University of Calgary

Publications - 2015


Accurate acoustic and elastic beam migration without slant stack for complex topography

Huang, Jianping, Yuan, Maolin, Liao, Wenyuan, Li, Zhenchun and Yue, Yubo

A computational method for full waveform inversion of crosswell seismic data using automatic differentiation

Cao, Danping and Liao, Wenyuan

Age and weak indivisibility

Sauer, Norbert

A generalized approach to resource theories

Scandolo, Carlo Maria

A generalized Goursat lemma

Bauer, Kristine, Sen, Debasis and Zvengrowski, Peter

An adjoint-based Jacobi-type iterative method for elastic full waveform inversion problem

Liao, Wenyuan

A non-Markovian liquidation problem and backward SPDEs with singular terminal conditions

Graewe, Paulwin, Horst, Ulrich and Qiu, Jinniao

A note on L-packets and abelian varieties over local fields

Cunningham, Clifton and Achter, Jeffrey

A note on the geometric quantization of angular momentum

Bates, Larry and J. Sniatycki

Arbitrarily Sampled Fourier Transform for 5D Interpolation

John Guo, Ye Zheng and Liao, Wenyuan

A Rolle type theorem for cyclicity of zeros of family of analytic functions

Brudnyi, Alex

A strongly A-stable time integration method for solving the nonlinear reaction-diffusion equation

Liao, Wenyuan

Asymptotic Enumeration of I_3-free Digraphs

Aranda Lopez, Andres

Capital Requirements and Optimal Investment with Solvency Probability Constraints

Asimit, Alexandru, Badescu, Alexandru, Siu, Tak Kuen and Zinchenko, Yuriy

Choice of algorithm and data domain for 5D trace interpolation

Ye Zheng, Laurie Ross, John Guo, Liao, Wenyuan, Balazs Nemeth and Christian Escalante

Computing quadratic function fields with high 3-rank via cubic field tabulation

Rozenhart, Pieter, Jacobson Jr., Michael J. and Scheidler, Renate

Conservation of information and the foundations of quantum mechanics

Chiribella, Giulio and Scandolo, Carlo Maria

Construction of all cubic function fields of a given square-free discriminant

Scheidler, Renate, Jacobson Jr. Michael J., Lee, Yoonjin and Williams, Hugh C.

Density bounds for outer parallel domains of unit ball packings

Bezdek, Karoly and Langi, Zsolt

Efficient sieve estimation of the partly linear additive hazards regression model with current status data

Lu, Xuewen and Song, Peter X.-K.

Entanglement and thermodynamics in general probabilistic theories

Chiribella, Giulio and Scandolo, Carlo Maria

Enumeration of polyomino tilings via hypergraphs

Khan, Muhammad Ali

Erratum: Numerical estimation of the relative entropy of entanglement

Girard, Mark, Zinchenko, Yuriy, Friedland, Shmuel and Gour, Gilad

Erratum: Numerical estimation of the relative entropy of entanglement

Girard, Mark W., Zinchenko, Yuriy, Friedland, Shmuel and Gour, Gilad

Forward–backward stochastic differential systems associated to Navier–Stokes equations in the whole space

Delbaen, Freddy, Qiu, Jinniao and Tang, Shanjian

From Sobolev Inequality to Doubling

Rios, Cristian, Lyudmila Korobenko and Diego Maldonado

High Fidelity Seismic Trace Interpolation

John Guo, Ye Zheng and Liao, Wenyuan

Imprimitive Homogeneous Simple 3-graphs, part 1

Aranda Lopez, Andres

Infinitely Many Periodic Solutions for a Class of Perturbed Second-Order Differential Equations with Impulses

Salari, Amjad and (with Shapour Heidarkhani and Massimiliano Ferrara )

Joint estimation of multiple disease-specific sensitivities and specificities via crossed random effects models for correlated reader-based diagnostic data: Application of data cloning

Withanage, N, de Leon, Alexander and Rudnisky, CJ

Least-squares wavelet analysis

Ghaderpour, Ebrahim

Line Graphs of Triangle-free Graphs

Aranda Lopez, Andres

Maximum principle for optimal control of neutral stochastic functional differential systems

Wei, Wenning

Measuring flexibility in software project schedules

Khan, Muhammad Ali and Mahmood, Sajjad

Modeling Under-dispersed Count Data Using Generalized Poisson Regression Approach

Husain, Md. Maidul and Bagmar, Md. Shaddam Hossain

No monodromy in the champagne bottle (and singularities of a superintegrable system)

Bates, Larry and F. Fasso

Non-Gaussian GARCH Option Pricing Models and their Continuous Time Limits

Badescu, Alexandru, Elliott, Robert and Ortega, Juan-Pablo

Not-quite-Hamiltonian reduction

Bates, Larry and J. Sniatycki

On scores, losing scores and total scores in k-hypertournaments

Khan, Muhammad Ali, S. Pirzada, Z. Guofei and K. K. Kayibi

On the Cauchy-Dirichlet problem in a half space for backward SPDEs in weighted Hölder spaces

Wei, Wenning

On the Stability of Solutions to a Phase Transition Model.

Hardeman-Vooys, Heather and Robinson, Stephen

Operational axioms for diagonalizing states

Chiribella, Giulio and Scandolo, Carlo Maria

Pairs of orthogonal countable ordinals

Laflamme, Claude, Sauer, Norbert, Pouzet, Maurice and Zaguia, Imed

Profile Hellinger distance estimation

Wu, Jingjing and Karunamuni, Rohana

Signed group orthogonal designs and their applications

Ghaderpour, Ebrahim in Colbourn, Charles J Algebraic Design Theory and Hadamard Matrices

Some constructions for amicable orthogonal designs

Ghaderpour, Ebrahim

Spindle starshaped sets

Bezdek, Karoly and Naszodi, Marton

Squares from sums of fixed powers

Bauer, Mark and Bennett, M.

The Hamilton-Jacobi equation, integrability, and nonholonomic systems

Bates, Larry, Fasso, Francesco and Sansonetto, Nicola

The Kato problem for operators with weighted ellipticity

Rios, Cristian and Cruz-Uribe, David

The Quasiorder of Graphs on an Ordinal

Sauer, Norbert, P. Komjath and J. Larson

The λ−τ structured inverse eigenvalue problem

Hassani Monfared, Keivan and Shader, Bryan

Tracking Changes and Identifying Determinants of Child Malnutrition Status over the Past Decade in Bangladesh

Bagmar, Md. Shaddam Hossain and Khudri, Md. Mohsan

Unbased calculus for functors to chain complexes

Bauer, Kristine, Basterra, Maria, Beaudry, Agnes, Eldred, Rosona, Johnson, Brenda, Merling, Mona and Yeakel, Sarah

Variable selection in a log-linear Birnbaum-Saunders regression model for high-dimensional survival data via the elastic-net and stochastic EM

Zhang, Yukun, Lu, Xuewen and Desmond, A.F.

Variable selection in a log-linear Birnbaum-Saunders regression model for high-dimensional survival data via the elastic-net and stochastic EM.

Zhang, Yukun, Lu, Xuewen and Desmond, A. F.
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