University of Calgary

Publications - 2020


Adaptive Group Bridge Selection in the Semiparametric Accelerated Failure Time Model.

Huang, Longlong, Kopciuk, Karen and Lu, Xuewen

Adaptive thresholding estimator for differential association structures in two independent contingency tables

Ghoreishi, Seyed Kamran and Wu, Jingjing

An almost-solvable model of complex network dynamics

Guo, Qi and Artur Sowa

An empirical classification procedure for nonparametric mixture models

Zhao, Qiang, Karunamuni, Rohana and Wu, Jingjing

A universal partition result for infinite homogeneous Kn-free and related graphs.

Laflamme, Claude, Woodrow, Robert, Soukup, Daniel T and Aranda, Andres

Bounds for totally separable translative packings in the plane

Bezdek, Karoly and Langi, Zsolt

Change Detection within Remotely Sensed Satellite Image Time Series via Spectral Analysis

Ghaderpour, Ebrahim and Vujadinovic, Tijana

Computing modular polynomials and isogenies of rank two Drinfeld modules over finite fields

Caranay, Perlas, Greenberg., Matthew and Scheidler, Renate in Brenner, S, Shparlinski, I., Shu, S.-W. and Szyld, D. B. 75 Years Mathematics of Computation

Design of optimal insurance contracts under distortion risk measure with ambiguity aversion

Jiang, Wenjun, Marcos Escobar and Jiandong, Ren

Divisor class group arithmetic on C_{3,4} curves

MacNeil, Evan, Jacobson Jr, Michael J. and Scheidler, Renate in Galbraith, Steven D. Proceedings of the Fourteenth Algorithmic Number Theory Symposium (ANTS-XIV)

FamEvent: An R Package for Generating and Modeling Time-to-Event Data in Family Designs.

Choi,Yun-Hee, Briollais, Laurent, He, Wenqing and Kopciuk, Karen

From spherical to Euclidean illumination

Bezdek, Karoly and Langi, Zsolt

L2-Theory of Linear Degenerate SPDEs and Lp (p>0) Estimates for the Uniform Norm of Weak Solutions

Qiu, Jinniao

Least-squares spectral and wavelet analyses of V455 Andromedae time series: The life after the super-outburst

Ghaderpour, Ebrahim and Ghaderpour, Shahnaz

Least-squares Wavelet and Cross-wavelet Analyses of VLBI Baseline Length and Temperature Time Series: Fortaleza–Hartebeesthoek–Westford–Wettzell

Ghaderpour, Ebrahim

Multivariate General Compound Hawkes Processes and their Applications in Limit Order Books

Guo, Qi and Swishchuk, Anatoliy

Multivariate General Compound Point Processes in Limit Order Books

Guo, Qi, Remillard, Bruno and Swishchuk, Anatoliy

Necessary and sufficient conditions on measurements of quantum channels

Burniston, John, Grabowecky, Michael, Scandolo, Carlo Maria, Chiribella, Giulio and Gour, Gilad

Nonparametric “anti-Bayesian” quantile-based pattern classification

Mahmoudi, Fatemeh, Mostafa Razmkhah and John B Oommen

On Model Comparison: Application of Savage-Dickey Density Ratio to Bayes Factor

Akanbi, O. B., Olubusoye, O. E. and Babatunde, Samuel

On uniform contractions of balls in Minkowski spaces

Bezdek, Karoly

Prevalence, risk factors and genotype distribution of Toxoplasma gondii DNA in soil in China

Cong, Wei, Zhang, Nianzhang, Hu, Ruisi, Zou, Fengcai, Zou, Yang, Zhong, Wenyan, Wu, Jingjing, Fallaize, Christopher J., Zhu, Xingquan and Elsheikha, Hany M.

Richard Kenneth Guy (1916-2020)

Scheidler, Renate and Woodrow, Robert

Serre-Hazewinkel Local Class Field Theory and a Geometric Proof of the Local Langlands Conjecture for $\operatorname{GL}(1)$

Vooys, Geoff

Speh representations are relatively discrete

Smith, Jerrod

The first law of general quantum resource theories

Sparaciari, Carlo, del Rio, Lídia, Scandolo, Carlo Maria, Faist, Philippe and Oppenheim, Jonathan

The microscopic derivation and well-posedness of the stochastic Keller-Segel equation

Huang, Hui and Qiu, Jinniao

The potential of the least-squares spectral and cross-wavelet analyses for near-real-time disturbance detection within unequally spaced satellite image time series

Ghaderpour, Ebrahim and Vujadinovic, Tijana

Valuation of VIX and Target Volatility Options with affine GARCH models

Cao, Hongkai, Badescu, Alexandru, Cui, Zhenyu and Jayaraman, Sarath Kumar
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