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Brandon Beasley

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My dissertation is about pragmatist approaches to intentionality and normativity in nature; that is, it is animated by the question of the place of mind and agency in the natural world. I place pragmatism in a tradition of thought that stretches back to Kant, and evaluate its success in accounting for discursive intentionality (i.e., conceptual understanding) in three moments in its history via three pivotal figures: John Dewey, Wilfrid Sellars, and Robert Brandom (with, of course, appearances by others). I argue that this pragmatist tradition has not yet synthesized a workable combination of pragmatism's best ideas, and that the successes and instructive shortcomings of these three thinkers' work suggests the shape of such a view and where we should look to take this tradition into its next stage.


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  • Doctoral Student
    Degree: Doctor of Philosophy
    Supervisor: Mark Migotti
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