University of Calgary

Publications - 2001


A Liberal Response to Catharine MacKinnon

Brake, Elizabeth

Aristotle's theory of justice

McKerlie, Dennis

Beyond Liberalism: The Moral Community of Rousseau’s Social Contract

Froese, Katrin

Boyle, Bentley and Clarke on God, Necessity, Frigorifick Atoms and the Void

MacIntosh, Jack

Dimensions of equality

McKerlie, Dennis

Genes and Future People: Philosophical Issues in Human Genetics

Glannon, Walter

How Mechanical Was the Mechanical Philosophy?Non-Epicurean Themes in Gassendi's Atomism

Osler, Margaret in Lüthy, Christoph, Murdoch, John and Newman, William R. Late Medieval and Early Modern Corpuscular Matter Theories

Internalism and Instrumental Rationality: Comments on Dimock

Baker, John

Justice between the young and the old

McKerlie, Dennis

Persons, Lives, and Posthumous Harms

Glannon, Walter

Reflections on Merit

Baker, John

Reflections on Merit

Baker, John

Restorative Justice, Social Relationships and the Adjudication of Conflicts Arising from Complaints of Professional Misconduct and Harassment at Canadian Universities

Baker, John, Brannigan, Augustine and van Brunschott, Erin

Robert Boyle on the Knowledge of Nature in the Afterlife

Osler, Margaret in Force, James E. and Popkin, Robert H. Millenarianism and Messianism in Early Modern European Culture: The Millenarian Turn

Rousseau and Nietzsche: Toward an Aesthetic Morality

Froese, Katrin

Science in Theistic Contexts, Osiris, vol. 16

Hedley Brooke, John, Osler, Margaret and Van Der Meer, Jitse

Substance physicalism

Latham, Noa in Loewer and Gillett Physicalism and its Discontents

The Perils of Rational Choice Theory

Ware, Robert

The Poverty of the Linnaean Hierarchy: A Philosophical Study of Biological Taxonomy

Ereshefsky, Marc

The Virtues of Common Sense

Grant, Brian

Transformative and Restorative Justice in Administrative Law

Baker, John

What the Academics of the University Want in our New President

Baker, John

Where Primary Narcissism Was, I Must Become: The Inception of the Ego in Andreas-Salomé, Lacan, and Kristeva.

Markotic, Lorraine

Whose Ends? Teleology in Early Modern Natural Philosophy

Osler, Margaret

Wilkins on Intended and Foreseen Consequences, and on the Obligation to Obey the Law

Baker, Brenda in Jokic, Alexander Essays in Honor of Burleigh Wilkins:From History to Justice
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