University of Calgary

Publications - 2003


All kinds of promises

Migotti, Mark

An Analysis of the A Priori and A Posteriori

Fantl, Jeremy

Are there any nonmotivating reasons for action?

Latham, Noa in Walter, Sven and Heckmann, Heinz-Dieter Physicalism and Mental Causation: The Metaphysics of Mind and Action

A Sort of Balance: Essays on the Later Wittgenstein

Grant, Brian

Delegation, Accountability and Trust

Baker, John

Do the Sick Have a Right to Cadaveric Organs?

Glannon, Walter

Early Modern Uses of Hellenistic Philosophy: Gassendi's Epicurean Project

Osler, Margaret in Miller, Jon and Inwood, Brad Hellenistic and Early Modern Philosophy

Ethical Issues and the Romanow Report

Baker, John

Hilbert's Program, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Zach, Richard

Modest Infinitism

Fantl, Jeremy

Restructuring and Change

Baker, John

Review of Evelyn Fox Keller, Making Sense of Life (2004) “What counts as an explanation?”

Delehanty, Megan

Review of Graeme Gilloch, Walter Benjamin - Critical Constellations

Moran, Brendan

Review of Margaret Gilbert, Sociality and Responsibility: New Essays in Plural Subject Theory

Ware, Robert

Review of Michael Howard, Self-Management and the Crisis of Socialism

Ware, Robert

Rev. of After Lacan: Clinical Practice and the Subject of the Unconscious by Willy Apollon, Danielle Bergeron, and Lucie Cantin. Ed. with Intro. by Robert Hughes and Kareen Ror Malone.

Markotic, Lorraine

Rights, Obligations and Duties and the Intersection of Law and Morals

Baker, John

Sensations, Swatches, and Speckled Hens

Fantl, Jeremy and Howell, Robert

The Conceptual Geography of Restorative Justice

Baker, John

The practice of finitism: Epsilon calculus and consistency proofs in Hilbert's Program

Zach, Richard

Unanswered questions

Baker, John

What is Token Physicalism?

Latham, Noa
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