

Proportional Factors Estimation in an IHCP

Garshasbi, Morteza and Dastour, Hatef

Quadratic Hedging Schemes for non-Gaussian GARCH Models

Badescu, Alexandru, Elliott, Robert and Ortega, Juan-Pablo

Ramsey precompact expansions of homogeneous directed graphs

Laflamme, Claude, Jasinski, Jakub, Woodrow, Robert and Nguyen Van The, Lionel

Regarding Folded Models and the Paper by Brazauskas and Kleefeld (2011)

Scollnik, David

Review of “Latent Markov Models for Longitudinal Data,” by F. Bartolucci, A. Farcomeni & F. Pennoni

de Leon, Alexander

Sample size calculation in clinical trials with mixed binary and continuous co-primary endpoints: Application of Gaussian copula models

Wu, B, Akdur, H, Bonzo, Daniel and de Leon, Alexander

Selected open problems in discrete geometry and optimization

Bezdek, Karoly, Deza, Antoine and Ye, Yinyu in Bezdek, Karoly, Deza, Antoine and Ye, Yinyu (Eds.) Discrete Geometry and Optimization

Separation in and X-Raying of Convex Bodies

Trelford, Ryan

Smiling for the Delayed Volatility Swaps

Vadori, Nelson and Swishchuk, Anatoliy

Some improvement on convergence rates of kernel density estimator

Xie, Xiaoran and Wu, Jingjing

Stabilization of prescribed values and periodic orbits with regular and pulse target oriented control

Braverman, Elena and Chan, Brian

Stable modules and a theorem of Camillo and Yu

Nicholson, W. Keith and H. Chen

Strong law of large numbers and central limit theorems for functionals of inhomogeneous semi-Markov processes

Vadori, Nelson and Swishchuk, Anatoliy

Student perceptions of online homework in preparatory year pre-calculus courses

Khan, Muhammad Ali and Yushau, Balarabe

Tarski's plank problem revisited

Bezdek, Karoly

The asymptotic existence of orthogonal designs

Ghaderpour, Ebrahim and Kharaghani, Hadi

The k-dominating graph

Haas, Ruth and Seyffarth, Karen

The moment densities of super Brownian motion and an Harnack estimate for a class of X-harmonic functions

Sezer, Deniz and Salisbury, Tom

Universality of intervals of line graph order

Hubicka, Jan, Jiří Fiala and Yangjing Long
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