University of Calgary

PHYS 223 - Intro Electromagnet, Thermal Phys - Summer 2008

Modules M4, M5, M6 and L1. Intended for students intending to major in Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Geology, or Geophysics. M4 Electric Forces and Circuits. Electric force, field, potential energy, potential, and potential gradient. Current, electromotive force, Ohm's law, meters, DC circuits, Kirchhoff's rules. M5 Magnetic Forces. Magnetic field, force on a moving charge, flux, Faraday's law, Lenz's law; applications; magnetic force on a current; magnetic field of a current; magnetic materials; applications. M6 Fluids and Thermal Physics. Hydrostatics; buoyancy; fluid flow; Bernoulli equation; gas laws; kinetic theory of gases; temperature; internal energy; specific heat; energy transfer; first law of thermodynamics; PVT diagrams. L1 Physics Laboratory I. Laboratory to accompany Physics 213 and 223. Experimental techniques, data collection, graphical analysis, and report writing, applied to experiments in mechanics, electromagnetism, fluid mechanics, and thermodynamics. Students will be required to choose 8 experiments from a list of experiments.
This course may not be repeated for credit.


  • H(3-3T-3)


  • Credit for both Physics 223 and any of Physics 207 or 213 or 355 will not be allowed


  • Physics 211 or 221 or 227


This course will be offered next in Winter 2009.
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