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Graduate Supervision


2013: Sara Bagg, Sitting in Judgement: Moral Constraints on Judicical Reasoning within Bounds of Law. 

2011: David Guerrero, Against Naturalistic Conceptions of Health: In Defence of Constrained Normativism.

2011: Matthew Murphy, Why Not be an Amoralist? 

 2011: Ryan Tanner, Reasons, Final Value, and Relative Value

2009: Speranza Dolgetta, The Moral Status of Germ Line Gene Manipulation: Practical Considerations

2009: Christopher Marriott, Folk Psychology, Cognitive Ethology, and Artificial Agents  [Co-supervised with Dr. James Parker, Department of Computer Science, University of Calgary – joint degree in philosophy and computer science]

2007: Andrew Fenton, Aping the Substantive Epistemic Subject? In Search of Epistemic Equals in the Genus Pan

2005: Greg Janzen, The Reflexive Nature of ConsciousnessUniversity of Calgary Nominee for the 2005 Canadian Association of Graduate Studies Distinguished Dissertation Award.

2004: Miri Albahari, The Two Tiered Illusion of Self – University of Calgary Nominee for the 2004 Canadian Association of Graduate Studies Distinguished Dissertation Award.

2000: Janet Sisson, The Influence of Mathematics on Plato's Moral Theory

1998: Andrew Bailey, Phenomenal Properties: The Epistemology and Metaphysics of Qualia

1993: Christopher Hadfield, Transcendental Naturalism

1989: John F.H. Pugsley, Materialism and Mental Realism

1988: Robert Gordon, Textual Representation:  A Semeiotic Theory of Translation

1980: William Bowles, On the Possibility of Social Welfare Function

1980: Karl Pfeifer, Events, Individuation and Identity

1977: Wesley E.Cooper, Materialism and the Mind/Body Problem

1975: David K. Mercer,  Vagueness and Precision

M.A. Degree

2011: Kimberly Brumble, Experiments, Thought Experiments and Virtual Experiments.

2007: Dario Cankovic, Ignorance is Bliss: The Case Against State of the World Theories of a Good Life

2000: Nevena Kovatcheva,  Account and Method in Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics

1999: Speranza Dolgetta,  Designing Genes: The Moral Permissibility of Germ Line Genetic Engineering

1997: David Raymond, Information Conveyance: A Critique of Claude E. Shannon’s Noise/Signal Distinction

1995: Caroline Carrasco, Moral Standing: Towards An Alternative Moral Framework

1994: David J.H. Baumslag, Rhetoric and Moral Reasoning

1994: Lorraine B.Hardingham, Ethical Interpretation in Ethical Conflict

1992: Andree Fortin, Are Corporations Morally Responsible?

1991: David White,  The Concept of Supervenience

1990: John Sarnecki,  Empty Heads and Narrow Minds:  Mental Content and the Environment

1988: Kathryn Whittle, New Coherentism in the Face of Scepticism

1987: Stephen F. Downes,  Models and Modality

1987: Edrie Sobstyl,  Folk Psychology:  Relic or Reality?

1984: Christopher Hadfield,  The Preconditions of Demonstrative Thought

1980: Robert C. Gordon,  Picturing Subjects

1979: Judith A. Threet,  A Critique Of Quine's Indeterminacy, Gavagai, Gallivant And Gainsay

1975: John Ibberson,  Protagorean Relativism in the Theaetetus

1971: Robert Drane,  Convention and Agreement

1971: Dennis E.McKerlie,  An Examination of Some Problems in Aristotle's Account of Practical Intellect

1970: Carol M. Wilson,  Berkeley's Ethics

1969: Lawrence Hewitt,  Meaning and Concepts



Canadian Assocation of University Teachers

Treasurer [2005-2014] and ex officio Member of the Executive Committee.


The University of Calgary Faculty Association [TUCFA]

Grievance Advisor, University of Calgary Faculty Association, 1996-2000, 2009–2014.

Vice President and Treasurer, 2014 to the present

President, University of Calgary Faculty Association, University of Calgary, 2000–2003

Principal Negotiator, University of Calgary Faculty Association, July 1, 2001–2002

Member of Board of Directors, 1996-present

Ex-officio Member of the Executive Committee [1996-2003, 2009-present]

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