University of Calgary

Publications - 2000


Andreas-Salomé and the Contemporary Essentialism Debate.

Markotic, Lorraine

Bodies and Eternity: Nietzsche’s Relation to the Feminine

Froese, Katrin

Chalmers on the addition of consciousness to the physical world

Latham, Noa

Did Duns Scotus Invent Possible Worlds Semantics?

Wyatt, Nicole

From the Golden Rule to Kantian Ethics, From Gold Rules to Hard Decisions, When Gold Rules will Not Do

Baker, John

How We Should Teach Plantinga’s Possible Persons

Fantl, Jeremy


Kauffman, Stuart

Is Pascal's Wager Self-Defeating?

MacIntosh, Jack

Love's Paradox: Hegel's Account of Marriage

Brake, Elizabeth

Marriage, Influence and Deception in Merchant Ivory's Adaptations of The Europeans and The Bostonians

Brake, Elizabeth in Henry James on the Stage and Screen

Medical Complexities

Baker, John

Renaissance Humanism, Lingering Aristotelianism, and The New Natural Philosophy: Gassendi on Final Causes

Osler, Margaret in Kraye, Jill and Stone, Martin Humanism and Early Modern Philosophy

Rethinking the Scientific Revolution

Osler, Margaret

The Canonical Imperative: Rethinking the Scientific Revolution

Osler, Margaret in Osler, Margaret J. Rethinking the Scientific Revolution

The Peter Principle

Baker, John

The Tension in Wittgenstein’s Diagnosis of Scepticism

Buchanan, Reid

What the Academics of the University want in our new President

Baker, John
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