University of Calgary

Publications - 1995


At Home in the Universe

Kauffman, Stuart

Divine Will and Mathematical Truth:The Conflict between Descartes and Gassendi on the Status of Eternal Truths

Osler, Margaret in Ariew, Roger and Grene, Marjorie Descartes and His Contemporaries:Meditations, Objections and Replies

Generalizing theorems in real closed fields

Baaz, Matthias and Zach, Richard

Moral Content and Social Explanation: From the Perspective of Analytical Marxism

Ware, Robert in Luther, S. F., Neumaier, J.J. and Parsons, H.L. Diverse Perspectives on Marxist Philosophy--East and West

Peirce's first rule of reason and the bad faith of Rortian post-philosophy

Migotti, Mark

Schopenhauer's pessimism and the unconditioned good

Migotti, Mark

Wittgenstein's Elephant and Closet Tortoise

Grant, Brian
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