University of Calgary

John Heintz

  • Professor Emeritus - Philosophy

Past Graduate Students

1978 - Hudson, Rory K.:A Theory of Warranted Assertion
1976 - Cornwall, Claudia M.: The Evolution of Persons

2001 - Flanagan, Jane: Expression in Abstract Art
2001- Jackson, Todd: Music, Imagery, and Perception
1996 - Calder, Todd: Problems for Truth and Reference in Fictional Contexts
1995 - Hajnal, Peter: Computation and Causality
1990 - Vickerman, Donald P.: Objectivity and Meaning: An Elucidation of "Truth"
1988 - Gordon, Bruce: (Course-based)
1988 - Gorham, Geoffrey: Explanatory Inference and Entity Realism
1984 - Walde, Karen: A Metaphysically Neutral Theory of Meaning
1981 - Hinds, Ronald: Essence, Identity, and Self
1977 - Groarke, Leo A.: Zeno's Paradoxes, the Infinite, and Wittgenstein

Photograph of John Heintz
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